News on Miro, Jade Cargill, and Kenny Dykstra

Aug 16, 2022 - by James Walsh

Miro made an appearance on The Sessions with Renée Paquette to discuss a wide range of topics.

During it, the AEW star discussed auditioning for various roles in Hollywood:

“I get auditions every now and again. They liked me and they wanted to book me for this New York show for a CBS pilot. Like yeah, it was my first one. I’ve never done this before. I had an audition, and boom, they called me. I was really excited and it was a great experience. I got to live in Brooklyn for two weeks. I got to experience New York, which was great for me because I used to hate New York. I just had another audition this morning. It was really cool. It was for a western movie. I still do my acting school. I go there every week with Lesly Kahn. I think everybody should do that. Everybody should have a second and a third gig.”

– In a post on Twitter, Jade Cargill noted that AEW has made some history, as she is the first black woman on the cover of a wrestling video game. She is featured on the cover of AEW Fight Forever, along with Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Britt Baker, CM Punk and Kenny Omega.

Kenny Dykstra not only out on RAW breaking up fights, but also working as a producer on the women’s matches.

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