Impact Report 8/18/22

Aug 18, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.

Match 1.  Ray Horus VS Trey Miguel VS Black Taurus VS Laredo Kid

Everyone goes for Taurus and he spills to the floor.  Laredo Kid makes dive on him and Trey and Horus mix it up inside.  There is very much a lucha feel to this match.  Laredo Kid is really showing well with rannas and kicks.  Trey stomps Taurus, but they only makes Taurus mad and he delivers a backbreaker, then Samoan Drop and huge pop up suplex.  Trey rannas Kid from the ring to the apron to the floor and somehow adapted his fall from the sky, with a kick to the head of Taurus on the floor.  Trey levels Kid with a brain buster for a two count.  He then reverse rannas Black Taurus.  Trey then sentons Taurus on the floor.  Horus and Kid then take turns climbing the ropes and flying to the floor.  Black Taurus then eats a crucifix bomb from Horus.  Taurus recovers lands a Destination Hell Hole for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Black Taurusw

We get a package for Killer Kelly next.  Tasha Steelz is shown arguing with Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger backstage over how hot Kelly is.  Kelly walks up and warns her if she is keeping an eye on her, she will be watching back.  Savanah Evans steps between the two and snarls at Kelly.  This will set up a match between Kelly and Evans.

Rich Swann and Josh Alexander are shown talking about a potential showdown if Rich wins the number 1 contender match.  Vincent walks in and starts to talk hypothesize about Eddie Edwards winning the match for Honor No More.  Vincent walks off and Rich and Josh are confused.

Match 2.  Kenny King (with Vincent from HNM) VS Heath

This match starts with a brawl in the middle of the ring.  Swann hits a wakeup call and powerslam to force King to the floor.  We go to break.  We return with King having Heath tied up.  He breaks free, but eats a powerslam.  King apparently landed a big block buster during the break.  Vincent is acting more and more like a manager on the outside.   Heath lands a knee strike, boot combo.  He gets a two count that the fans thought was three.  After another wakeup call, Heath gets the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Heath

All of HNM enter the arena and surround the ring.  Heath is trapped.  He is attacked and can’t fight all of HNM off.  Eddie Edwards directs traffic and commands his troops attack Heath individually.  Eddie tells PCO to attack and PCO wouldn’t.  Heath lands a stunner on Mike Bennett and escapes.  Eddie looks on in disgust.

Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley and Kushida have a spirited promo about becoming one unit going forward.  They will face Violent By Design next week.

Matt Taven and Mike Bennett politic backstage to Scott D’Amore for a tag team title match.  Maria Kannellis adds her two cents.  Next week, Karl Anderson will face Bennett with Maria banned from ringside.

Match 3.  Savanah Evans (with Tasha Steelz) VS Killer Kelly

Evans shows her power to start the match, but this infuriates Kelly who quickly turns the momentum.  She kicks, punches, and basement dropkicks Evans into the corner.  Evans suplexes Kelly on her neck horribly.  Kelly rolls up Evans and locks on the Killer Klutch and it is over.  Evans taps.

Winner by submission, Killer Kelly

Steelz is on the outside looking both livid and nervous.

Rosemary is shown backstage with Taya Valkyrie and Jessica (AKA Havok.)  They lost the tag belts at Emergence and Rosemary is trying to not lose her composure.  Jessica is acting more like Taya by the second, which is driving Rosemary crazy.  Jessica proclaims she is making her debut next week in a singles match.  Taya and Jessica giggle and dance.  Rosemary walks off.

Jordynne Grace is interviewed backstage.  Gia Miller asks about Masha Slamovich who will be her next challenger.  Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green walk up and start telling Jordynee everyone hates her.  Mia Yim walks up and says she will stand with Grace.  They then challenge the tag champs to a match.

Match 4.  X Division Title Match.  Bullet Club’s Chris Bey VS Mike Bailey (CHAMPION)

This match should be amazing, as the two combatants are absolutely breathtaking in the ring.  I wish we could see this match in Madison Square Garden.  The crowd would be in shock.  The two jockey for position with flips and side steps after crossing the ropes.  Bey hits a big DDT off the apron to the mat which is the first significant move of the match.  Bey starts kicking the ribs.  He then scissors the head on the mat.  Bailey reverses a whip and lands a single leg drop kick.  After a few stinging kicks, Bailey misses a standing spinning shooting star.  Bailey recovers and hits the machine gun kicks and a big kick to the head.  Bailey misses a kick and Bey lands a pop up flatliner.  Bailey moon saults Bey from the top to the floor.  Bey kicks Bailey and then did one of the scariest summersault leaps onto Bailey on the ramp.  Insane move.  Bailey is draped on the ropes, Bey climbs the ropes and stomps him on the ropes!  Bey sets up Bailey on the top and power bombs him for a two count.  The fans are loving hit.  Bailey sweeps the Beys legs while he was on the tope rope.  Bailey hits the ultimate weapon and it is over.

Winner by pinfall.  Speedball Mike Bailey

Christian Cage successfully defends the Impact World Title against Ace Austin in a flashback match from last years Victory Road.

Brian Myers is approached by Bhupinder Gujjar  backstage.  Bhupinder says their feud is far from over.

Match 5.  Main Event.  Number 1 Contender Elimination Match.  Eddie Edwards (HNM) VS Rich Swann VS Sami Callihan VS Moose VS Steve Maclin VS Bandito

Funny spot.  Bandito was shown dancing to Rich Swann’s music during Swann’s entrance.  Moose enters last and it is not lost that he doesn’t wrestle very much on TV to the announcers, Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt.  Bandito shines to start the match, but the fans lose it when Eddie tags himself in.  Swann rannas him and tags in Sami.  Sami begs for Eddie to punch him.  This is a classic rivalry and it shows.  Swann tags in and they team up on Eddie.  Swann then dumps Maclin to the floor and we go to break.  Once back Swann and Eddie are slugging it out.  Moose cheap shots Rich from the apron.  Eddie tags Moose in and he continues working on Swann.  Moose and Maclin work together on Swann.  They take turns tagging each other in.  Maclin back breakers Rich and stomps him in front of Moose.  Swann mounts a comeback and fights his way out of the ring by doing a leaping splash.  Sami tags in and goes after Maclin and Moose.  Sami clotheslines Moose.  He fails on a piledriver.  Maclin tags in Moose.  Sami fights them both off for a bit, but Moose eventually spears him and Sami is eliminated.  Maclin then rolls up Moose for a pin.  Sami then jumps Maclin, who is now at odds with Moose.  Bandito flies to the floor on Maclin.  Bandito pins Maclin after a 21plex.  The fans love Bandito for sure.  Moose and Sami brawled their way out of the ring.  We go to break.  Swann and Bandito are trading kicks as we return.  The creativity of the match is on point.  These guys can all go.  Eddie finds himself in with Bandito.  Bandito hits a spinning top rope dive and some awesome kicks.  Eddie tags in Swann.  They trade fists now.  After a Spanish fly, Bandito gets a two count.   Bandito hits a pop up cutter for a two count.  Swann hits a savate kick into a cutter of his own for a two count.  Swann drags Bandito to position for a phoenix splash.  He connects and Eddie tags himself in.  Swann is furious, but Eddie eliminates Bandito with a Boston knee party.  Eddie slows the match down with a series of chops.  He gets a two count after Swann collapses to the mat.  Eddie continues with a double elbow off the ropes.  Eddie mounts the ropes, but Swann kicks him in the face and rannas him from the top.  They are the last two left.  Swann then hits a neck breaker for a two count.  Eddie bails to the floor and grabs a kendo stick.  He whacks Swann.  The ref missed it, but he only gets a two count.  The two trade blows.  Swann gets a two count off a rollup.  He tries a cutter, but eats a blue thunder bomb and a Boston knee party.  After a Die Hard Driver it is over.

Winner and the challenger for the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory, Eddie Edwards

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