Jim Cornette questions Triple H’s health

Aug 1, 2022 - by James Walsh

Jim Cornette isn’t sure about Triple H’s health given his “Tony Khan stammering-like answer” to a question about it.

It should be noted that Triple H had a “cardiac event” known outside of the McMahon family as a heart attack in September of 2021. The medical facility had to perform a procedure, hospital perform a surgery for non-McMahons, to save him. Now, to be fair, in modern days guitar players can have a heart attack and have bypass surgery, have stints put in, and within weeks resume touring. That just happened to Stephen Pearcy’s guitar player. But, the stresses of a tour schedule are far less than trying to be Vince McMahon Mach 2.0.

Interesting audio is below.

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  1. dooman says:

    roids making the heart explode

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