Lesnar salutes fans from broken ring after SummerSlam

Jul 31, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

After SummerSlam was over, a defeated Brock Lesnar managed to climb into the ring and reach the “summit” to salute the fans.

The former champion, who now lost the last three matches against Reigns, crawled to the top and then stood up by holding to the corner and removed his hat as fans gave him a standing ovation. The Beast Incarnate then sat down in the middle of the ring selling his injuries as his music played in the background.

Lesnar’s involvement moving forward remains unknown. Brock was super close with Vince McMahon and McMahon is no longer there so there might not be an incentive for him to return although money usually changes everything.

Brock walked out of Smackdown last week after he got wind that McMahon is done but they managed to get him back to the arena just after the show started. Instead of kicking off Smackdown, Lesnar then closed the show by beating Theory. He also appeared unannounced on Smackdown two days ago.

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