Notes on Max Dupri and Maximum Male Models

Jul 29, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Photo Credit: WWE

Max Dupri was reportedly pulled from the Maximum Male Models storyline after some heat with former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon.

As noted, Dupri was not at last week’s SmackDown in Boston for the reveal of his sister, Maxxine Dupri, who is played by the former Sofia Cromwell of WWE NXT. Maxxine mentioned how her brother wasn’t there, then introduced herself and announced that Maximum Male Models will reveal their 2022 SummerSlam Beachwear Collection on tonight’s go-home episode. It was later reported that Max was officially done with the stable after “rubbing some people the wrong way backstage,” which led to Vince making the decision to write him out of the storyline before his retirement was announced.

In an update, a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Vince made the decision to pull Max from the group after one of the earlier Maximum Male Models segments went bad, and Vince blamed that on Max’s delivery of some of his lines.

It was also said that Max spoke up about some of the scripting for the segment, and apparently that didn’t go over well with Vince and others.

It remains to be seen what WWE will do with Max now that Vince is no longer there and no longer running creative. The former LA Knight has his supporters within the company but the idea as of last week was that he is done with the Maximum Male Models storyline.

The official @MaxMaleModels Twitter account continues to tweet applications received via the website, but the bio notes that all tweets are posted by Maxxine. However, the website still lists Max as the Founder & Director, while listing Maxxine as the Director of Talent.

WWE Shop recently pulled the Maximum Male Models t-shirt with Max, ma.çé and mån.sôör on the front, but the Max Dupri Twitter account is still live as of this writing.

Max has not publicly commented on any changes with the character but he did tweet after being off last week’s SmackDown, writing, “So, what did I miss??”

Max liked one fan response to that tweet, which said, “Your pink slip.”

It’s interesting to note how Maxxine stated last week that the SummerSlam Beachwear Collection would be revealed on tonight’s SmackDown episode, but that segment is not currently listed on the official WWE website SmackDown preview. That does not necessarily mean it won’t air.

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  1. Pisto75666 says:

    Thank God. That model agency storyline was TERRIBLE. Bring back LA Knight!

  2. Tony says:

    What do you mean was terrible it is terrible Pisto75666. Gimmick is trash the whole thing names look et al

  3. Pisto75666 says:

    Was/is/whatever, does it matter? It SUCKS. Shaun Ricker’s too good for this Glad I stopped watching Smackdown months ago and just watch clips on Youtube now.

  4. Mark says:

    The SummerSlam Beachwear Collection segment did air on SmackDown and Max Dupri was in the segment alongside Maxxine Dupri, Ma.çé and Mån.sôör

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