Kenny Omega rumored to return this Wednesday on Dynamite

Aug 15, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Former AEW champion Kenny Omega is rumored to be appearing this coming Wednesday night on Dynamite as the third partner for The Young Bucks in their quest for the Trios title.

Towards the end of the latest episode of Being The Elite, Matt Jackson receives a phone call but does not reveal who is on the other end. “Okay, but, are you sure? You’re sure you’re ready?” Jackson replies as the show fades to black.

The Bucks and their mystery partner, whomever that might be, will be facing Andrade El Idolo, Rush, and Dragon Lee in their first round match of the AEW Trios title tournament.

Tony Khan has often stated that the Trios title have been ready for a long time but was waiting for Kenny Omega to be healthy to introduce them so it makes perfect sense for Omega to come back with his Elite partners.

Omega has been out of action since losing the AEW World title to Hangman Adam Page at Revolution in November 2021 and since then, he underwent several surgeries to repair different problems he had accumulated over the years.

Last month it was said that Omega is pretty much fully healed and the company was hoping to have him and Punk in time for All Out. Punk returned last week on Dynamite.

5 Responses

  1. Some guy says:

    Who cares?

    Overrated, spams his moves, and can’t handle even being a HHH knockoff.

    Yay, he’s not injured, but he’s not gonna be some major player that makes the world look at AEW more than they normally do.

    He’s “a good hand’ and that’s it.

  2. What? says:

    Well…yeah. Is there anyone who *isn’t* thinking it’s going to be Omega?

  3. Gerry Fralic says:

    i know BTE hinted it’s Kenny, but hear me out on this, if it’s not Kenny or Cutler as their partner, then the only other choice is The Villian Marty Scurll, which makes sense in a way since he was a member of Being The Elite during the Ring Of Honor days

  4. What? says:

    Has he been cleared of the allegations yet? If so, I could see it as a possibility, especially given AEW’s penchant for teasing world-altering announcements that end up only being meaningful to wrestling nerds (which I say endearingly since I am one). I’m not dismissing Scurll or his history with the Bucks in any way, but teasing Omega and giving us Scurll, while exciting for those who know him, would be a disappointment for the more casual AEW fans who haven’t done the ROH/NJPW/AAA/every indy ever deep dive. But it’s enough to get me thinking. If WWE booking norms applied here it would 110% be Omega, but with AEW you never fully know.

  5. Gerry Fralic says:

    he hasnt been given jail time or anything like that cuz of said allegations, he pretty much owned up to it & has apologized to woman he has wronged & as i can remember she didnt lay charges on him for it, but now we know that it was Omega, but i still think it would’ve been kool if it was Scrull

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