Impact Wrestling Results 8/25/22: Alexander vs. Vincent

Aug 25, 2022 - by Atlee Greene

-Impact Wrestling Live Results 8/25/22

Chicago, IL


Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green vs. Mia Yim and Jordynne Grace

Purrazzo and Green make quick tags early on, but Grace outwits them at every turn. Green eventually gains control with a DDT on Grace. Green hits a sunset flip, but Grace uses her momentum to roll backwards to her corner and tag Yim.

Purrazzo runs in and clotheslines Yim and Green claps her hand to simulate the tag behind the referee’s back. Yim is trapped in the VXT corner. Green hits Yim with a curb stomp, and Purrazzo tags in to follow up with an arm wringer clothesline.

Yim fights to her feet and tries to tag in Grace, but Green cuts her off at the pass. Green hits a clothesline in the corner, but Yim gets her feet up on the second attempt. Yim moves out of the corner as Purrazzo charges in and posts her shoulder.

Yim makes the tag, and Grace delivers a pair of clotheslines and back elbows to Purrazzo. Grace drops Purrazzo with a knee to the face, and Green breaks up the pin before the ref can even administer a one count. Yim tags back in and hits a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.

Grace is back in and chops away at Green until Purrazzo blindsides her with a crossbody off the top. Yim hits Purrazzo with a missile dropkick, and Green drills Yim with a blockbuster. Grace kicks Green in the midsection and delivers a gut-wrench powerbomb.

Grace and Yim go for stereo tope sucidas. Grace made it through, but Green rocked Yim with a forearm. Grace gets back in the ring, and Green grabs her leg. Purrazzo blindsides Grace, leaving her open for the Due Collector to get the win.

Winners and still Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Deonna Purrazzo & Chelsea Green


Violent by Design backstage promo. Eric Young says time will always tell, and VBD transcends time. Tonight, time is up for Time Machine.


Vincent buddies up to Josh Alexander and says they need to start to make friends around here. Alexander is not buying Vincient’s sympathy ploy and will drop him on his head with the C4 Spike.


-Mike Bennett w/ Maria Kanellis vs. Karl Anderson (If Anderson wins, Maria Kanellis will be banned from ringside for the upcoming Tag Team Title match.)

Andersons comes out alone as Gallows is still injured from his match at Emergence. Bennett hands a few chops and boots to the midsection. Anderson gets the boot up as Bennett charges in and levels him with a clothesline. Anderson lands a second clothesline followed by a back elbow and clotheslines Bennett out of the ring.

Back from the commercial break and Bennett has Anderson trapped in a rear chin lock. Anderson fights to his feet, but Bennett cuts him off with a roaring elbow. Bennett uses his entire body to whip Anderson into the corner with authority.

Bennett snapmares Anderson and runs the ropes several times, setting up something big, and pokes him in the eye. Bennett applies a rear chin lock, but Anderson gets to his feet, breaks the hold, and the two trade chops and boots until Bennett gains the upper hand.

Bennett misses a charge in the corner, and Anderson hits a back elbow followed by two clotheslines and a rocket kick. Anderson gets caught with a spinning elbow and a superkick for a near fall. Bennett misses another charge into the corner, and Anderson catches him with a spinebuster for another near fall.

Maria hops on the apron to distract the referee. Matt Taven tries to interfere, but Gallows cuts him off and chokeslams him on the apron. Bennett rolls up Anderson for a two count and walks right into a Gun Stun for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Karl AndersonMaria Kanellis is banned from the upcoming Tag Team Title match.


The Good Brothers run into Scott D’Amore as they come through the curtain. D’Amore is happy that Gallows looks healthy and makes The Good Brothers/Honor No More title match official for next week.


Savannah Evans is getting her neck looked at by a doctor due to her match with Killer Kelly last week. Tasha Steelz tells the doctor to take care of Evans, and she bumps into Gia Miller for an interview. Steelz insults Kelly.

Meanwhile, Kelly slowly sneaks up from behind and locks in a rear naked choke. Kelly applies the choke long enough to weaken Steelz. Kelly warns her that she won’t come from behind when she finishes her off.


Digital Media Champion Brian Myers joins Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan for commentary.


-Bhupinder Gujjar vs. Jason Hotch

Video is shown of Jason Hotch winning Gut Check earlier this year at the Arnold Classic.

Gujjar levels Hotch with a shoulder tackle. Gujjar follows up with a spinning back elbow and a dropkick. Gujjar delivers a jumping knee drop. Hotch rakes the eyes to escape a power move attempt from Gujjar. Hotch hits an enziguri from the apron and rolls in the ring to get caught with a spinebuster. Gujjar measures Hotch and hits a second rope spear for the win.

Winner: Bhupinder Gujjar

Brian Myers enters the ring with a microphone in hand and says he doesn’t know when he can give Gujjar another shot at the title since he’s booked every weekend. Myers sucker punches Gujjar as he yells, “How about now.” Myers gets in Scott Armstrong’s face and pushes him. Armstrong pushes him back. Gujjar drills Myers with a spear, Armstrong makes a quick symbolic three count, and Gujjar leaves with the belt.


Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green run into Gail Kim backstage, accuse her of favoritism, and brag about how unstoppable they are. Purrazzo says it’s time for the “Champ, Champ” to return and demands a Knockouts Title Match. Kim agrees but says Masha Slamovich has been on a roll and makes Purrazzo/Slamovich official for next week, and the winner faces Grace for the title at Bound for Glory.


Scott Armstrong congratulates Bhupinder Gujjar in the locker room, reminds him that it wasn’t an actual title match, and suggests he should give the belt back to Myers. Gujjar tells Armstrong that Myers can find him if he wants the belt back. Armstrong tried to stop Gujjar from walking off but couldn’t find the words.


-Impact World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander vs. Vincent (non-title)

Alexander throws Vincent with a release belly-to-belly suplex. Vincent hangs Alexander out to dry and hits a tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep. Vincent climbs to the top and hits a Swanton bomb for a two-count. Vincent slips out of a body slam attempt and sends Alexander crashing to the canvas.

“Walking Weapon” chants from the crowd as Vincent cuts down the champ in the corner. Alexander comes back with a release German Suplex and follows up with a running back elbow. Vincent backdrops Alexander to escape the C4 Spike, but Alexander holds on to Vincent’s leg and applies an ankle lock.

Vincent gets to the ropes, catches Alexander coming in with a knee, and applies a guillotine choke. Alexander powers out of it with a falcon arrow and hits the C4 Spike for the win.

Winner: Josh Alexander

Eddie Edwards makes his way to the stage with a microphone and mockingly congratulates Alexander for his win. Edwards says they are opponents but don’t have to be enemies because there is a much bigger war than what occurs in the ring, referring to Impact management.

Edwards asks Alexander which side he will be on and says they can wrestle each other at Bound for Glory while standing together in the war. Edwards says he’s chosen his side and stood up to the industry and Impact Wrestling. Edwards rags on the fan for choosing “the machine” over the wrestlers.

Edwards gets into the ring and says no matter who leaves with the championship, they both win because….and Heath lays out Edwards with the Wake-Up Call and escapes through the crowd.


Backstage: Moose and Steve Maclin are shown arguing with each other. Moose tells Maclin he needs to follow the game plan, while Maclin replies it is not the time and place to have this conversation. Sami Callihan attacks both men as the brawl spills outside the building.

Sami Callihan buts Maclin’s forehead open, but Moose cuts him off. Maclin holds Callihan allowing Moose to drill him with repeated shots. Moose rips barbed wire from the top of a fence, wraps it around Callihan, and works him over until he can take no more. Maclin yells, “How about a little death, huh, Sami” to end the segment.


Masha Slamovich video package is shown highlighting her undefeated streak.


-Jessicka w/Rosemary vs. Alisha

This match is Jessicka’s “in-ring debut.”

Jessicka shoves Alisha down off the lock-up and throws some Dusty jabs and a bionic elbow. Jessicka follows up with a body slam and a sit-up crossbody. Jessicka catches Alisha coming off the second rope and hits Greetings from Asbury Park for a successful launch party.

Winner: Jessicka


A bloody and battered Sami Callihan stumbles out to the ringside area, still wrapped in barbed wire. Callihan said the beating Moose and Maclin gave him was a normal Friday night and challenged them to a Barbed Wire Massacre Match on 9/24 at Victory Road.


-Six Man Tag Team Match: Violent by Design vs. Time Machine

KUSHIDA and Joe Doering start things off. Kushida tries to knock down Doering buts gets drilled with a shoulder tackle for his trouble. Eric Young tags in, which allows Kushida to tag Alex Shelly. Shelly drops Young with a knee lift, but Young comes back backbreaker and tags in Deaner.

Deaner is a victim of a blind tag from Chris Sabin. Shelly holds him, allowing Sabin and Kushida to hit two tandem dropkicks to the face. Young tags in but get crotched on the ring post and receive pair of dropkicks to the face. Deaner puts Sabin on his shoulders, drops him on the top turnbuckle, and hits a running knee. Doering tags in catches Sabin off a crossbody, and hits double barrel thunder.

Back from the commercial break, Sabin is trapped in the VBD corner as Deaner takes the lead. Young tags in and hits Sabin with a neckbreaker for a two count. Doering tags in drops Sabin with a big overhand right. Deaner tags in and delivers a side Russian leg sweep. Doering sneaks in an elbow drop, Deaner goes for the cover, and Shelly and Kushida break up the pin.

Doering drills Sabin with a big boot, and Young tags in to deliver a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Quick tags continue in the VBD corner until Sabin leapfrogs Young to make the tag to Kushida. Kushida knocks Doering off the apron but gets caught by Young amid the handspring elbow.

Shelley and Kushida work over Deaner with pair of double team moves. Sabin tags in and hits a step-up enziguri. Deaner receives an enziguri/flatliner combo in the corner. Sabin hits a tope sucida on Doering, and Kushida gives one to Young and Shelly to Deaner.

Deaner rolls through a top rope crossbody from Sabin for a near fall. Sabin hits Deaner with a cutter and goes for Cradle Shock, but Deaner rakes the eyes to escape. Young takes out Kushida and hits Sabin with a Snow Plow for a near fall. Doering barrels through a double clothesline attempt from Kushida and Shelly and takes them both out with a crossbody.

Doering hits a running power slam on Sabin. Deaner hits a top rope headbutt, and Young follows up with a top rope elbow drop for a close near fall. Young goes for the piledriver, but Sabin escapes. Shelly hits Deaner with a spinebuster. All three members of Time Machine take out Joe Doering. Sabin picks up Deaner, and Kushida hits a Pele Kick right before Sabin hits Cradle Shock for the 1-2-3. Time Machine celebrates their hard-fought win to close out the show.

Winners: Time Machine



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