Notes on WWE SummerSlam weather

Jul 29, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

WWE is reportedly prepared for bad weather at SummerSlam from Nissan Stadium in Nashville on Saturday.

A new report from PWInsider notes that after being hit with a weather delay at WrestleMania 37, WWE officials are prepared for a potential delay at SummerSlam. If they do have to deal with such a situation, word is that there will be an indoor area ready to use, which would serve the same function as the Kickoff pre-show panel area outside among the fans.

If WWE has to pause SummerSlam due to bad weather, they can go to that backstage area to broadcast discussions and bring Superstars over for interviews to help kill time until the weather delay is cleared.

WWE officials are obviously hoping they do not have to deal with a bad weather situation, but they do have a contingency plan in place if needed.

The Weather Channel currently has the sunset at 7:53pm and the moonset at 9:26pm on Saturday. The daytime high is 87° F and partly cloudy, with a 19% chance of precipitation. The night high is 73° F with thunderstorms, with a 50% chance of precipitation. The forecast calls for considerable clouds early in the day with some decrease later in the day, with partly cloudy skies early in the night, and scattered thunderstorms developing later at night. They are calling for a high of 87° F and a low of 73° F at night, with winds between 5-10 mph.

The hourly forecast is calling for a 24% chance of rain, partly cloudy and an average of 82° at 7pm when the Kickoff pre-show begins; a 23% chance of rain, partly cloudy and an average of 80° at 8pm when the main card begins; and a 16% chance of rain, mostly cloudy and an average of 78° in the 9pm and 10pm hours. The hourly forecast is also calling for less than one inch of rain during the show.

WWE released the following drone video of Nissan Stadium and downtown Nashville to get fans hyped up for Saturday’s big event:

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  1. Imma Hullo says:

    I mean if WWE PPV’s/PLE’s actually went back to booking backstage segments and storyline segments on them maybe they wouldn’t have to come up with filler interviews.

    But we’re probably asking too much to even ask for recurring segments of Seth Rollins harassing Adam Pearce until Pearce books him in a new match.

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