WWE airs new vignette for Quincy Elliott on NXT

Aug 17, 2022 - by Staff

The SuperDiva is coming soon to WWE NXT 2.0.

Tuesday’s NXT Heatwave special featured a new teaser vignette for Quincy Elliott, who is now being billed as the “SuperDiva” of NXT 2.0.

“I’m Quincy Elliott, and I have a confession to make,” Elliott said in the new vignette. “I’m bringing all of this to N-X-T. I look to my left, I look to my right, I see people of all different walks of life, and it excites me. And you may be shocked at this, but I ain’t never struggled with being different. I own it, I work it, because I am… it. And everyone in NXT may be Superstars, but Quincy Elliott… I am the SuperDiva.”

Elliott re-tweeted the new vignette from Heatwave and wrote, “Time to play the game [smiling face with horns emoji] #superdiva”

Elliott made another post-Heatwave tweet and welcomed fans to “the gagitude era” of NXT 2.0.

“Welcome to the gagitude era [smiling face with horns emoji] [face with hand over mouth emoji],” he wrote.

WWE captioned Elliott’s vignette on YouTube and wrote, “Quincy Elliott has never struggled with being different, and he plans to bring his ‘SuperDiva’ energy to NXT 2.0.”

Elliott has worked around a dozen bouts for WWE since making his in-ring debut back in March – he lost his debut to Joe Gacy on the March 25 NXT Level Up episode; teamed with Damaris Griffin for a loss to Edris Enofe and Malik Blade on the April 22 Level Up; came up short against Andre Chase on the April 29 Level Up show; took a loss to current NXT UK Tag Team Champion Josh Briggs on the May 20 Level Up; teamed with Duke Hudson for a loss to Chase and Ikemen Jiro at the June 11 live event in Largo; defeated Bryson Montana on the June 24 Level Up episode; participated in a Battle Royal won by Tony D’Angelo at the July 9 NXT live event in Orlando; came up short against Jiro on the July 15 Level Up show; was defeated by Hudson at the July 23 live event in Cocoa; teamed with Jiro for a loss to Enofe and Blade on the July 29 Level Up episode; and defeated Xyon Quinn on the August 5 Level Up episode.

The flamboyant newcomer, who turned 23 on Tuesday, was signed by WWE after working the Las Vegas tryouts during SummerSlam Weekend in 2021. He previously worked the indies as MIG, Miguel and Lil Atari, and also appeared under a mask as Congo Crush. Elliott ranked #182 on Outsports’ list of the 200 best LGBTQ pro wrestlers of 2021.

Elliott recently started making his entrance on a moped for NXT Level Up, as seen below, but there’s no word yet on if he will keep that for his official re-debut on NXT 2.0 coming up. There’s also no word yet on when Elliott will make his Tuesday night TV debut, but we will keep you updated.

Below is the new vignette for Elliott, along with a few of his related tweets:

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