8/24/22 AEW Dynamite Recap

Aug 24, 2022 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur, Jim Ross, and Taz, and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from Cleveland, Ohio.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring, and calls out Daniel Garcia. Jericho tells the crowd to shut up, and says they don’t understand the connection that they have. Jericho says Garcia had a great match against Bryan Danielson last week, and his emotions were running high when he put his hands on him. Jericho says it is simple, and he wants Garcia to apologize to him. Garcia says Jericho knew how special the moment with Danielson was, and says he hung with his hero for thirty minutes. Garcia says Jericho ruined the moment for him, and Jericho says he is sorry that Garcia feels that way. Jericho says Garcia is the greatest technical sports entertainer in the world, and says Garcia knows it deep down. Danielson comes to the ring now. Danielson says it sounds like Garcia mentor is trying to bully him into saying he is a sports entertainer. Danielson says Garcia can be whatever he wants to be, and says he respects what they did last week. Danielson says he agrees with the crowd when they chant that Garcia is a wrestler. Jericho says Garcia is a sports entertainer and tells Garcia to say it. Garcia tells Jericho to stop it, and he says he isn’t making a decision. Jericho reaches for Garcia, but Garcia shoves him to the mat. Danielson laughs as Garcia looks upset and Jericho stares him down. Garcia leaves the ring and Danielson says he isn’t the biggest fan of sports entertainment, but that was pretty entertaining. Jericho says it pisses him off when people call Danielson the best professional wrestler in the world. Jericho says he has been around Danielson for 15 years and he hasn’t seen it once. Jericho says people may say he is the best of all time, and he is the last survivor of Stu Hart’s Dungeon. Jericho says he knows more about wrestling than Danielson ever will, and Danielson asks Jericho if they were able to ask guys like Stu and Owen Hart who the better wrestler is, who would they say. Danielson says if they wrestled a match, who would win. Jericho says if Danielson wants the American Dragon versus Lionheart, he’s got it on September 4th at All Out. Jericho says the last time he was in the ring with Danielson, he choked him out and put him on the shelf for two months, and he’ll do it again. Jericho tells Danielson to watch his back, and Jake Hager runs out and attacks Danielson from behind. Jericho and Hager stand over Danielson before leaving the ring.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Dax Harwood vs. Jay Lethal
Harwood applies a side-headlock, but Lethal sends him off the ropes. Harwood drops him with a shoulder tackle, and follows with a side-headlock take down after some back-and-forth wrestling. Lethal comes back with a wrist-lock, but Harwood turns it into a side-headlock. Lethal counters back and takes Harwood down, and then delivers a dropkick. Lethal takes Harwood to the corner, but Harwood counters with a chop. Lethal comes back with one of his own, and then they exchange chops. Lethal pokes Harwood’s eyes, and then Harwood does the same. They exchange chops in the corner, and then Harwood delivers a back-body drop. Harwood sends Lethal into the corner and delivers another chop. Harwood delivers shots in the corner, but Lethal escapes out and takes Harwood down with a leg-sweep as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Harwood and Lethal are on the ropes. Lethal sends Harwood back to the mat and goes for a double sledge, but Harwood counters with a shot to the midsection and a series of German suplexes. They fight to their feet and continue to exchange shots. Lethal takes Harwood down and goes for the Figure Four, but Harwood gets to the ropes. Lethal delivers a series of shots and takes Harwood down. Lethal goes for the cover, but Harwood kicks out. Harwood goes to the apron, but Lethal follows and delivers shots. Harwood fights back, but Lethal delivers a dragon screw leg-whip in the ropes. Harwood goes to the floor, but Lethal takes him out with a dive. Lethal gets Harwood back into the ring and locks in the Figure Four. Harwood makes it to the ropes and then takes Lethal down. Harwood goes for the Sharpshooter, but Lethal rolls through. Harwood comes back with a roll-up for two, and then Lethal delivers a few shots after the kickout. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Harwood dodges it and delivers a slingshot Liger Bomb. Harwood goes for the cover, but Lethal kicks out.
Harwood goes for the Sharpshooter, but Lethal kicks him into the corner. Harwood blocks a dragon screw and locks in the Sharpshooter. Before Lethal taps, Sonjay Dutt runs to the apron and yells at Harwood. Lethal sends Harwood into Dutt and rolls him up, but Harwood kicks out. Harwood gets a roll-up for two now, and then takes Lethal down with a cross-body. Harwood goes for another cover, but Lethal kicks out again. Harwood delivers a few chops and an uppercut, and then rolls Lethal up for two. Lethal rolls through and grabs the trunks to get the pin fall.
Winner: Jay Lethal
-After the match, Dutt says he never told FTR and Wardlow who was part of their team at All Out. Dutt says Lethal will be teaming with two personal friends of theirs, and a video package for The Motor City Machine Guns plays.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Thunder Rosa. Rosa says she is heartbroken, but she has to relinquish the AEW Women’s World Championship due to an injury. She says an interim champion will be crowned at All Out. She says she hopes that Toni Storm wins it, and she will come back better than ever.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Billy Gunn (w/Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) vs. Colten Gunn (w/Austin Gunn)
Billy goes after Colten, but Colten sends him into the corner and poses with Austin across the ring. Billy comes back with a shoulder tackle, and Colten rolls to the floor as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Billy delivers shots to Colten and beats him down in the corner. Billy stomps on Colten, but Austin distracts him. Austin then distracts the referee and Colten delivers a low-blow to Billy. Colten delivers the Colt 45 and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Colten Gunn
-After the match, Stokely Hathaway gets in the ring and hands his business card to the Gunns. The Gunns attack Billy, Bowens, and Caster, but Swerve in Our Glory make the save. Swerve in Our Glory help Billy and The Acclaimed to their feet.

Tony Schiavone interviews Death Triangle and the United Empire. Will Ospreay says he is glad PAC has his friends with him, because he also has his. Ospreay says their only goal is to add more gold to the United Empire. PAC says they aren’t going to kill the United Empire tonight, but they are going to murder them. PAC says AEW is their territory, and the United Empire will find that out the hard way tonight.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. KiLynn King
Baker dodges a kick from King and drops her with a Slingblade. Baker sends King to the corner, but King comes back and takes Baker to the mat. King goes after Baker, but Baker ducks under and delivers a forearm shot. Baker follows with more forearm shots in the corner, and follows with a choke. King comes back with a kick to the midsection and charges, but Baker slams her face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Baker pulls King against the ring post and puts her boot in her face. Baker applies a rear chin-lock in the ring, but Baker rolls through and gets a two count. Baker goes for the Stomp, but King dodges and kicks Baker in the face. King slams Baker to the mat and goes for the cover, but Baker kicks out. King picks Baker up, but Baker shoves her into the corner and delivers a thrust kick. Baker delivers a kick to the face and follows with the Stomp. Baker puts on her glove and applies the Lockjaw, and King gives up.
Winner: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.
-After the match, Baker asks isn’t it a shame about Thunder Rosa. Baker says she wrestled her entire title reign with a broken wrist, because that’s what a champion does. Baker says luckily for Toni Storm, she will finally be in a pay-per-view match where people will give a damn, because she will be in the ring with her. Storm comes to the ring, but Hayter attacks her on the ramp. Rebel comes out as well and they beat down Storm in the ring, but Hikaru Shida rushes the ring with her kendo stick to make the save.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Swerve in Our Glory and The Acclaimed. Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland says they don’t mind saving another tag team and say they love The Acclaimed. Lee says The Acclaimed would be great challengers for the titles, and Caster says they don’t need the help because they are the best home-grown tag team in AEW. Bowens says they will take the titles at All Out, because everyone loves The Acclaimed.

Match #4 – AEW Undisputed World Championship Match: CM Punk (c) vs. Jon Moxley (c)
They lock up and Punk backs Moxley into the corner. Moxley turns it around and delivers a forearm shot. Moxley beats Punk down in the corner, and Punk slaps him in the face. Punk delivers forearm shots to the opposite corner, and then beats Moxley down. Punk delivers knee strikes, but Moxley comes back with a headbutt. Punk kicks Moxley in the head, and then drops to the mat and grabs his foot. Moxley drops Punk with a clothesline and works over his injured foot. Moxley drops Punk with the Death Rider and then delivers the second one and gets the pin fall.
Winner and AEW Undisputed World Champion: Jon Moxley
-After the match, Moxley leaves through the crowd with both title belts as Punk is helped from the ring by the trainers and doctors.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Christian Cage, whose arm is in a brace. Schiavone says Jungle Boy has challenged Cage to a match at All Out. Cage says he extended an olive branch to Jungle Boy last week, and was wanting Jungle Boy to find the best version of himself. Cage says Jungle Boy wasn’t smart enough to figure that out, and he will never be as smart as him. Cage says he has seen and done it all in his career, and Jungle Boy will find out that he is not in Cage’s league.

Ricky Starks comes to the ring. Starks says he has been pissed off lately with everything that has happened. Starks says he thought he was the exception because he had a guy in Powerhouse Hobbs who had his back and who he trusted. He says Hobbs called him every day when he injured his neck, but the people who want to see you do well don’t want to see you do better than them. Starks says he showed Hobbs what it meant to have a seat at his table and made sure the spotlight was big enough for both of them. Starks says he should have seen it coming, but Hobbs hit him in his neck. Starks says he was close to losing all of this again, and Hobbs is nothing but a snake. Starks says where he’s from, they cut the heads off of snakes. Starks challenges Hobbs to a match at All Out.

Jon Moxley is backstage. He says the people who wrote him off as soon as CM Punk came back don’t matter. He says there is only one Jon Moxley in AEW and no one can do what he can do. He says he is the guy in professional wrestling and says his time is right now.

Announced for this Friday’s Rampage:
-AEW TNT Championship Match: Wardlow (c) vs. Ryan Nemeth
-ROH World Championship Match: Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Dustin Rhodes
-AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament – Quarterfinal Match: Dark Order vs. The House of Black
-Mixed Tag Team Match: Ortiz and Ruby Soho vs. Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo

Announced for next Wednesday’s Dynamite:
AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament – Semifinal Match: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks vs. Death Triangle or United Empire
-Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida and Toni Storm
-Bryan Danielson vs. Jake Hager

Announced for All Out:
-AEW Interim Women’s World Championship – Four-Way Match: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm
-AEW World Tag Team Championship Match: Swerve in Our Glory (c) vs. The Acclaimed
-AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament Final
-Casino Ladder Match
-Trios Tag Team Match: FTR and Wardlow vs. Jay Lethal and The Motor City Machine Guns
-Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho
-Christian Cage vs. Jungle Boy

A video package of Kenny Omega’s return last week airs.

Don Callis has joined the commentary team for the main event.

Match #5 – AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship Tournament – Quarterfinal Match: Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Rey Fenix) (w/Alex Abrahantes) vs. United Empire (Will Ospreay, Kyle Fletcher, and Mark Davis)
Fenix and Ospreay start the match. Neither man gains the advantage after some back-and-forth wrestling, and then they slap hands and Ospreay kicks Fenix in the face. All six men get into the ring and exchange shots, and then come to blows in the middle of the ring. Death Triangle take advantage and send United Empire to the outside. Death Triangle drop United Empire with dives on the floor. Fenix gets Ospreay in the ring and chops him in the corner. Fenix drops Ospreay to the mat and Penta comes in to help out. They connect with the wheelbarrow slam and Fenix goes for the cover, but Ospreay kicks out. PAC tags in and delivers hard chops to Ospreay, and then tags in Penta. Penta delivers chops of his own. Fenix tags back in and takes Ospreay down and goes for the cover, but Ospreay kicks out as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Fenix chops Ospreay against the ropes. Fenix runs the ropes, but Davis and Fletcher pull him to the outside. Ospreay takes PAC and Penta out with a corkscrew moonsault, and then United Empire triple-team Fenix in the ring. Ospreay goes for the cover, but Fenix kicks out. Davis and Fletcher double-team Fenix in the ring and Davis connects with a senton. Davis kneels on Fenix’s chest and goes for the cover, but Fenix kicks out. Davis delivers elbow strikes to Fenix and drops him with a scoop slam. Fletcher tags in and smacks Fenix a few times. Fletcher drops him with a scoop slam and tags Davis back in. They deliver elbow strikes to Fenix, but he ducks the last set and comes back with chops to both of them. Fenix kicks them in their midsections and takes them down with a double arm-drag. Penta tags in and drops them with a double cross-body, and then follows with Slingblades. Penta drops Fletcher with a Crucifix Bomb and kicks Davis in the midsection. Penta goes for the Fear Factor, but Davis counters with an elbow. Ospreay comes in with a kick, and then Fletcher and Davis double kick Penta. Davis connects with a senton and goes for the cover, but Fenix breaks it up as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Penta kicks Ospreay in the face and drops him in the corner. PAC tags in and dropkicks Davis and Fletcher to the floor. PAC drops Ospreay with the German suplex and goes for another, but Ospreay holds onto the ropes. Fenix kicks Ospreay in the face and PAC hits the German. PAC goes for the cover, but Ospreay kicks out. All six men get into the ring, and then the Lucha Brothers and Aussie Open get taken down with Poisonranas, leaving Ospreay and PAC face-to-face. They exchange shots, and then PAC delivers a series of kicks. Ospreay comes back with a dropkick, but PAC drops him with a German suplex. Ospreay comes right back with the Os-Cutter, and they are both down. Ospreay gets up at the eight count and pulls PAC up with him. Ospreay delivers a chop and slams PAC in the corner. Ospreay puts PAC up top, but PAC counters and cuts Ospreay off. PAC delivers an avalanche brain buster as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Fenix kicks Ospreay in the head. Fenix climbs up top and tries a hurricanrana, but Ospreay lands on his feet. Fenix comes back and drops Ospreay with a cutter, and then Penta takes Davis out with a dive on the outside. Fenix takes out Fletcher and PAC goes for the Black Arrow. Ospreay gets his knees up and goes for the cover, but PAC kicks out. Ospreay goes for the Storm Breaker, but PAC counters with a hurricanrana take down for a two count. Aussie Open and Lucha Brothers come back in and take each other down. PAC comes off the ropes and drops Ospreay with a spinning DDT. PAC goes back up top, but Fletcher pulls Ospreay to the outside. PAC takes them down with a moonsault and goes after who appears to be Kip Sabian at ringside. PAC rips the box off, but it’s not Sabian. Sabian attacks PAC from behind and drops PAC on the floor. Davis gets into the ring and smashes Fenix in the corner. Davis drops Fenix with a lariat, and then Aussie Open sends Penta back to the floor. United Empire triple-team Fenix and Ospreay drops him with the assisted Os-Cutter and gets the pin fall.
Winners: United Empire
-After the match, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks come to the stage. They stare down United Empire and the Bucks and Callis have to hold Omega back as he tries to get into the ring.


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  1. April Fangria says:

    The Punk vs Mox match was the biggest disappointment of the evening. Is Punk seriously injured and requires more time to recover? It would have been better to do an injury angle where he surrendered the title to Mox and then return later.

  2. art123guy says:

    A post from yesterday:
    But Punk told SI that he’s in AEW to make people want to see what happens next.

    “I’m trying to sell tickets to the live events,” he said addressing the question about last week’s interview. “That goes back to me saying Twitter isn’t [the] real world. Twitter is a bunch of people that don’t really care about your opinion. They want to find like-minded opinions that share their worldview. I’m trying to tell stories, sell tickets, and get people to tune in on Dynamite.”
    I think it’s a work. It probably would have been better if the match went longer with the same finish, but we’ve seen that before. I’m not sure how this sells tickets to a live event, much less the PPV. Maybe they’ll announce a battle royal at the PPV with the winner challenging Moxley the same night, have MJF come out and win both matches to become the new AEW champ.

    He’d be waaaaay more interesting than Moxley and we’d eventually get Punk vs MJF in which MJF could get his win over Punk.

  3. Me says:

    Looks like Punk was punished for going into business for himself last week.

  4. art123guy says:

    @Me–Maybe, but wouldn’t being beat that quickly WITHOUT the injury angle have been a better, harsher punishment?

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