Impact Wrestling Report, 7/28/22

Jul 28, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.

The show starts with a highlight package of last week.  Alex Shelley is now the #1 Contender for the Impact World Championship, fresh off his victory over Chris Sabin.

Match 1.  Eddie Edwards (representing Honor No More, with Kenny King) VS Ace Austin (representing Bullet Club, with Chris Bey)

Eddie starts the match poking eyes, but the quicker and more scientifically sound, Austin recovers and wrestles Eddie into a tantrum.  Eventually Ace uses a playing card to slice Eddie’s finger.  Ace continues the assault on the floor with a series of kicks, but King interferes and Eddie capitalizes and punches and rakes the eyes.  Back in the ring, Ace continues ripping at Ace’s face.  He then hits a belly to belly after an inverted atomic drop.  After a two count, Eddie drags Ace into the corner for some chops.  This goes on until Ace sunsets Eddie out of the corner.  Ace knees, back elbows and dropkicks Eddie to the mat.  Ace hurls Eddie to the floor hits a soar to glory.  Back in the ring, Ace hits a spinning top rope leg drop for a two count.  Eddie capitalizes on a missed kick and hits a backpack stunner for a two count.  King and Bey get involved and get tossed from ringside.  Bey takes out King before doing so.  Eddie suplexes Ace into the corner and we go to break.  Back, Eddie is in control.  He has slowed the match down and is working the ground and pound.  Ace tries to fight to his feet and mounts a comeback, but it is short lived after Eddie lands a clothesline. Ace slips out of a kick and connects with a shinning wizard off the top rope.  He misses the fold and Eddie hits a pop up powerbomb into a package piledriver into a diehard driver.  That is enough to get the pin.

Winner.  Eddie Edwards

Heath is shown backstage and approached by Gia Miller.  He says Honor No More plays by no rules, so he won’t either.  (He has been attacking the HNM members at various events for weeks.)

Impact Wrestling World Champion, Josh Alexander cuts a promo backstage about being a fighting champion and says he will not back down from a challenge.  Shera will challenge him tonight.  Alex Shelley enters and says skill and intelligence make the best wrester, he will be ready at Emergence.

Match 2.  Laredo Kid and Trey Miguel VS Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice

Trey and Miguel start off and Trey hits a few highspots between Dice’s comedy routine.  Dice bails to the outside and Swinger and him pull out spiked masks and put them on.  They act like they are no identical twins.  Kid enters and he and Trey double team him back to the floor.  Trey dives to the outside.  Swinger interjects and Zicky clotheslines Trey and makes the tag.  They double team Trey.  Swinger tags out and Dice uses forearms to do some damage.  Trey makes a tag after a kick.  Swinger interferes again.  Trey then hits a meteora and Kid gets the pin after a frog splash.

Winners.  Trey Miguel and Laredo Kid

Bhupinder Gujjar approaches Brian Myers backstage and demands a match for the Digital Media Championship.  Crazzy Steve and Black Taurus enter and demand a match.  Scott D’Amore walks bye and says Taurus will get the first match.  Gujjar is left annoyed.

Match 3.  Tiffany Nieves VS Jada Stone

These competitors are from OVW.  Tonight’s show is in OVW territory, Louisville, Kentucky.  Tasha Steelz joins commentary with her body guard, Savanah Evans. Tiffany slams Jada to start the match.  These two girls won a OVW tournament to get to appear on the show today.  Tiffany gets tripped into the corner and Stone kicks Tiffany to the mat.  She misses a split legged moon-sault.  Tiffany DDT’s Jada and gets the pin with the help of the ropes.

Winner.  Jada Stone

The lights go out and Killer Kelly enters the arena.  The arena has blood red lighting and she slithers into the ring.  Tiffany gets in her face and Kelly just smiles.  Kelly pump kicks her in the face and locks on some form a a sleeper hold.  She then takes out the recovering, Jada Stone.

Eric Young is shown lecturing Deaner.  EY directs Deaner and Joe Doering to take out the Motor City Machine Guns and then Kushida. 

We see a vignette with people praising Alex Shelley.  Even Johnny Gargano makes an appearance in the video.

Match 4.  Shera (with Raj Singh) VS Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander (Non Title Match)

Shera goes right after Josh.  He manhandles him and tosses him across the ring.   Josh battles back and clothes lines Shera 3 times before the big man goes down.   Shera falls to the arena floor and Josh follows him, but Shera is quicker to the punch.  Josh is thrown back in the ring.  Josh recovers and bounces the ropes and crossbodies Shera from the apron.  Raj then interferes.  The two trade blows.  Shera goes down and Josh locks on the ankle lock.  Shera taps.

Winner.  Josh Alexander

Moose is asked by Gia if he has formed a alliance with Steve Maclin.  Moose says there is no alliance and is annoyed about the question.

HNM go on the hunt backstage for Heath backstage.  Scott D’Amore is approached by Taven and Vincent, but run off when other members are heard yelling in the distance.  D’Amore shrugs them off.  Scott then shrugs off the approaching Eddie Edwards.  Eddie is pissed off by having the door slammed in his face.

Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo are approached by the new Havok backstage.  She is all bubbly.  Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie enter and Rosemary drags her off.  Havok reluctantly leaves after Taya says they will have a party and mimosas.

Raj Singh is shown in the ring.  He is demanding justice.  The lights go out and Sami Callahan enters and hits the cactus driver 97.  He grabs the mic and says Moose and Steve Maclin have a date with the Death Machine.

We get another Ric Flair moment next.  This features a classic Jay Lethal, Nature Boy imitation.

Mia Yim asked what it would mean to be the Impact Knockouts Champion.  She tells everyone they will see why she is the HBIC.

The show starts having technical issues.  It is shown to be an act by HNM damaging the video truck.  The end result is a match between HNM and Bullet Club.  If they lose they disband, if they win they will get some title shot.

Match 5.  Main Event.  Rich Swann VS Kushida

The crowd is stoked to see Kushida and they let him hear it.  The two jockey for position and feel each other out technically for the first few minutes.  Swann has been complaining he never got a return match when he lost the belt to Kenny Omega.  Kushida and Swann mirror dropkicks and other high spots with neither gaining an advantage.  The fans are really into this match.  Swann chops Kushida and takes a few stiff palm strikes in return.  Kushida poses in the middle of the ring, winning the exchange, as we go to break.

This is Kushida’s debut match after making the save last week for Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, after their match.  Will Deaner and Joe Doering show up again this week?

The two are trading strong style blows and kicks in the center of the ring.  Swann wins the exchange and kicks Kushida in the back.  He was sitting on the mat.  Kushida rolls to the apron to escape, but Swann basement dropkicks him to the floor.  Swann and Kushida trade chops, with Swann missing and hitting the turnbuckle.  He is selling it hard.  Back in the ring, Swann punches Kusida with his good hand several times.  Kushida uses his feet to counter, but Swann is able to wrestle in a reverse chin lock.  Both go for a crossbody block and neither wins that exchange.  They get to their feet and Kushida gains momentum with a Pele kick and a armbar.  It is locked in, but Swann rolls him up from the hold.  Kushida kicks out, but doesn’t break the hold until Swann gets to the rope for the forced break.  The start trading more strong style kicks and punches in the center of the ring.  They both collapse.  Kushida is up with Swann trying to get to his feet.  A Rich Swann chant starts.  Swann gets a two count off a kickback.  Now it is a dual chant.  Swann heads to the top rope.  Kushida ducks a Phoenix Splash and goes to work with his vintage kick move set.  He goes for a Kimora, but Swann turned it into a suplex.  Swann rannas Kushida and heads back to the top.  Kushida handspring kicks him in the face.  Kushida locks on the Kimora on the top rope and Spanish Fly’s  him to the mat in the Kimora.   Swann taps.  What a move.  Damn.

Winner.  Kushida

The show ends with Kushida standing tall.

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