Kaun talks about signing with AEW, wanting to be AEW champion, Shane Taylor Promotions, more

Aug 5, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Phil Johnson shared:

Kaun recently spoke with PWMania.com for an in-depth conversation about all things pro-wrestling. During the discussion, Ortiz opens up about her time at Ring of Honor, working with All Elite Wrestling, her future goals, and more. Here are the highlights:

Signing with All Elite Wrestling:

“I signed with AEW, prior to them buying out ROH. I was one of the few they wanted to have from the older version of Ring of Honor. I earned my spot in those [AEW] dark matches.

“I left ROH kind of with a sour taste in my mouth because of some of things that went on before the operations changed. I was like cool, that was a stepping stone to get somewhere else. To get signed and get brought back to ROH, with people not really acknowledging that I was there in the first place and that I won a championship and made history there, it was a little weird at first.”

Wanting Gold in AEW:

“I’m coming for the six-man tag belts, and eventually, I want to be the AEW Champion. I just watched Rush and Mox beat the hell out of each other. I’ve gotten to work with Rush in an eight-man tag match, but after seeing that match, I want him one-on-one. I want another shot at Andrade, as well.”

The importance of Shane Taylor Promotions:

“I missed Nation of Domination growing up, but you see groups now that come together, especially of black men, and it’s always like how we’re the nation of domination. I’m thankful for New Day who came along. They’re just three men who are friends who are together in a group and can do whatever they like.

“To have them, us, and The Hurt Business at the same time, to see that representation was awesome. To me, it’s always been important to showcase these diverse groups of black and African men.

“To give those fans hope, and someone to look up to meant a lot to me. We’re all college educated, we all have this mentality of being better than we are. I’m kind of speechless honestly, to see how much we did, how much we accomplished, to see how much we meant to people was surreal.”

Kaun also opens up about his time in Ring of Honor, what’s next for him, training under Joey Mercury, and more. You can check out the complete interview at this link.

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