Impact Report, 8/11/22

Aug 11, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from the go home show before the Impact Wrestling PPV, Emergence.  Coverage begins at 8 PM.

We get a recap of last weeks show.  PCO once again was the victor, this time over Doc Gallows.   Is this enough to gain the trust of his stable mates in Honor No More?  We will see.

Match 1.  Kenny King (Honor No More) VS Karl Anderson, IWGP Never Open Weight Champion, and Impact World Tag Team Champion (Bullet Club)  (NON TITLE)  All stablemates banned from ringside.

We start the match scientifically with arm drags and hip tosses.  King starts to work the left knee.  Anderson gets up, but King sweeps the leg and then kicks him in the head stiffly.  King continues to work the knee with kicks, but Anderson finally recovers and dragon screws King’s knee.  The two get to their feet and Anderson hits a series of uppercuts and a clothesline followed by a powerslam.  After a senton, Anderson hits a single leg, rocket kick.  Anderson is still favoring the knee.  King scorpion kicks Anderson into an exploder suplex.  Anderson then retreats to the ropes from a Indian death lock.  Anderson reverses a F5 into a gun stun and gets the pin.

Winner.  Karl Anderson

King attacks Anderson post match.  Heath makes the save again and celebrates with the fans.

We get a vignette for the upcoming title match at Emergence between Alex Shelley and Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander.

Match 2.  Kushida (with Chris Sabin) VS Deaner, of Violent By Design (with Joe Doering) 

Deaner and Kushida trade arm bars and headlocks.  Kushida lands a few arm drags and palm strikes.  Deaner then gets tossed to the floor off a back hand spring kick.  Kushida chases him, but Doering cuts him off.  Sabin tries to interfere, then Deaner jumps Kushida from behind.  During a commercial break, Deaner stayed on the offensive and he has been in control.  He lands a neck breaker.  Kushida mounts a chop ridden comeback, but Deaner rakes the eyes.  Kushida then lands a Pele kick, along with others to gain an advantage.  After a cartwheel dropkick, he gets a two count.  Kushida starts working the arm, but Deaner counters with a neck breaker and clothesline for a two count  Deaner gets caught on the top rope.  Kushida locks on a kimora.  Sabin takes out Doering on the outside.  Deaner pokes the eye and they tumble.  Kushida pins Deaner after a fisherman.

Winner by pinfall, Kushida

Brian Myers is once again approached by Bhupinder Gujjar backstage.  Myers finally accepts his challenge for Emergence.

Eric Young lets Deaner and Joe Doering he is going to be involved in the match between VBD and Chris Sabin and Kushida.

Match 3.  Tiffany Nieves VS Killer Kelly

Nieves slaps Kelly to start the match.  Kelly laughed and went to work with punches and elbows.  After locking on the killer clutch, it is over that quick.

Winner.  Killer Kelly

Honor No More hold court backstage.  Eddie Edwards hypes his team for their match at Emergence.

Match 4.  Madison Rayne VS Mia Yim

Both play to the crowd for the first few mins of the match.  Yim locks on a arm ringer.  After a go behind, Yim locks on a headlock and eventual takedown.  Rayne gets to her feet, but Yim rolls her up for a quick two count.  The action spills to the floor, where Rayne slams Yim’s face on the corner post.  Back in the ring, Madison is in control and lays in some stiff forearms in the corner.  Yim kicks out of a pin attempts at one.  Rayne hits a few high knees, but Yim ties up Rayne gets a two count off a northern lights.  Rayne lays in a lot of punishment with some ground and pound.  Yim reverses a ranna into a powerbomb.  Yim then lands a series of clotheslines and a dropkick.  After a cannonball, she pins Rayne, but she was in the ropes.  Rayne hits a crucifix bomb for a two count . After a eat defeat, Yim gets the pin in a excellent match.

Winner.  Mia Yim

Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green are shown plotting strategy for their match for the Knockouts Tag belts at Emergence.

Match 5.  X Division Champion, Mike Bailey VS Rocky Romero

The two trade arm drags and hip tosses to start he match, but these two do it with a lot of flare, especially Speedball, Mike Bailey.  Bailey is also a martial artist and he uses the threat of eating a spin kick to back off Romero before we go to a break.  The two are trading blows on the outside and Bailey missed a kick and hit the corner post.  Note, he wrestles barefoot.   Romero smells blood.  Back in the ring, he takes control and slows the pace.  Bailey finally recovers and hits a running kick.  Bailey hits a tremendous series of kicks and a twisting, standing inverted moon sault.  Romero blocks a back hands spring and lays in some chops.  Rocky then hits a big DDT for a two count.  Bailey counters with the machine gun kicks and a huge superkick.  Romero sells it magnificently.  We go to another break.  The two are trading strong style kicks as we return.  Bailey is kicked to the floor.  Romero takes to the air and connects with Mike on the floor.  Bailey recovers and kicks Romero.  He then hits a monster moon sault to the floor.  Nobody flies like Mike Bailey.  Wow.  Incredible height.  Back in the ring, Romero gets a two count after a top rope stomp.  Romero misses a kick and Bailey recovers and levels Rocky with a series of kicks.  Romero locks on an armbar after a DDT.  Bailey kicks out, but eats a high knee.  Romero misses sliced bread and Bailey rolls him up for two.  Bailey then hits an incredible spin kick and ends it with the Ultimate Weapon.

Winner by pinfall.  Mike Bailey

They fist pump in a show of respect after this fantastic match.

Impact World Championship contract signing.

Scott D’Amore sets up the match between Alex Shelley VS Champion, Josh Alexander.  Shelley and Alexander expresses how big this is to him personally.  Shelley enters first and then Alexander.  The two sit down peacefully.  D’Amore lays out how great these two are and how this is a dream match.  Alexander grabs the mic and says he has wanted this match for a long time.  He tells a story of seeing him wrestle in 2005 as a fan.  He said he Shelley stood out to him as an original.  He speaks of the 100s of Alex Shelley copy cats of the world  He says it will be his honor to face and beat the real Alex Shelley.  Shelley says he respects all he has done especially the one thing he has never done, be the World Champion.  He then turns the course and asks what makes him different than any of the other Shelley clones?  Josh says he was more a Chris Sabin guy, because he won the big prize.  Josh then tells Shelley he is scared of winning the big one.  He tells Shelley he needs to be better than his best.  Shelley recalls never getting a shot for the World Championship.  He then praises his partner as the heart and sole of Impact Wrestling,  He speaks on all of Sabin’s injuries and Josh’s.  He then says his lingering injuries won’t be what beats him.  He will lose to the guy who made him inspire to be a wrestler.  He then calls him a mark.  He then signs the contract and signs him an autograph and walks off.

The show ends with a stare down from the ramp.


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