How a student can start playing sports from scratch

Aug 21, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Endurance athletes were once beginners and worried about how those around them would look at their awkward movements. That is, a change in lifestyle and mindset always begins with the first steps-every athlete has gone through this. If a person has never played a sport, he or she should have patience and not jump into training with all the passion at once. In this article, we’ll tell you how to properly start exercising for men and women of all ages.

Why is it necessary to work out?

A sedentary lifestyle spoils the health of the youngest people with a lot of strength from nature. Boys and girls gain weight, become stooped, get used to looking askance at their peers with trim figures and let off sarcastic comments. All this makes them unattractive to interesting people of the opposite sex, worsens their character, and reduces their chances of living a long life and making a happy couple.

Mature women and men without physical activity not only look loose, have a gray complexion, and have difficulty advancing in their careers because of general lethargy and unsympathetic against the backdrop of trim competitors. At age 40 and older, “perpetual hyperdynamic” leads to severe chronic illnesses that can suddenly end a person’s life or leave them disabled. The dire consequences are realistically prevented by competently starting to exercise from scratch.

To get a strong heart and blood vessels, strong body muscles, and pleasing eye posture is not necessary to disappear to the gym and choke on a boiled chicken breast. The main thing is to fool your laziness and start giving your body at least sometime every day. Even in winter, during the New Year vacations, and at the resort.

Where to start: the easiest recommendations

Non-sportive people should replace online workouts and trips to the fitness club with activities that they are usually lazy to do and tend to automate. If you keep track of all such little things, you can burn up to 800 calories a day and make the first half-step to the sport.

The tips look like this:

· Take the stairs up the floor.

· Walk to and from work without driving, hailing a cab, or waiting for a bus.

· Carry home the groceries bought for the week on your own, rather than putting them in the trunk of the car. Advice is suitable for a man or a guy who is embarrassed to go to the gym because of obesity, shortness of breath, and inability to “take the weight”.

· Get a dog – it will happily push for walks several times a day.

When daily exercise starts to come easy, you can add simple strength exercises. What they will be – is a matter of taste and age. For example, at 18 it can be bike riding and skateboarding, and at 35 – swimming, elements of yoga, and stretching at home. If you manage to allocate 5-10 minutes a day to beginner’s workouts, in a month it is realistic to lose weight by 3-4 kg. After the first success, there will be an incentive not to give up the new activity.

Six tips for staying motivated as a beginner athlete

· If a person has never or has not participated in sports for a long time, the duration of the first workout should not exceed 10 minutes. Untrained people should do push-ups three times a day for five minutes with long breaks than mock themselves in the gym for an hour and a half straight.

· Beginners should avoid exercises that they do not like. This applies to overly difficult complexes, copied on the Internet from experienced athletes. Pressure on themselves will cause an aversion to exercise.

· It is important to accentuate what one wants to look forward to. For some people it’s walking or biking, for others it’s yoga.

· If you’re bored during your home workout, you should keep not only your body busy but your brain as well. For example, include music, a podcast, or a movie. And at the same time, if your brain is overloaded because of your studies and you feel anxious, it is better to turn to write my essays online service for help and train with a good mood.

· Beginners shouldn’t combine the first workout with a rigid diet. To lose weight is enough not to overeat, but to exclude whole groups of products and drastically reduce the caloric intake without the approval of a nutritionist is extremely harmful. The only hard thing to do is to quit smoking and getting drunk on weekends. Bad habits get in the way of losing weight and getting used to exercise.

· A girl or young man of 25 does not need athletic records to lose weight. The body of an unprepared person is still weak, so it is strengthened by small steps without strength tests.

Who and when is it better to go to a trainer?

To arrange short workouts at home is free and easy even for lazy people. But the effect will only appear if the exercises are repeated every day. If family members or your disorganization prevent you from exercising regularly, it makes sense to go straight to the gym and work out with a trainer.

People who are completely healthy and have a naturally strong body can start exercising at home from scratch. The owners of any chronic diseases need constant supervision and the development of an individual program.

A trainer is a good choice for people who are motivated by the presence of another person. Many beginners cannot train alone because they find the effort without an audience useless. A coach and other beginners around help beginners feel unity and understanding and feel a desire to compete.

Types of exercises for beginners

The choice of exercises is related to the goal pursued by the person. For example, he wants to become slimmer, build muscle or increase endurance. Depending on the goal, an exercise program is drawn up.

· Cardio. This is the name given to exercises to strengthen the heart, lose weight, increase endurance and strengthen the musculoskeletal system. This group includes dynamic movements: push-ups, squats, twists, and jumps. Another group of cardio exercises includes running, swimming, rowing and biking. During these exercises, closely monitor the heart rate and rest if it exceeds 150 beats per minute.

· Strength training. Strength training is needed to grow muscles, strengthen cartilage, and improve joint health. This group includes push-ups, pull-ups, lifting their body weight, and compact heavy objects like dumbbells.

The power complexes are alternated. For example, if a beginner exercises twice a week, in the first session he works on legs and abs, and in the second – chest, back, and arms.


A sporty lifestyle starts with quitting smoking and drinking strong drinks. It is important to get enough sleep, train for no longer than 10 minutes at first, and watch your diet. Strict weight loss diets are not suitable for beginners: most people need all food groups if they do not have allergies.

It is not necessary to go to a fitness club to get acquainted with sports. You can do yoga and stretching, ski, swim, carry grocery bags home, climb mountains and ride a bike without a trainer.

Beginners stay motivated to continue their athletic lifestyle when they don’t push themselves and exercise with pleasure.

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