News on Dakota Kai’s return

Jul 31, 2022 - by James Walsh

Io Shirai made her WWE return at tonight’s SummerSlam, aligning with Bayley and Dakota Kai, who were making their returns as well.

Corey Graves kept referring to Shirai as ‘Sky.’ It turns out that wasn’t a mistake as has confirmed that Io Shirai is now known as IYO SKY.

Fightful Select reported some news on the group. They had been told by talent that they believed Bayley would be returning and that was the case.

Regarding Kai, who had been let go in April, she was a name that several people in the company thought Triple H would make a priority to bring back. It was added that she had talks with AEW, but they never picked up much past an introduction. There were some on the roster pushing for her to join

There had been no creative plans for Shirai in NXT after her injury in April and in the weeks leading up to her return. WWE officials couldn’t confirm a new contract had been signed beyond saying “it appears so.” It was slated to expire next month.

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