Riddle reportedly not legitimately injured, update on match with Seth Rollins

Jul 27, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

Riddle is reportedly not injured after all.

As noted, WWE announced today that Riddle vs. Seth Rollins is off the card for WWE SummerSlam on Saturday. It was announced by Kayla Braxton on The Bump that Riddle suffered a brachial plexus injury, or a stinger, during the attack from Rollins at the end of Monday’s SummerSlam go-home edition of RAW. Braxton added that due to the injury, Riddle is dealing with “some significant weakness” and is not currently medically cleared to wrestle, and won’t be cleared until full strength returns, according to WWE. It was noted that Riddle vs. Rollins is postponed, and that Riddle was “currently medically disqualified” instead of the usual “not medically cleared” language they use. Braxton also said Riddle was suffering from a “really bad stinger.”

In an update, a new report from Fightful Select notes that the announced injury to Riddle is kayfabe and just a part of the storylines.

WWE still has plans to do Riddle vs. Rollins, and sources noted that the real reason the match was pulled from SummerSlam is due to “creative adjustments.”

The current working plan is to do the match at WWE Clash at The Castle on Saturday, September 3 at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales. However, due to how things are constantly changing in WWE, the match is not official for Clash at The Castle as of this writing.

Riddle and Rollins were reportedly informed of the match change on Monday.

Rollins is still expected to travel to Nashville for SummerSlam Weekend as he has media obligations scheduled for Friday. There is no word yet on if Riddle will also be in town, or if either man will make an appearance at Nissan Stadium on Saturday for the big event.

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  1. Kyle Christie says:

    For storyline purposes, it makes sense. Why would someone be okay to fight after having their had smashed into the ground and then again into the steel steps? I like this, it also reduces the length of the PPV which is a good thing. No need for 4 – 5 hour long shows. Little adjustments like this is good and signs of HHH making things better and more in line with his vision.

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