Impact Report, 8/4/2022

Aug 4, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8PM.

We get a recap of last week’s show to start us off.  Honor No More and Heath were featured.

Match 1.  Deonna Purrazzo VS Rosemary (with Jessica aka Havok and Taya Valkyrie)

Deonna is clearly disgusted by the crew she is looking at.  Rosemary takes an early advantage with a choke hold.  Deonna ducks behind and they jockey for an advantage.  After a test of strength, Rosemary wins it and lariats her in the corner.  After taking a bite out of Deonna, Rosemary bulldogs her.  Purrazzo slips the ropes and trips up Rosemary.  After re-entering the ring, Deonna starts to work the arm.  A short arm clothesline takes Rosemary to the mat where Deonna continues to work the arm, stomping it.  Rosemary has had enough and locks on the inside/out.  Deonna catches Rosemary on the tope rope and hurls her off.  Purrazzo locks on an armbar next.  Rosemary breaks free and sling blades Deonna.  She gets a two count.  Deonna locks on the Venus D Milo and Rosemary rolls her into a pin attempt, but Rosemary is hurt.  Rosemary spears Deonna, but Jessica gets confused by Deonna.  Deonna rolls up Rosemary for the pin.

Winner.  Deonna Purrazzo

Honor No More have a regroup session.  PCO is once again called out for being a wild card.  Vincent has had enough defends him.  Eddie Edwards says prove it tonight and win your match for HNM.

Gia Miller interviews Gisele Shaw.  Masha Slamovich is up next for Gisele.

Match 2.  Black Taurus (with Crazzy Steve) VS Brian Myers (Champion) for the Digital Media Championship

Taurus spends the first few moves showing his flexibility and strength advantage.  Myers uses his experience advantage to gain an advantage.  He drops him on the rope, throat first and stomps him.  Taurus recovers and shoulders Myers to the floor, where he then hurls himself on him.  Back from a break, Myers is in control.  He apparently rammed Taurus’s shoulder into the corner post.  Myers slows the match down and works the ground and pound.  Taurus finally recovers and hits Missile Dropkick, 619 after a clothesline.  Myers then DDT’s Taurus for a count of two.  Myers charged Taurus, but gets speared instead.  Myers slips out of a suplex and rolls up Taurus with a little help from the ropes.

Winner.  Brian Myers

Bhupinder Gujjar hits the ring all three take turns beating on Myers.

Jordynne Grace, The Knockouts Champion, is interviewed by Gia backstage.  Mia Yim is her next challenger, she says they may be friends, but she is just someone she must beat.

Match 3.  Gisele Shaw VS Masha Slamovich

Masha has been destroying every person she has faced.  This match starts no different.  She ground and pounds Shaw.  Then he hits a spinning back elbow.  Shaw kicks Shaw though and then hits a big running knee.  Shaw gets a two count.  Shaw misses a splash.  Masha hits a German, but Shaw kicks out.  Masha lays in a few elbows, and then the snow plow.  She then gets the pin.

Winner.  Masha Slamovich

We get a flashback of Mia Yim (known then as Jade) winning the Knockouts Championship.  Backstage we see Gia interviewing Mia.  Yim says she is the end game.  Madison Rayne interjects herself.  She tells off Yim and then Gail Kim walks up and sets up a match between the two for next week.

Rosemary is scene sulking backstage.  Jessica and Taya tell her it is ok.  Rosemary shows frustration at Jessica, but Jessica convinces her she will not be a distraction.  She then immediately annoys Rosemary acting like a cheerleader again.

Match 4.  Violent by Design’s, Deaner and Joe Doering VS The Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

VBD wants to take out Shelley, who is the #1 Contender to Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander.   Doering and Deaner start hot and double team Shelley until Sabin tags in.  They quickly double team Deaner with a cutter.  Shelley punt kicks Doering off the apron.  Shelley is in control until Doering interferes from the outside.  Deaner recovers and drops Shelley on his knee.  Doering drops and elbow after a tackle. After Deaner hits a dropkick and cutter on Shelley, he gets a two count.  VBD make a series of tags after potent offense.  Deaner misses a head butt from the top.  Sabin tags in and takes control with back hands, and a series of kicks. Deaner then eats a series of double team moves.  Doering enters and no sells a double superkick and clotheslines both Shelley and Sabin.  Everyone ends up brawling.  Sabin pins Deaner on a roll up.

Winners.  MCMGs

Doering attacks them post match.  Deaner gets the flag pole and beats the Guns with it. Kushida enters fights off Deaner and Doering.  Eric Young enters from nowhere and attacks Kushida from behind and levels him with a driver.  EY stands tall with his men as the segment ends.

Sabin, Shelley and Kushida all cut a promo backstage and Kushida and Sabin challenge VBD.  Josh Alexander reminds Shelley to be ready for him.  Eddie Edwards approaches Josh and warns him the people in charge may not be trust worthy.  He says he can help him.

Match 5.  Raj Singh VS Sami Callihan

Sami challenges Raj to a fist fight.  Singh actually does well and actually takes Sami down.  After a leg drop, Sami recovers.  He then works over Raj in the corner with chops and standing lariats.  After a piledriver, Sami locks on the cross face chicken wing.  Raj taps.

Winner Sami Callihan

Post match, Sami calls out Moose and Steve Maclin.  Moose’s music hits and the lights go out.  Maclin stands in the dark at the top of the ramp.  Then Moose spears a confused Sami from behind.  Callihan tries to fight them off, but they prove to be too much.  Moose hits another spear.  Maclin double underhook DDT’s Sami and they walk off.

We get another Killer Kelly vignette.  She showed up last week, but will make her in ring debut next Thursday.

We get a Bullet Club backstage group interview.  Karl Anderson says Chris Bey and Ace Austin will stay back watch Doc Gallows dispose of PCO.  Then they will be ready as a group to take out HNM at Emergence in their 5 on 5 match.  Hikuleo will join his BC teammates in that match.

Main Event.  Match 6.  Doc Gallows (with Karl Anderson) VS PCO (with Vincent) in a Derby City Street Fight

Interesting, Vincent and Karl Anderson only come out with their teammate, only to leave.  PCO chants start the match, but Gallows shoulders him to floor.  Gallows follows and PCO takes control on the outside, using the barricade, stairs and a suplex on the ramp.  PCO is clearly winning over the crowd.  Gallows catches PCO with a big boot as they were getting back in the ring.  PCO falls to the floor again, but lands on some steal chairs he set up earlier. Post a break, the two are tossing a stack of chairs at each other in the ring.  Gallows sets up a bunch of chairs.  PCO hits him and places Gallows on them.  He then goes to the top, but Gallows recovers and throws him on the chairs.  That was brutal.  He landed on the perched up edges of the chairs.  Gallows sets up a table on the floor, but PCO is quicker to the punch and chokeslams him threw it.  PCO grabs scissors and starts cutting up the ropes holding the canvas to the mat.  He stops to hit Gallows about 10 times with a trash can.  PCO then goes back to cutting the canvas from the ring.  After exposing a half the wood, Gallows has recovered and sneaks behind him and sit out powerbombs him on the wood.  They spill to the floor and PCO hits Gallows with a set of drums.  Back in the ring, PCO heads to the top, Doc meets him there and choke slams him threw the wood on the mat.  The ref starts the 10 count.  PCO climbs out of the wreckage and starts slugging it out with Gallows.  He eventually drops Gallows on the back of his head on the wood.  PCO grabs a glove and loads it with thumbtacks.  He drops from the top and nails Gallows.  Stomps him to the hole in the mat and pins him for the win.

Winner.  PCO

PCO soaks in the cheers as the show ends.

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