Possible Summerslam spoiler, note on Gresham requesting his release

Jul 30, 2022 - by James Walsh

– As previously noted, former ROH world champion Jonathan Gresham reportedly asked for his ROH/AEW release.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider provided an update regarding the situation. Gresham is not expected to be back “in any form” with AEW/ROH unless him and President Tony Khan are able to make amends. One person described the backstage situation to Johnson as “ugly and unprofessional.” Johnson noted the following…

“One version of the story making the rounds is that Gresham ‘cursed out’ Khan. Another story talents are sharing includes that Gresham used his ranking in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine PWI 500 list as an argument as to why he should be presented better.”

Neither Gresham nor AEW have publicly commented on the matter although Gresham’s wife Jordynne Grace wrote the following via Twitter…

“I promise that you don’t have to believe everything you read online. 95% of ‘dirt sheet’ news is exaggerated, completely made up, or taken out of context.”

– Numerous wrestling personalities are in Nashville, TN for various events leading up to the 2022 WWE Summerslam PLE. According to Johnson, both The Undertaker and Edge have been spotted backstage at Summerslam. However, this is not a guarantee that either man will actually appear on the show.

The Undertaker was in Nashville for his “1 deadMAN SHOW” on Friday night. Edge is more likely to appear on the show since there have been rumors/speculation of him returning to television.

Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair is currently set to open SummerSlam tonight.

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  1. Kyle Christie says:

    Yikes, if that Gresham story is true about the PWI thing, that’s just sad. He’s as bad as all the trolls on Twitter that talk about stuff like that as if it’s factual.

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