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Announcers: Michael Cole & Pat McAfee (Smackdown), Jimmy Smith & Corey Graves & Byron Saxton (Raw)

-The show opened with a narrated video package hyping the show’s major matches.

-A camera flying over the Nashville skyline moved toward Nissan Stadium off in the distance. Jimmy Smith welcomed the audience to the show as the camera faded to the announcers desk at ringside. He immediately turned his attention toward the Raw Women’s Championship match to kick off the show.

-Becky Lynch entered through the basic, corner LED screen entrance stage. She rounded the corner and marched down the ramp, head up high, sporting massive glasses. Corey Graves said there’s nothing more dangerous than a person with nothing left to lose, and that’s Lynch tonight.

Bianca Belair skipped through the entrance way to a strong ovation from the crowd in Nashville. She slapped hands with fans down the ramp. LED screens adorned the entire ringside barriers, rather than just the corners as first introduced at this year’s WrestleMania. Mike Rome introduced the match and the competitors.

(1) BIANCA BELAIR (c) vs. BECKY LYNCH – Raw Women’s Championship match

The two women stood stoically on opposite sides of the ring as the bell rang. They waited a few moments before circling one another and locking up. Becky Lynch broke the lock up and stepped away from Bianca Belair. Belair quickly took control on the second lock-up with a waist-lock takedown. Lynch wrestled herself free and into a front face lock.

Belair walked Becky into the corner. Lynch flipped over Belair’s back, but Bianca telegraphed it and flipped herself out. Lynch was quick to regain control, twisting the champion’s arm and dragging her to the mat. The announcers said Lynch was priming Belair for the Disarm-Her.

Lynch drove her knees into the extended arm of Bianca Belair. She looked around at the stadium, smiling confidently at the crowd. Lynch tried to give Belair an arm drag, but Bianca hit a back handspring off the ropes and took Lynch down with a big dropkick. Becky rolled to the outside to regroup while Belair shook out the injured arm.

The champion followed her challenger to the outside. She backed Becky into the barricade and scooped her up. Lynch slid down Belair’s back into the timekeeper’s area. She held onto the arm and ripped it back, slamming Belair’s upper arm and shoulder into the barricade violently. Lynch followed up with a leg drop on Belair draped across the barricade.

Becky Lynch brought the champion back in the ring. She hit a Bex-ploder and covered for a two count as the match crossed the 5:00 mark. Lynch tossed Belair to the corner and dropped her from the middle rope by the arm for another cover and two count. Lynch wore a scowl on her face as she delivered slow, methodical boots to the injured arm. Belair delivered some weak forearms with her good arm. Lynch threw a kick, but Belair caught the leg. Bianca tried to pull her down, but Lynch managed to fight through it and and trip the champion.

Belair spilled to the apron. Lynch stayed in firm control, beating her down and draping her across the middle rope. Lynch looked for another leg drop, this time off the middle rope. Belair popped up, caught Lynch in mid-air, and connected with a Powerbomb through the middle rope for a really cool spot. Lynch shook it off and knocked Belair to the outside.

Lynch headed outside the ring, where Belair was waiting Bianca scooped her up by the arms and dumped her on the edge of the ring Belair followed up with a clean Suplex on the mats. She tossed Lynch back in the ring and hit a back-spring standing Moonsault on Lynch for a two count. Belair charged at Lynch in the corner as the match approached 9:30. She leapfrogged Becky out of the corner and backflipped out. Becky leapt to the middle rope and dove into the waiting arms of Belair. Becky shook herself free. She climbed to the middle rope, hooked Bianca’s shoulders and jaw and hit Diamond Dust. Lynch covered for a near fall.

The two women met in the center of the ring and began trading forearms. Belair caught Lynch with a big forearm, sending her tumbling into the ropes. Becky grabbed hold of Bianca’s braid and pulled her in. The challenger looked for a ‘rana, but Belair held on. She transitioned into K.O.D. position, but Lynch rolled down the back and grabbed the arm. Becky locked in the Disarm-Her. Belair crawled frantically to the ropes. She slid underneath the bottom, but Lynch didn’t break the hold. Belair hoisted her onto the her shoulders, pulled her out of the ring, and hit the K.O.D. on the outside.

Belair returned to the ring at the referee’s count of eight. Lynch barely answered the count, returning just before ten. Belair set up for another K.O.D., but Lynch flipped out of it. She charged and got caught with a Spinebuster from the champion. Belair dragged Lynch to the corner and climbed to the top rope. Becky shot up and cut her off. The two women traded blows on the top turnbuckle. Belair knocked Becky down, but Lynch grabbed Belair’s braid. She ripped her off the turnbuckle and hit the Man-Handle Slam. Lynch stacked Belair up for a believable near fall at 13:50.

Becky looked for the Disarm-Her again, but Belair countered into a roll up for two. The women worked to the turnbuckle again. Lynch hooked Belair up for the Man-Handle Slam, but Belair countered into a Spanish Fly. Lynch rolled to her feet in a daze. Belair grabbed her and hit the K.O.D. for a cover and three count.

WINNER: Belair in 15:10 to retain the Raw Title.

After the match, Lynch, dejected and looking as though she was about to cry, clutched her ribs and approached Belair with a meager hand out, asking for a handshake. Belair obliged, and the two women hugged in the center of the ring. Lynch turned the ring over to Belair and left.

As Belair celebrated on the top rope with her music playing, Bayley’s theme cut her off. The crowd popped big. Bayley emerged from the entrance stage and headed to the ring. Bayley stopped just beyond the curve headed toward the ring, and Dakota Kai’s music hit. Kai marched down the ramp. Corey Graves mentioned that she’s not even under WWE contract.

Just as Kai reached Bayley, Io Shirai’s music hit and she joined Bayley and Kai. Graves called her “Io Sky.” The three women marched to the ring together. Belair stayed in the ring, awaiting their arrival. Bayley got in Belair’s face. “You thought I’d come back by myself like an idiot? I brought the best in the whole damn world.” Suddenly, Becky Lynch returned to the ring and stood at Belair’s side.

Lynch and Belair welcomed the challenge. Bayley, Kai, and Io left. Lynch and Belair stood tall in the ring.

(2) THE MIZ (w/ Maryse & Ciampa) vs. LOGAN PAUL

Nissan Stadium opened up the match with a “tiny balls” chant. Logan Paul pointed and laughed a The Miz, who went in for a lock up. Miz backed Paul into the corner and patted him on the head, mockingly. Miz and Paul locked up in the center again, with Miz taking Paul down with some chain wrestling. Miz threw a weak boot to Paul’s face, then mocked Logan for covering up.

Miz looked for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Paul flipped through it. He delivered a quick fireman’s carry, then kicked Miz in the face. Miz shook it off and threw right hands. Paul ducked them all and caught Miz with a shot of his own. Paul leapfrogged Miz twice, then rolled him up for a two count. Paul clothesline Miz to the outside. He stepped out onto the apron and connected with a Moonsault onto Miz on the floor.

Jimmy Smith said Paul has been “listening to someone at the PC because he came loaded with offensive techniques.” Paul took Miz to the corner and chopped him so hard that his wrist band came off. Paul leapt to the middle rope, but Miz kicked him in the stomach and then caught him with a Codebreaker off the middle rope. Miz scraped Paul’s face across the ropes. He distracted the referee long enough for Ciampa to punch Paul in the face.

Paul struggled to gain momentum. Miz straddled him and applied a chin lock as the match crossed 5:00. Paul fought free slowly, but Miz still worked him into the corner. Miz taunted the crowd. He charged for a knee, but Paul moved. Miz limped out of the corner and ate a pair of open overhead punches to the face. Paul jumped to the ropes and hit Miz with a Blockbuster. Both men were down. They rose slowly. Paul connected with a pair clotheslines. He grabbed a leg and applied the Figure Four. Miz screamed in agony, pawing at Paul’s face. He reached desperately for the rope and eventually grabbed it.

Miz struggled to stand in the corner. He shot Paul to the apron. Logan climbed to the top rope and connected with a big cross-body, then a standing shooting star press for a cover and a two count. Miz sold the injured knee. He collapsed, drawing the referee’s attention. Ciampa hopped onto the apron, but the referee saw him. He threw Ciampa out. Ciampa refused, grabbing a steel chair and sitting down at ringside.

A.J. Styles’ music hit. Miz looked around in shock. Ciampa paced around the ring. The announcers wondered where Styles was. A.J. appeared out of nowhere, flying onto screen and dropping Ciampa with a forearm. Styles fought Ciampa into the crowd and off screen.

Back in the ring, Logan Paul connected with a Phenomenal Forearm to Miz. He covered for a near fall. Miz rolled to the outside, but Paul followed to retrieve him. Paul tore apart the announcers desk at 12:00. He tossed Miz on the table as Graves pleaded with Maryse to “do something!” Paul climbed to the top rope. Maryse stepped in between he and the table, begging. Paul dove over her, connecting with a huge frog splash on The Miz, collapsing the desk.

Paul slid Miz back in the ring and hooked the leg. Maryse distracted the referee. Paul broke the count, arguing with Maryse and the referee. Miz grabbed the chain attached to his polaroid. He charged at Paul, but Logan ducked. Miz nearly hit Maryse. Paul grabbed Miz from behind and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for a cover and three count.

WINNER: Logan Paul in 14:15

-Maximum Male Models participated in a pre-recorded ad for Pure Life Water. It featured Mace and Mansoor pouring bottled water all over themselves while Max and Maxine provided voice-overs.

-Following another commercial break, Theory headed to the ring carrying his briefcase and snapping selfies as he walked down the ramp. Graves said Theory could change his career and the course of WWE history tonight by cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Bobby Lashley slapped hands with fans as he entered. Jimmy Smith it’s hard to believe that Lashley’s physique isn’t CGI.

Theory attacked Lashley from behind with the briefcase immediately. The referee pulled Theory to the corner, then went to check on Bobby. The champion gave the referee the okay.

(3) BOBBY LASHLEY (c) vs. THEORY – WWE United States Championship match

Theory went on the offensive quickly, trying to overwhelm the injured Bobby Lashley. Lashley shrugged him off and tossed him away. Theory stayed vigilant, taking Lashley down and mounting him for a series of quick punches. Theory went for a Suplex, but Lashley blocked him, leapfrogged him and gave him a big Chokeslam. “We’re lucky there’s no roof on Nissan Stadium!” Smith said.

Theory left the ring and grabbed his briefcase. He rounded the ring, deciding to leave. Lashley cut him off. Theory threw the briefcase at him, but Lashley swatted it away and tossed Theory into the barricade. Lashley tossed the challenger in the ring. Theory caught Bobby with a perfect dropkick and covered him for a quick two count. The crowd broke into a “Bobby” chant as the two men traded punches. Theory ducked forearm and caught Lashley with a back elbow. Lashley shrugged it off, scooped Theory up and hit a big running Powerslam.

Lashley set up in the corner. He charged at Theory, but the challenger leapt over him. Lashley crashed hard into the turnbuckle. Theory rolled through the middle rope, right into a Military Press. Lashley dropped him right into the Hurt Lock. Theory tapped immediately.

Match Result: Bobby Lashley defeats Theory with the Hurt Lock at 4:42

(4) FINN BALOR & DAMIAN PRIEST (w/ Rhea Ripley) vs. REY & DOMINICK MYSTERIO – No Disqualifications

The Judgment Day took the Mysterios down quickly. They posed in the center of the ring. Graves said Rhea Ripley would be the wild card in the match, given the rules. The Mysterio returned quickly, tossing Balor and Priest to the outside and diving onto them.

Rey Mysterio and Finn Balor began the match officially once the teams returned to the ring. Rey and Dominick made quick tags, working over Balor’s arms. Dominick tried to knock Damian Priest off the apron, but Priest held on and caught Dominick with a spinning kick. Jimmy Smith said Finn Balor resisted the urge to join the Judgment Day for has long as he could. Graves suggested joining Judgment Day as brought Balor his first period of sustained success in WWE, despite being the first Universal champion.

Judgment Day continued to work over Dominick Mysterio. The crowd began an inaudible chant and seemed to be distracted by something going on in the stadium. Finn Balor teased hitting Dominick with the Three Amigos, but raked Dominick’s back instead, then worked him into the corner as the match crossed 4:45.

Balor shocked Dominick and talked some trash. Dominick exploded out of the corner with a dropkick and finally reached his father for a hot tag. Balor tagged in Priest. Rey quickly shot to the top rope and hit a dropkick. He followed up with a seated Senton. He hit a hooking bulldog. Dominick tossed his father a steel chair. Rey cracked Damian in the back. He slid through the bottom rope, riding the chair and crashing onto Finn Balor.

Damian Priest caught Mysterio with a Superkick when he returned to the ring. Priest scooped Mysterio up, but Rey tripped him into 619 position. Balor tagged himself in and hit the ring, kicking Mysterio to the corner and climbing to the top rope for the Coup De Grace. Dominick held onto Balor’s leg. Mysterio climbed to the top and hit a Super-Rana. Rey covered, but Priest broke up the pin just in time.

Priest set Rey up for the Razor’s Edge. Dominick pulled him free. Rey tripped Priest into the ropes. Dominick kicked Balor into position. Father and son hit the ropes for tandem 619s, but Rhea Ripley tripped them both. She called for Priest and Balor to finish them. Priest hit Rey with Sound of Heaven. Balor called for a chair.

Suddenly, the lights cut off and the camera cut to the stairs. What initially sounded like a remixed version of the Brood’s music played. Edge rose from a set of flaming stairs at the entrance. He charged to the ring, first dropping Priest, then spearing Balor in the ring. He tossed Balor to the ropes. The Mysterios hit Finn with double 619s and covered him for a three count.

WINNERS: Rey & Dominick Mysterio in 11:06

The Judgement Day regrouped outside the ring. Edge stood in front of the Mysterios, looking on. Click here to see the video.


Corbin shoves McAfee, but McAfee immediately responds with a super kick. McAfee heads up top and hits a diving hurricanrana from the second rope. McAfee clotheslines Corbin to the outside and slams his head into the ring post. McAfee rolls Corbin back into the ring and takes him up top. McAfee heads up top and sets up for a superplex, but Corbin shoves McAfee of the top, but McAfee lands on his feet. McAfee takes a moment to celebrate his safe landing but east a diving drop kick from Corbin. Corbin dumps McAfee to the outside and slams him into the barricade. Corbin whips McAfee into the barricade a second time and then rolls him back into the ring. Corbin make the cover but only gets a two count. Corbin hits Deep Six but again only gets a two count. Corbin charges at McAfee, but McAfee side steps him, and Corbin slides to the outside. McAfee dives onto Corbin on the outside, but Corbin dumps McAfee onto the announce table. Corbin pounds on McAfee on the announce table and then shoves Michael Cole for good measure. Corbin rolls McAfee back into the ring and heads to the top, but McAfee leaps all the way to the top and hits a superplex. McAfee makes the cover but only gets a two count. McAfee and Corbin slug it out in the middle of the ring, but Corbin misses when he charges at McAfee and posts himself in the corner. Corbin tumbles to the outside, so McAfee heads up top, damn near completely loses his balance, and hits a Swanton Bomb to Corbin on the outside. McAfee rolls Corbin back into the ring and once again heads up top. Corbin gets back to his feet, so McAfee leaps over him. Corbin accidentally bumps the referee, so McAfee punts Corbin below the belt while the referee is down. The referee gets back to his feet, and McAfee heads up to the second rope for a diving Code Red for the three count.

WINNER: Pat McAfee defeats Happy Corbin with a diving Code Red at 10:43

Samantha Irvin introduced Drew McIntyre, who came down the ramp with his sword in street clothes. He stepped onto a platform mid-way down the ramp. He said Nashville is the home of the new number one contender. He asked the crowd if they saw what he and Sheamus did to each other. He said they beat the hell out of each other and he could barely get out of bed this morning. McIntyre said he wants to talk about Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar for the first time ever.

McIntyre winced. He corrected himself – “…in Nashville…in Nissan Stadium…for two titles…in front of…” he asked a fan in front of him for his name. “In front of Colt!” A “Colt” chant broke out. McIntyre said he doesn’t care who wins, he’s going to win the title in Cardiff. McIntyre counted down and “raised his magic sword.” Pyro shot from around the stadium.

After the recap, The Titans cheerleaders came through the entrance for a brief routine. The eventually parted to reveal the Street Profits behind them. They wore Titans-inspired gear and danced their way to the ring.

(6) THE USOS vs. THE STREET PROFITS (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) – Tag team match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship

Dawkins and Jimmy start the match, and Jeff Jarrett (who evidently borrowed his referee shirt from HBK…) immediately shows that he will assert his authority in this match. Jey gets the tag and takes control of Dawkins before making the quick tag back to Jimmy. Jimmy grabs the rear chin lock and then drags Dawkins to the mat with a side headlock. Jimmy backs it up in the corner but eats a spinning kick from Dawkins. Jimmy makes the tag to Jey as Dawkins finally makes the tag to Ford. Ford hits a diving crossbody from the top and follows up with a spinning kick to the side of the head. Ford follows up with a back suplex and a standing moonsault for a two count. Ford goes for a back suplex, but Jey tries to counter into a back suplex of his own, but Ford creates distance and hits a standing blockbuster for another two count. Jey regains control with a pop-up neck breaker, but Dawkins gets the tag and dives onto both Usos on the outside. Jimmy gets the tag but eats a double team pounce as Dawkins makes the tag back to Ford. Ford makes the quick tag back to Dawkins, and Dawkins eats a super kick from Jimmy. Jimmy tags Jey, and Jey drops Dawkins before making the quick tag back to Jimmy. Jimmy heads up top and hits the Uso Splash for a two count. Jey gets the tag and the Usos head up top in opposite corners. The Usos hit a double Uso Splash, but Ford make the save. Ford gets the tag and hits From the Heavens, but Jey kicks out at two. Ford gest in Double J’s for not making the three count before making the tag to Dawkins. Ford eats stereo super kicks from the Usos. The Usos whip Ford into the barricade and then drop Dawkins with stereo super kicks on the outside. The Usos roll Dawkins back into the ring, hit stereo super kicks one more time, and finish Dawkins with the 1D.

WINNERS: THE USOS – Jimmy Uso defeats Angelo Dawkins with the 1D at 13:23

Riddle comes through the crowd, heads into the ring, and calls out Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Rollins heads toward the ring, and Riddle meets him in the aisle. Riddle and Rollins brawl into the ring, but Rollins gets the best of Riddle and hits the Stomp. Officials check on Riddle as other officials escort Rollins to the back.

(7) LIV MORGAN vs. RONDA ROUSEY for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Rousey judo throws Morgan to start and then peppers her with jabs in the corner. Rousey lands a leaping knee to the jaw and throws her to the mat for a two count. Rousey lifts Morgan onto her shoulder, but Morgan counters into a Code Breaker. Morgan tries to roll Rousey into a pinning predicament, but Rousey rolls through and goes for an arm bar, but Morgan counters into the Rings of Saturn. Rousey again goes for the arm bar, but Morgan counters into a crucifix driver for a two count. Rousey locks in the arm bar, but Morgan makes it to the ropes. Medics check on Morgan’s injured arm, but Morgan say she can go. Rousey immediately catches Morgan with a flying arm bar, but Morgan stacks Rousey with her shoulders on the mat. Morgan taps to the arm bar, but the referee makes the three count on Rousey’s shoulders. Morgan gets the win, but the replay clearly shows that Morgan tapped before the three count. After the match, Rousey snaps and attacks both Morgan and the referee.

WINNER: LIV MORGAN defeats Rousey by stacking her while in an arm bar at 4:38

(8) LAST MAN STANDING for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship – BROCK LESNAR vs. ROMAN REIGNS

The camera shoots back live inside the big stadium in Nashville where we now hear the familiar sounds of Roman Reigns’ theme playing.

“The Tribal Chief” emerges with Paul Heyman holding up one of his two title belts high in the air, walking behind the top dog in the WWE men’s division.

We also see The Usos, fresh off of their Undisputed WWE Tag-Team title defense against The Street Profits, walking by his side as well.

They end up heading to the back while Heyman continues to accompany the champ to the ring for the highly-anticipated championship main event here at the 35th annual WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view in Nashville, TN.

Reigns is now settled inside the ring and after Heyman hands him a microphone, his music dies down. “The Head of the Table” begins speaking by addressing the fans in Nashville.

“Nashville. SummerSlam. Acknowledge me!” The crowd boos as Reigns surveys each side of the massive stadium. He circles and paces around as he awaits the ring entrance of his scheduled opponent here tonight.

With that said, the familiar sounds of Brock Lesnar’s theme song plays and the crowd goes wild as the former WWE Champion makes his way out looking ready for his rematch from WrestleMania 38 against Reigns.

Lesnar stops half-way towards the ring and walks off to the side where there is an enormous tractor. He puts on his trademark flanel with the cut-off sleeves and then a cowboy hat before getting behind the wheel of the giant tractor.

“The Beast Incarnate” then proceeds to ride the custom massive tractor all the way down to the ring where he parks it at ringside, where we see a giant scoop in the front of the tractor laying just over the top-rope. He climbs up to the top of the tractor and as the ring announcer begins the formal pre-match ring introductions for this championship contest, Lesnar reaches in and pulls a microphone out of the scoop and tells him to shut up.

Lesnar addresses the crowd a bit before ultimately getting the WWE SummerSlam 2022 main event off with a bang as he leaps off the scoop and splashes onto Reigns. The bell sounds and we are now officially off-and-running with this Last Man Standing match to determine the Undisputed WWE Champion.

The action quickly spills out to the floor where Lesnar beats Reigns all over the ringside area and throughout the crowd. The match eventually finds its’ way back inside the ring where Reigns starts to fight back into competitive form. He blasts Lesnar with a Superman punch. He calls for another one but regardless, Lesnar doesn’t stay down for the ten count so this match continues.

We see Lesnar and Reigns fight back out to the floor again. This time we see Lesnar look to leap up to the top of the ringside barricade in a single bounce, however he ends up slipping and falling down to the floor. The commentators mention how “The Beast Incarnate” isn’t going to be happy about that one.

Again we see Lesnar use the tractor as a weapon to inflict further damage on “The Tribal Chief,” getting closer and closer to keeping the Undisputed WWE Champion down for the necessary count of ten to win this WrestleMania rematch and regain the top prize in all of WWE.

The two trade a couple more leads in the offensive driver’s seat, although not necessarily the seat of the actual vehicle at ringside. They each pull out every move they have in their arsenal in an attempt to keep the other one down for the count of ten, but time after time both men continue to make it back to their feet.

Now we see Lesnar get back into the tractor once again. This time, he drives it closer to the ring and lowers the scoop. He then raises it after he sets it under the ring. This causes the entire ring to be lifted way up in the air on one side. Reigns ends up rolling out to the floor as a result of the squared circle being raised so high on the opposing side he is laid out on.

It still wasn’t enough to keep “The Head of the Table” down for a ten-count from the match official.

We see Mr. Money In The Bank 2022 run out with his briefcase in-hand. He sprints down to the ringside area sure that this one is over. He tries to hand the MITB briefcase over to the referee, only to get shoved down and laid out.

Now we see Jimmy and Jey Uso run down from the back. They get involved, but not for long, as Lesnar ends up beating them down and leaving them laying. Paul Heyman walks over and tries telling Lesnar that he was his meal ticket for years and he’s ready to re-join him.

Brock isn’t hearing it, though. Instead, he hoists Heyman up and plants him down with a vengeance — putting him through a table in the process.

Now we see Reigns finally recover and make it back to his feet. He heads back over and starts duking it out with the challenger some more on the floor at ringside.

Eventually we see Reigns grab his Undisputed WWE Championship title belt. He builds up a full head of steam and charges in Lesnar’s direction.

He blasts Lesnar in the dome with it and lays him out. Lesnar somehow makes it back to his feet before the count of ten. He is stumbling a lot, though. Reigns does the same thing again and still, while a bit more wobbly this time, Lesnar is able to get back to a vertical position.

Finally, we hear Reigns yell at Lesnar, “stay down and after this — you’re not welcome back!” He runs over and decks Lesnar with the title belt a third time.

This time he ensures victory by stacking a bunch of heavy crap on him. The referee begins his count and this time, he makes it to the count of ten. Roman Reigns once again emerges victorious against Brock Lesnar. “The Tribal Chief” is still your Undisputed WWE Champion.

WINNER: ROMAN REIGNS – Reigns defeats Brock Lesnar when Lesnar can’t get back to his feet by the count of ten at 22:57

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  1. Olivia says:

    I believe that the “Io Sky” reference is actually her new name – or, more appropriately, IYO SKY. It’s on and everything.

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    So far pretty unimpressed with the first non-Vince PPV. The Seth-Riddle segment was a waste of time. All other matches were pretty predictable.

  3. Yoyo says:

    Excellent PPV. Well done.

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    How unexpected, Roman is still the Disputed Universal Champion! -surprised Pikachu face-
    (Yes, disputed and not undisputed because he didn’t earn the title fair at WM).
    Same sh!t, different day. Roman still can’t beat Lesnar clean. Everytime Roman won, somebody distracted him, or he got hit with a title belt, a low blow or the classic “OMG IT’S THE USOS!”…

    If they would only let Roman win clean more often and not in so few matches, for example against Cena or Cesaro. It’s always the same sh!t on a different day. Roman gets whipped, is about to lose and then his puppies make the save.

  5. What? says:

    Yeah, it’s almost like…he’s a heel or something? I agree that it doesn’t make it any more interesting, but it’s kind of what happens when you’re a heel, especially when you’re part of a faction. And what’s the alternative – instead of the sorta-part-timer winning again, the super-part-timer wins and disappears for months like he does whenever he gets the belt?

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    Who actually cares about the usos. Got to be the most boring tag team of this century. Super kick super kick super kick super kick slap super kick super kick Samoa drop super kick super kick super kick slap super kick super splash pin

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