Pat McAfee reflects on SummerSlam match and the killer humidity in Nasvhille

Aug 1, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Smackdown commentator Pat McAfee discussed his SummerSlam experience during today’s Pat McAfee Show, immediately saying that he should have prepared differently and was not prepared for the humidity.

“Just walking into the stadium, I took a nice deep breath of that humid air, and it was thick, it was sauna thick,” McAfee said. “It was humid as f*ck and I didn’t think about it while I was training in my basement with the air conditioning.”

McAfee said that he started hydrating earlier drinking lots of water and Gatorades backstage because “this is gonna be hot as f*ck in here” and said it was “bush league” on his part for not thinking about the weather.

He noted how the ropes were super wet and the shoes he wore were new and never tried them on the ropes. He mentioned the two close calls he had falling, the first one when he went for the superplex and his shin bounced off the ropes but thankfully he hung on to Corbin like a koala bear and survived. The second one was when he went for the swanton bomb.

He said that when he went up the ropes, “immediate regret” was the sound that was going in his brain and he should have done more work with the shoes on the ropes. McAfee survived that one too and nearly fell off the top rope but managed to balance himself before launching on to Corbin.

“It wasn’t the cleanest match I’ve ever had, I certainly wasn’t prepared for the humidity as I should have been but I am pumped that I got out there with the W,” McAfee said, closing the segment.

“It was a very surreal evening and I’m very thankful to everybody who made it happen, obviously all the people in WWE but also the f*cking fans. You guys are the coolest people of all time,” he said.

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