MJF expected back soon

Aug 19, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

MJF is reportedly set to return to action for AEW soon.

There’s no word yet on exactly when MJF will be back, but a new report from the Wrestling Observer notes that he is scheduled to be returning somewhat soon.

It was noted that the negotiations for a new AEW TV deal will likely begin in a few months and go into the spring, so the recent drop in AEW ratings is happening at the worst time. AEW is now expected to have MJF, Adam Cole and The Hardys back in action for the fall and winter to help fight the drop in ratings, and to bounce back from some of the bad luck the company has had from injuries and other happenings.

The Observer acknowledged that it’s disappointing that AEW World Champion CM Punk and Bryan Danielson haven’t moved the ratings how the company needed, and the first week of Kenny Omega’s unadvertised but expected return, didn’t either.

It’s believed that MJF vs. Punk was the plan at the time of MJF’s hiatus, but there’s no word yet on if they still want to move in that direction.

Things have been quiet on the MJF font following his post-Double Or Nothing promo on AEW Dynamite back on June 1, and it was reported earlier this month how no AEW wrestlers or staff have admitted to hearing from him since then, while plenty of people who have worked with MJF or are close to him have said he has not been in communication whatsoever. People in AEW were also saying that they have not heard AEW CEO, General Manager & Head of Creative Tony Khan speak about MJF at all since that promo on June 1.

It was also reported earlier this month how there are still some within AEW who believe MJF is on his way out of the company, and wants to go to WWE, but that is not based on any information gained since the June 1 promo. MJF has not been at any AEW events since June 1, but he remains under contract to the company.

3 Responses

  1. VincePwndAEW says:

    too late, much too late. The MJF story no longer has any impact

  2. art123guy says:

    @VincePwndAEW–If it were anyone else, I’d agree. But it’s MJF. He’ll find a way to make an impact despite how he’s booked.

  3. Some guy says:

    Please don’t bring back the Hardys.

    One needs, needs rehab, and the other is an enabler.

    Bringing them back to injure Jeff more only motivates him to take more drugs, only to do more stupid spots. Vicious cycle.

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