AEW Dynamite Report, 8/3/22

Aug 3, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from AEW Columbus, Ohio at The Ohio State University!

Match 1.  Orange Cassidy VS Jay Lethal (with Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt)

Tazz is putting over Lethal to start the match.  Tony Schiavone and Excalibur round out the announce crew.  Lethal and Cassidy jockey for position to start the match.  Orange gets the best of him and then starts the hands in the pocket moves like drop kicks and eventually a leap to the floor.  Orange chases Lethal up the ramp to Satnam, who distract Orange and Lethal drops Orange.  Just then Best Friends come out in a tall guy costume and distract Singh.  Lethal and Orange end up brawling around the ring and Jay uses the metal steps on Orange’s lower leg.  Lethal gets him in the ring during a break, but continues to work the leg as we return.  Cassidy ducks a lariat and climbs the ropes.  Lethal catches him and dragon screws him from the top.  Lethal locks on the figure 4 next, but Orange gets to the ropes.  Lethal goes for a suplex, but Orange reverses it to a slum dog millionaire.  Lethal recovers and takes Orange to the mat.  He heads to the top, but Orange slowly rolls away and takes a rest.  The fans love it.  Orange stands and levels Jay with an elbow when Jay was charging.  Cassidy hits a dragon DDT, and a spinning DDT.  Lethal kicks out at two.  Orange backdrops Lethal next.  His leg is really bothering him and he misses the Orange punch.  Lethal kicks the knee and then ends the match with a Lethal Injection.

Winner by pinfall, Jay Lethal

Dutt enters and interviews his client in cheesy interviewer voice about Wardlow.   Lethal says he is going to break Orange’s leg right now.  Just then Best Friends and Wardlow hit the arena.  Lethal Challenges Wardlow for Saturday at Battle of the Belts 3. Wardlow accepts the challenge since Dutt says they won’t fight tonight.

We get a clip of Hook winning the FTW Championship last week.

The Undisputed Elite enter next.  Matt and Nick Jackson, Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reily and Bobby Fish (with Brandon Cutler) hit the ring ready to cut a promo.  Adam sets up story time with the crowd.  Cole says it is good to back in the ring with his friends, but he is not medically cleared.  He says they have had success and things to fix.  He says they have chemistry and talent.  He says loyalty is about being with his brothers.  He talks about loyalty being everything.  This brings him to the trios tournament.  He then says he and O’Reily aren’t medically cleared.  He then says you have to pick Bobby Fish.  Then he corrects himself and says you won’t be able to compete.  This is when Red Dragon attack The Young Bucks.  Adam Cole then superkicks Matt Jackson and screams at him.  Cutler is taken out next.  They set up a chair for Matt Jackson and put it around his next.  Out comes Hangman, Adam Page with a pipe.  He makes the save.  Page runs everyone off and slowly turns to The Bucks.  He helps up Matt Jackson and nods to him before walking off.  Will we have a Hung Bucks reunion.

Jon Moxley, AEW World Champion cuts a promo backstage.  He says he doesn’t care who his next challenger is.  He will hurt whomever he faces.  Chris Jericho and teammate, Wheeler Yuta will go at it to see who his next foe is.

Earlier today, Christian was interviewed backstage, but Jungle Boy and tried to run him over with a car.  He missed, but barely.

Match 2.  Jamie Hater and Dr. Britt Baker (with Rebel) VS Toni Storm and AEW World Champion, Thunder Rosa

Baker and Thunder Rosa start off brawling.  Quickly Hater and Storm join the fight and spill outside.  Baker tags out to Hater.  Rosa quickly takes Jamie to her knees with a stiff cross.   Storm tags in and lays on the boots.  Rosa tags back and they work Jamie over in the corner with a few more quick tags and tandem moves.  After a double vertical suplex, Rosa gets a two count.  Rosa then back elbows Jamie and hits some reverse Yes kicks to the back.  Rosa runs the ropes, but Britt knees her from behind and Hater follows it up with double knees to the spine.  Britt tags in.  After a brief break, we have Hater in the ring still working on Rosa.  Rosa gets the hot tag to Storm, who enters with a crossbody off the top.  She then hits another and then a form of a powerbomb.  Rose tags in and they go for a double suplex again.  Hater blocks it and suplexes them both.  Baker tags in, but Rosa hits a Death Valley Driver.  Rebel interferes and Storm tags in.  She climbs the ropes, but Britt meets her and hits an Avalance Air Raid Crash.  Hater comes in and clotheslines Storm for good measure.  Rosa makes the save at two.  Rosa and Britt start jaw jacking and trading blows in the center of the ring.  Baker hits another Air Raid Crash.  Hater hits a DDT on Storm.  All four women are struggling to get to their feet, but Storm and Rosa hit double Germans.  Storm hits everyone with a hip attack, but also Rosa by mistake.  Hater capitalizes on Storm being confused and lariats her and gets the pinned.

Winners.  Jamie Hater and Dr. Britt Baker

We get a vignette next from America’s Favorite Couple, Sami Guevara and Tay Conti.  They announce they are getting married apparently in France.  We cut to Eddie Kingston who says nobody cares about this.  He says Sami has a receipt coming to him.

Last week Powerhouse Hobbs turned on Ricky Starks.  We recap that quickly next.  Tazz then says he is not in the loop anymore and Team Tazz is officially over.

Match 3.  Powerhouse Hobbs VS Red Jones

This is a squash match.  Jones looks the part, but after a Oklahoma stampede, and a clothesline, it is over.

Winner.  Powerhouse Hobbs

Ricky Starks hits the ring, but Hobbs drops him after a few haymakers.  Hobbs then leaves.

Mero then has a vignette.  He wants Malakai Black.

We get a Darby Allin vignette about him wanting to face Brody King.  Allin says he got King the job and that is in Brody’s head.  Darby said you asked for this match Brody.  They are having a casket match next week.

Jim Ross joins the announce team.

Match 4.  Matt Hardy VS Christian Cage

Hardy heads out last and with a purpose.  He takes Cage down and works over Christian for a minute.  They end up in the corner and Christian battles back.  Cage goes to the top, but Hardy pushes him to the apron and the eventually he tumbles to the floor.  Hardy follows, but Christian fights free and they get back in the ring.  Hardy stalks him again and slams his head repeatedly in the corner to a delete chant.  After a sit out powerbomb, Cage kicks out of a pin at two.  Cage reverses a whip after bailing to the floor and Hardy lands on the steps hard.  After a break, we return with Hardy superplexing Cage.  Both were rattled from that.  The two get to their feet and Hardy backdrops him after a series of punches.  Cage falls and Hardy drops an elbow from the second rope.  Cage blocks a twist of fate and they both mount the ropes.  Hardy backdrops him to the mat and drops another elbow for a two count.  Hardy tries to throw Cage from the ring, but Christian drops his neck on the ropes and takes to the air with a slingshot splash.  Hardy recovers and gets a two count off a side effect.  Hardy then hits a side effect on the apron.  After setting up a table, Hardy sets up Christian on it.  He misses an elbow drop and crashes threw the table. Christian tosses him back in the ring and hits the kill switch.  It is over by pinfall.

Winner.  Christian Cage

Cage sets up Hardy for the Conchairto post match.  Luchasaurus enters the arena.  Jungle Boy sneaks up from behind with a chair.  Christian bails just in time.  He gets a huge pop from the crowd.

Daniel Garcia got the biggest win of his career last week over Daniel Bryan.  He cuts a cocky promo about it back stage with Tony Schiavone.  He brags about submitting the American Dragon and he is the Dragon Slayer.

We get another clip of Pac defending the AEW All Atlantic Championship.  Kip Sabian seems to be his next challenger.

All Ego, Ethan Page cuts a promo in the ring.  He wonders out loud why he isn’t getting better treatment in AEW.  The crowd cheers, then he turns on them and says they buy others merch and not his.  He calls out CM Punk and Orange Cassidy, then Eddie Kingston.  He then says AEW is leaving money on the table.  Stokely Hathaway was hiding behind him.  He hands Page a business card and walks off.  Page puts it in his pocket and follows him after whispering to each other.  They walk off together.

The JAS are interviewed backstage.  Anna Jay introduces herself as the newest member.  She chokes out a backstage crew member.

Match 5.  A Dumpster Match.  (Throw your foe in a dumpster)  The Gunn Club, AKA The Ass Boys, Austin and Colton Gunn (with Billy Gunn) VS The Acclaimed, Max Caster and Anthony Bowens

Caster comes out to rap after Bowens clears the ramp of the Ass Boys. He bashes Joe Biden and Vince McMahon.  That was hilarious.  The crowd love The Acclaimed.  Anything goes in this match, just get somebody in the dumpster.  They brawl on the floor.  Bowens suplexes both brothers.  He drags everyone in the ring.  Colton almost backdrops him in the ring, but fails.  He then powerbombs Bowens in the dumpster so they have to get Caster in and close the lid.  Caster gets dumped, but they can’t close the lid.  The Gunns are in control as we return from break.  They throw Bowens off the dumpster to a cushion of garbage cans.  The match goes up near the announce table.  Colton hits a Colt 45 on Bowens.  Austin climbs the set.  Colton puts Anthony on a table.  Bowens frees himself, Caster is now behind him and throws him to the dumpster before.  Max then jumps and levels Colton with a huge elbow to the table below.  They throw him in the dumpster and close the lid.

Winners.  The Acclaimed.

They zip tied the dumpster closed and then push it off the stage.  That was very dangerous.  Wow.  It bounced.

Madison Rayne is announced.  She is making her AEW debut this Friday.

Claudio Castagnoli (ch) will take on Konosuke Takeshita this Saturday for the ROH World Championship.  We get a short vignette to set up the match.

Match 6.  Main Event.  ROH Pure Champion, Wheeler Yuta (with William Regal going to the announce desk) VS Chris Jericho (with the JAS)

Claudio Castagnoli enters next to even the odds with the JAS.  The Blackpool Combat Club is well represented now and Yuta will have someone ringside to have his back.  Yuta takes Jericho off his feet and pounds on him.  Jericho takes the beating and bails to his teammates outside.  Yuta could care less and chases right after him.  After tossing him in the barricade, Yuta puts Jericho in the ring.  Claudio stops the JAS form interfering.  The ref tosses the JAS from ringside.  Yuta continues to pound on Jericho in the ring until he kicks Yuta in the groin.  During a break, we get a split screen.  Jericho stays in control.   Once back, Yuta mounts a comeback and hits a crossbody off the top rope.  The two then bounce the ropes and cross bodies.  They start strong style palm striking each other.  Yuta wins after converting the strikes to a series of Germans.  Jericho kicks out of a high bridge after about 5 suplexes.  Jericho reverses a tie up and locks on the Wall of Jericho.  Yuta gets to the ropes to force a break.  Aubrey Edwards informs Jericho he didn’t win.  She is the ref.  Yuta attacks him while Jericho was distracted.  Yuta hits 3 consecutive spears threw the ropes to the floor.  Jericho then hits a clothesline after a double under hook.  Yuta recovers and momentarily stuns Jericho.  He climbs the ropes and dives, but Jericho catches him into a code breaker.  He gets a two count.  Jericho hits a few elbows, but Yuta bites him and locks on a wrenching S grip submission.  Jericho squirms free and low blows Yuta.  He misses a Judas.  After a missed rollup by Yuta, Jericho locks on the Walls and it is over.

Winner and #1 Contender, Chris Jericho

Jericho refuses to let go of the hold.  Jon Moxley hits the ring and Jericho bails.  The match is set for next Wednesday.  The story is set.  Jericho says Jon Moxley will face the “Lionheart” Chris Jericho.





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