WWE NXT Report – 8/2/22

Aug 2, 2022 - by Staff

– Tonight’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode opens up live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett. The crowd is fired up and the vacant NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles are on display.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match for the Vacant NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles: Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne vs. Katana Chance and Kayden Carter vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley vs. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon

We go right to the ring and out first comes Katana Chance and Kayden Carter for this match to crown new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion. Alicia Taylor does the introductions as Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz are out next, followed by Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley representing The Diamond Mine. Toxic Attraction’s Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are out next.

Carter and Paxley start things off, going right to the corner. Jayne tags herself in and sends Carter out. Jayne shoves Paxley and they go at it. Jayne with a chop and a headlock. Paxley drops Jayne and in comes Dolin to take over. Toxic Attraction double teams Paxley and Dolin covers for 2. Paxley comes back with a dropkick that barely connects if at all. Nile tags in and works over Dolin now.

Nile and Paxley double team Dolin and Paxley covers for 2. Dolin is sent out as Katana tags in and takes Paxley to the corner. Feroz tags in and applies a submission to Carter but it’s broken. Leon tags in and they double team Carter. They also knock Dolin and Jayne off the apron to the floor, and they’re down at ringside now. Leon covers Carter for 2. Feroz tags in and wrestles Carter to the mat, keeping her there. Carter comes back and superkicks Leon.

Carter and Chance end up taking Nile and Paxley down on the floor. Leon presses Feroz high over the top rope, to the other two teams on the floor. Leon then runs the ropes and nails a big suicide dive on those 5 Superstars as fans chant “NXT!” now. She brings it back in for a 2 count. Leon and Paxley go at it now. Leon with a suplex. Feroz tags in with a big crossbody into Leon’s suplex for 2. Nile tags in for a big double team on Feroz. Nile covers for the pin to eliminate Feroz and Leon. Paxley stopped Leon from rushing in to stop it. Feroz and Leon are eliminated.

Dolin attacks Nile from behind. More back and forth now. Jayne comes in and drops Nile for a 2 count, then mounts her with right hands. Paxley ends up going at it with Chance and Carter. Paxley overpowers Chance into a big suplex in the middle of the ring but she kicks out at 2. Nile comes back in and runs wild on Chance, delivering a big running kick to the chest for a 2 count. Nile and Paxley keep control with quick kicks now. Chance drops Paxley on her face and keeps control for a 2 count. Chance ends up dropping Paxley on her head but Jayne tagged herself in, then steals the pin. Paxley and Nile have been eliminated.

It’s down to Chance and Carter vs. Toxic Attraction now. They start brawling in the middle of the ring. Dolin and Jayne drop their opponents in the corners and follow up with cannonballs. Dolin and Carter go at it now and Jayne shows off some. Dolin tags in and drops Carter on her head for another close 2 count. Carter comes out of a pin attempt and superkicks Dolin for 2.

Fans do dueling chants for the babyfaces now as Dolin and Carter unload on each other. Dolin and Chance trade offense now. Carter is sent out, while they hit the High Low on Chance but Carter rushes back in to make the save. All four Superstars are on their backs in the ring now as a “NXT!” chant breaks out. Jayne yells at Chance and slaps her, but Chance slaps back. They trade big punches and forearms now. Chance goes down. Chance comes back and levels Jayne.

Dolin pulls Carter to the floor to prevent a tag but Chance leaps out to drop her on the floor. Jayne rolls Carter for 2 after some miscommunication by the babyfaces. Dolin gets rocked with a shot to the jaw to send her back to the floor. Chance goes to the top and hits a big assisted 450 neckbreaker combo finisher for the pin to win the titles.

Winners and New NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions: Katana Chance and Kayden Carter

– After the match, Chance and Carter begin celebrating as the music hits and we go to replays. Chance and Carter raise their titles and celebrate with the fans no.

– NXT UK Tag Team Champions Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, and Fallon Henley, are backstage with McKenzie Mitchell now. They are proudly bouncing back from Pretty Deadly. The Schism interrupts and Joe Gacy mentions how Jensen is a second generation WWE Superstar (his father is Bull Buchanan), but unfortunately Cameron Grimes cannot say the same as his father was a journeyman who did not experience the success that Jensen’s father did. Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler have words for Jensen and Briggs next, saying they can provide a road map if the champs are lost. Brooks and Gacy have more words, which leads to Gacy saying he will welcome Brooks into the ring when he has a special message for Grimes tonight.

– We go back to the ring and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes is out with Trick Williams. Trick talks about how everything has been going really good for them after Great American Bash. Yesterday was Hayes’ birthday, but we are celebrating tonight. Hayes announces an Open Challenge for the title and says the next person to get in the ring can get stepped up, and stepped on. The music interrupts and out comes Giovanni Vinci.

NXT North American Title Match: Nathan Frazer vs. Carmelo Hayes

Giovanni Vinci heads to the ring as NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes looks on with Trick Williams standing by. However, Nathan Frazer rushes out and beats Vinci into the ring, so he is the one to get the title shot. Vinci joins the announcers on commentary.

Frazer and Hayes trade holds and counters early on as fans do dueling chants. They have a stalemate and then face-off before running the ropes again. Frazer flies and takes Hayes down. Frazer trips Hayes and yanks him by his legs into the ring post. Trick felt that one as well.

Frazer taunts Vinci from the apron. Hayes fights back and slams Frazer face-first into his knee, then hits the Fade Away for a 2 count. Hayes with more offense over the next few minutes. Frazer counters a move but Hayes rolls him for 2. Frazer sends Hayes into the turnbuckle and he falls to the floor.

Frazer unloads with strikes, then a flying clothesline, a kip-up, and a Thesz Press with right hands. Frazer goes to the top for the corkscrew moonsault but he has to roll through. Frazer counters Hayes and nails a superkick for 2. Hayes ends up out draped on the announce table and Frazer flies out to crash into him, spilling water and other items onto Vinci.

Trick has the referee distracted now. Frazer goes to the top but Vinci, while the referee is distracted, shoves him to the mat. Hayes follows up with his flying leg drop finisher for the pin to win and retain.

Winner: Carmelo Hayes

– After the match, Hayes stands tall with the title as the music hits and Trick joins him. We go to replays. Hayes and Trick head to the back while Vinci kneels down and poses for a photo with Frazer.

– We see JD McDonagh walking backstage. We also see Bron Breakker walking. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a Sonic-sponsored video package on Solo Sikoa to hype tonight’s Falls Count Anywhere Match with Von Wagner.

– We go to the ring and NXT Champion Bron Breakker, JD McDonagh and Wade Barrett are already out for the Heatwave Summit.

Barrett brings up how JD has been very methodical since debuting but JD interrupts and doesn’t want to talk about the past, just Heatwave. He gives Bron some praise and says he feels the passion in Bron sitting across from him now, and that may be fear to others in the locker room, but it’s a stimulant to JD. JD sees the fire in Bron and everything in him tells him to stomp it out. JD sees a road map to the pain he can inflict when he looks at Bron, because this ring is his operating theater, and he’s going to rip those muscles off Bron’s bones at Heatwaves, the muscles he worked so hard to have. JD says Alicia will be announcing him the new NXT Champion at Heatwave. Barrett thanks JD.

Barrett asks Bron how he plans to face an opponent who has nothing but bad intent. Bron says JD is special. He’s never been in a match with anyone like JD. He says no disrespect to Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler or WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther, but JD might be the smartest Superstar he’s been in the ring with, so smart he knows not to challenge Bron’s speed or strength, but to challenge his mind. Bron says everyone has a plan until he breaks them in half. Bron says when the title is on the line, he’s an animal. Fans bark in response. Bron is glad JD likes pain so much because he will be in a lot of it at Heatwave. JD loves how Bron believes everything that comes out of Bron’s mouth. JD says he does too, and he believes everything Bron said will come true at Heatwave, but the difference between them is Bron likes to inflict pain, but JD welcomes it.

Barrett presents the title match contract and asks JD to sign it first. JD refuses and says it’s tradition for the challenger to sign first, but he saw a look of fear in Bron’s face, and wants him to sign first. Bron calls JD a sicko and says he will sign first, then show JD he doesn’t fear anything with a heartbeat. Bron signs the contract. JD hesitates and doesn’t sign. He says this Summit won’t end in violence, but to show how serious JD is… this Summit will end in blood. JD draws his own blood and signs the contract with that. They both stand up ready to fight. JD offers his cut hand for a shake but Bron just raises the NXT Title in the air as his music starts up.

– We go to The Diamond Mine Dojo and see NXT Tag Team Champions Brutus Creed and Julius Creed talking with Apollo Crews. Crews wishes The Creeds good luck tonight and says he’s a big fan. They are also big fans of Apollo and extend an invite to work out any time. Crews warns them to watch their backs out there because not everything is how it seems. Julius understands what he means but they are focused on tonight’s match now. Crews hypes them up some more and walks off. The Creeds go back to training until Damon Kemp walks up and greets them. They ask where Roderick Strong is but Kemp says Strong just texted him to say he’s running late. The Creed Brothers are a bit worried as they had a gameplan to go over. Julius is confident Strong will be there if he says he will. Julius says let’s just focus and control what we can control, Strong will be there.

– Jacy Jayne and Gigi Dolin are backstage throwing a fit. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose walks up and promises to get payback, saying Toxic Attraction was screwed. McKenzie approaches for comments but they all yell at her, then she leaves. Rose rushes off to the ring.

NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose vs. Sarray

We go back to the ring and out comes NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose for this non-title match.

Back from the picture-in-picture commercial break, which is where Sarray made her entrance. The match is already underway as they trade offense and holds. Rose unloads in the corner now while the referee warns her. Rose stomps away and then plays to the crowd for cheers. Rose keeps Sarray down with a boot. Rose with another 2 count.

Sarray counters and rolls Rose for 2. Rose comes back with a Facebuster for a close 2 count. Rose keeps trying for the pin but Sarray hangs in. Rose slams Sarray’s head into the mat several times, then tries for another pin, and another. They trade strikes in the middle of the ring now. Rose rocks Sarray. Sarray with an arm drag and a drop toe hold.

Fans rally for Sarray as she leaps off the second rope with a missile dropkick. Rose hangs in as fans rally for Sarray. Rose blocks a high knee in the corner, then slams her with a Spinebuster. Rose goes on and hits a bicycle kick for the pin to win.

Winner: Mandy Rose

– After the match, Rose takes the mic and stands tall as the music hits. Rose says she hopes Zoey Stark is watching because this is what awaits her at Heatwave. Rose brings a steel chair in the ring and then taunts Sarray with the title belt. Rose jabs the edge of the chair into the back of Sarray’s knee, then continues driving the chair into her leg. Rose wraps the chair around Sarray’s leg but Stark rushes the ring and makes the save. Stark unloads and superkicks Rose. She goes to finish Rose off but Rose retreats from the ring to the floor.

– We get a video of Tiffany Stratton talking and doing her gymnastics tumbles. She says her focus and athleticism sets her apart from the crowd as she’s a once-in-a-lifetime athlete and has no time for losers like Wendy Choo. Stratton says it’s not her fault she was born gifted and superior, she knows she’s great and she works at it every day, which is why everyone in NXT is obsessed with her. Stratton couldn’t stand losing the recent Battle Royal and couldn’t understand how the others were OK with losing. She goes on and says her name and the word loser do not belong in the same sentence. Choo said it won’t be a pretty picture but Stratton doesn’t care because everything she does is pretty. Stratton finishes her tumbles and says it’s time to go shopping.

– Still to come, the NXT Tag Team Titles are on the line. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and McKenzie is backstage with Axiom now. She congratulates him on his recent debut. He thanks her and says he couldn’t be more excited to be here, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Duke Hudson approaches and mocks Axiom for his size, and says he’s undeserving. Duke brags about his own height and size, and says if you look at both of them, it’s night and day. Axiom says he’s not afraid of Duke. Duke says good for you. Duke says Axiom is a nerd, then he smacks him. They start brawling through the backstage area now.

Duke beats Axiom out tot he stage area now. Axiom fights back but Duke picks him up, then runs him down the ramp and into the edge of the apron as fans boo. Duke brings it in the ring as fans chant for Axiom. Duke levels him with a running big boot to the face. Duke with more offense and a big tilt-a-whirl side-slam. Duke stands tall over Axiom now and poses as fans boo him.

Duke takes the mic and says that is why you don’t believe in your heroes, because they will always let you down. He tosses the mic and walks off as the boos continue. Axiom grabs the mic and says things have changed, but Duke is wrong… he can make it and he can prove it, right here, right now. Axiom tosses the mic and Duke heads back to the ring to fight. The referee calls for the bell.

Duke Hudson vs. Axiom

The bell hits but Duke Hudson catches Axiom and rams him back into the corner with thrusts. Duke kicks Axiom off the top rope to the floor now. Duke stomps away on Axiom at ringside as fans do dueling chants.

Duke brings it back in but Axiom unloads with kicks while he’s down. Axiom fights to his feet and mounts offense now. Axiom charges in the corner but Duke catches him with a big Uranage. Duke stomps away and drops elbow, and axe hammer blows to keep Axiom down. Axiom fights back and mounts more offense now as fans cheer him on. Axiom goes on and rolls Duke up for the win out of nowhere.

Winner: Axiom

– After the match, Axiom celebrates as his music hits.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Wes Lee now. He says he may have overcome the odds throughout his career, but right now Trick Williams is getting the best of him. Lee says it irks him how Trick thinks he’s the second coming of Muhammad Ali. Lee shows Trick’s Great American Bash entrance and says Trick blinded him to get the win there, then last week Trick recreated the most iconic image in boxing history. We also see that on the screen behind them. Lee says Ali is a legend, Trick is just a legend in his own mind. Ali influenced millions, Trick just annoys millions. Lee says Trick can bring his boxing skills next week, and Lee will bring his wrestling skills, and they can have a good old fashioned Rounds Match like in the UK. Lee says the next move is on Trick, ding ding. Lee walks off.

NXT Tag Team Titles Match: Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo vs. The Creed Brothers

We go back to the ring and out first comes The Family – Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo with Cruz Del Toro, Elektra Lopez and Joaquin Wilde. Out next comes The Diamond Mine – NXT Tag Team Champions The Creed Brothers, Julius Creed and Brutus Creed, with Damon Kemp. We get formal ring introductions by Taylor.

The bell rings and Julius slams Tony to start. Tony keeps coming back up but Julius keeps the headlock applied, taking Tony back down two more times. They break and in comes Stacks. Julius slams Stacks and in comes Brutus. Julius sends Stacks into a Brutus slam. Brutus grounds Stacks and rolls him around on the mat. Stacks fights back but Brutus nails a big hip toss. Brutus levels Stacks again. Julius tags in and stops the tag, hitting a big Atomic Drop.

Tony tags back in and collides shoulders with Julius. They go at it and Tony drops Julius on his head with a twisting slam. Tony is fired up now as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial while Julius is still down.

Back from the break and it ends up with Brutus and Stacks going at it. Brutus sends Stacks flying out of the ring. Brutus brings Stacks back in but Stacks smashes him to the mat. Stacks works Brutus over and slams his hand into the steel ring steps. Tony comes in and takes over on Brutus, then takes him to the corner for a quick tag to Stacks. Stacks continues working on the arm and hand of Brutus now.

Tony comes back in and drops Brutus on his head with a big suplex. Stacks with another quick tag as he takes Brutus down into an armbar. Fans and The Diamond Mine start to rally but Stacks chops Brutus back down and says in control. Stacks rocks Julius with a stiff cheap shot. More back and forth now. Julius finally tags in and runs wild on Tony and Stacks. Julius with a big dropkick to Tony. Julius drops the straps but runs into an elbow from Tony. They both collide with dropkicks and go down now as fans chant “NXT!” again.

Stacks pulls Brutus off the apron to prevent a tag but Brutus chases him around the ring, then in the ring. Brutus tackles Stacks and pounds on him. Lopez slides a crowbar to Tony. The referee is distracted with Brutus pounding on Stacks. Tony is preparing to use the crowbar but a returning Santos Escobar makes his surprise debut at ringside. Santos grabs the crowbar as Lopez nods in approval. Santos decks Tony in the face, perhaps with brass knuckles, and that knocks him back.

Julius catches a dazed Tony and drops him on his head. Julius then hits the diving forearm smash for the pin to win and retain while Cruz and Wilde pull Stacks out of the ring to stop him from making the save.

Winners: The Creed Brothers

– After the match, The Creed Brothers celebrate with the titles as the music hits. We go to replays. Legado del Fantasma reunites and stands together on the stage now, laughing and celebrating the freedom from The Family. Tony and Stacks throw a fit in the ring.

– We get a video package from Roxanne Perez. She says she’s dealt with almost every emotion possible for the past 3 weeks. Cora Jade was her big sister, they were two broke girls traveling together, leaning on each other to get by and pushing each other to get better. She was the #1 Jade fan but then she got to NXT, they were both doing so good, and they won the titles. They were unstoppable. She goes on about the sneak attack in the parking lot and how Jade turned on her, which really hurt her. Never in a million years did she think that would happen. She says their friendship meant more than the NXT Women’s Title but she never wants to be associated with Jade again. Perez goes on and says her denial turned to anger when she saw Jade trash the title belt. She doesn’t know who this Cora is but her best friend is long gone. Perez says OK bitch, we both know the truth so if you want me out of your life, she couldn’t agree more… so let’s settle this once and for all at Heatwave in two weeks.

McKenzie is backstage with Jade now. She denies the challenge and says we shouldn’t fall for Perez’s sob story. She goes on and says she’s the talk of WWE right now, along with Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and Perez just wants to wrestle her to elevate her own status, and to take her spotlight. Jade says she is done with that charity case. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose walks up and wants Jade to help her take out #1 contender Zoey Stark, so she wants to see Jade do what she did before. Jade says this is typical of Rose, offering a deal that only benefits her. Hard pass. Rose reminds her if she takes out the #1 contender, then the Battle Royal runner-up, which is Jade, will have to take the title shot at Heatwave, and then Jade won’t have to worry about Perez. Jade says she will give it some thought, little girl. Jade walks off.

NXT UK Tag Team Champion Brooks Jensen vs. Joe Gacy

We go back to the ring and out come the NXT UK Tag Team Champions – Brooks Jensen with Josh Briggs and Fallon Henley. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get a video promo on Von Wagner to hype the main event. McKenzie is backstage with new NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions Katana Chance and Kayden Carter now. They have been through hell and back, cheated and slighted, but they kept fighting and finally did it. There were times they wanted to give up but they didn’t and all the sacrifices make this much better. The fans never gave up on them, so now they have the titles and they’re here to stay. We go back to the ring and The Schism is out in the ring – Joe Gacy with The Dyad’s Rip Fowler and Jagger Reid. The bell hits and Gacy goes at it with Jensen now.

Jensen unloads and takes Gacy to the corners. Jensen with a big back-drop and right hands. Jensen drops Gacy and plays to the crowd. Jensen runs around the ring and hits a Drive By, then poses on the apron in his short jorts. Gacy comes right back with a DDT. Gacy stomps on Jensen now and chops him in the corner. They brawl some more in the corner now. Gacy takes control and slams Jensen with a Uranage. Gacy drops an elbow for a 2 count.

Jensen fights up from his knees but Gacy headbutts him and they keep brawling. Jensen with a big heel kick. The Dyad has been staring down Henley, now they are approaching her at ringside. Briggs gets in the way and they have words. Pretty Deadly runs down to the ring but Jensen sends Elton Prince right back to the floor, then knocks Kit Wilson off the apron. Gacy takes advantage and hits his handspring clothesline for the pin to win.

Winner: Joe Gacy

– After the match, The Schism regroups on the ramp together. Gacy addresses Cameron Grimes and says his life is divided by disappointment and loss, that is no way to live, the only way to change your life is with the help of others and Gacy knows Grimes is a proud man, that’s why he’s reaching out to help. Gacy says he can fill the emptiness in Grimes’ soul. He says Grimes knows deep inside his heart that Gacy is right. We see Grimes and some other wrestlers watching the show backstage. One points out how Gacy was talking to Grimes. Grimes just looks at the guy and walks off.

– Tony D’Angelo is backstage with Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo now. Tony is on the phone and he’s not happy with someone, asking them where were they. He says he’d be champion by now if it weren’t for Santos Escobar. Tony tells the person thanks for nothing, then hangs up. Tony and Stacks are furious over Legado del Fantasma now. Stacks says there’s 4 of them and 2 of us, so what are we going to do next? Tony’s phone rings. Santos is on the other line, taunting Tony and laughing at him. Tony asks where Santos is. Santos says they’re about even after Tony almost ended his career. They have some more words but agree to one more meeting, with no other stablemates. Santos accepts but they didn’t say where.

Alba Fyre vs. Lash Legend

We go back to the ring and out comes Alba Fyre with her flaming baseball bat.

Back from the break and Lash Legend is already out as she came out during the picture-in-picture break. Lash is in control now after leveling Fyre with a big boot. Fans chant for Fyre now as she mounts a comeback. Lash stretches Fyre over her back now as the referee warns her. Legend drops Fyre over her knee with a backbreaker for a 2 count.

Legend chokes Fyre with the bottom rope now as the referee warns her. Lash slams Fyre again and shows off while standing tall as fans boo. Fyre fights back and hits a big tornado DDT. Fyre goes to the top but Legend rocks her with a right hand. Legend climbs up for a superplex but Fyre blocks it with a knee to the head, then sends Legend to the mat. Fyre flies but has to roll through as Legend moves.

Legend grabs Fyre’s bat but Fyre ducks it, then superkicks her. Fyre with another superkick, then the Gory Bomb. Fyre goes back to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb for the pin to win.

Winner: Alba Fyre

– After the match, Fyre stands tall as the music hits. We go to replays. Fyre stands tall with her bat now.

– We see Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes walking backstage. Trick is going over the rules for next week’s match with Wes Lee and he’s confident he will win. A woman approaches and asks them if they know how to jump-start a car. They are ready to help as we see several women with a white car that is broken down with the hood up. Trick asks them if they have any jumper cables and that ends the segment.

– Still to come, our Falls Count Anywhere main event. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Nikkita Lyons is backstage. She saw Kiana James’ PowerPoint Presentation on her last week but Lyons owns who she is and she’s proud of being an open book. She didn’t have to do research on James because she’s dealt with girls like her forever, girls who think they’re better than everyone. Lyons goes on about James judging her because she doesn’t fit into a small box of what she thinks a woman should be. Lyons tells James to take a good look because this is who she is, and she’s not changing for anyone, especially you. Lyons says now if James wants to try and change her mind, she can find her next week, she will be waiting in the middle of the ring.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Von Wagner vs. Solo Sikoa

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Falls Count Anywhere main event as Von Wagner comes out with Mr. Stone. Solo Sikoa is out next to a “Solo!” chant.

The bell rings and Von charges but Solo ducks. Solo unloads and they go at it. Solo slams Von. They go to the floor and Solo runs over Von with a shoulder. Solo with a big senton on the floor for a 2 count at ringside. Solo with a big chop but Von fights back as the brawl continues on the floor. They bring it back in and Solo rocks Von in the mouth.

Solo with a corner splash and a slam in the middle of the ring. Solo drops a headbutt for a 2 count. Solo keeps control and sends Von to the floor, then poses for a pop. Von ends up turning it around at ringside, launching Solo into the steel ring steps. Von places half of the steps in the ring, then rolls Solo back in.

Von grabs several steel chairs from under the ring, and brings those in also. Von jabs Solo in the gut with a chair, then smacks him over the back, and another chair shot over the back, and another. Von drops a chair and slams Solo back onto it. Von covers for 2. Von continues to beat on Solo with chair shots to keep him down.

Von stands up two chairs and slams Solo on the seats to bend the chairs. Von keeps control and boots Solo in the head. Von follows Solo to the floor and levels him with a running clothesline. Von takes the top off the announce table now as fans do dueling chants and Stone cheers Von on. Solo fights back and slams Von on top of the announce table but it doesn’t break. Von falls to the floor and Solo covers for 2.

Solo and Von brawl through the backstage area now, to the parking lot. The back door opens and we see Trick Williams and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes with the women and the white car from earlier. Hayes and Solo have some words. Solo knocks Hayes into the backseat of the convertible, leaving him upside down. Trick rushes over to help Hayes as Von and Solo keep brawling.

Von and Solo continue brawling through the parking lot, to the dumpster area. Von scoops Solo and tosses him into a dumpster with a WWE logo on it. Stone runs over and tells Von to shut the lid, declaring him the street champ. Von walks away but Solo suddenly pops up from the dumpster. Von goes back over but Solo fights out of the dumpster. They brawl back through the parking lot and Solo sends Von into a garage door, then hits him with knees to the face. Cameron Grimes comes out the back door but Solo and Von tumble into him, knocking all three down back into the door-way.

The fight continues backstage as Von scoops Solo and slams him through a table for another close 2 count. Von talks some trash and beats Solo back towards the ring area as Stone yells at Von to finish Solo off. Von charges with a chair but Solo sprays him with a fire extinguisher. They bring it back into the ring now and fans cheer Solo on as he drops Von. Solo with body shots and a big punch to the jaw, then a big Samoan Drop. Solo is fired up now for the crowd. Solo grabs a chair and smacks Von over the back with it, and again, and again. Solo tosses the chair to a pop.

Solo drags the half of the steps into the middle of the ring now. He slams Von on top of the steel with a Rock Bottom. Solo covers on top of the steps for 2 as Von kicks out. Fans chant “NXT!” as Solo looks a bit frustrated. Solo goes to the top but Stone grabs his leg and then arm. Solo headbutts Stone to the floor. Solo stands up on the top turnbuckle but Von knocks him off. Von stalks Solo at ringside, then scoops him but Solo slides out and sends him into the ring post.

Solo superkicks Von at ringside, then superkicks him again, which puts him on top of the announce table. Solo returns to the ring and goes to the top, then flies to put Von through the announce table with a huge Uso Splash. Solo covers Von on top of the announce table debris for the pin to win.

Winner: Solo Sikoa

– After the match, Solo’s music hits as fans start chanting his name. Von is laid out but Solo manages to get a hand up as we go to replays. Solo stands tall on the apron now as Von tries to recover at ringside. NXT 2.0 goes off the air with Solo yelling out at the crowd as they cheer him on.

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