Thunderstorms forecast for SummerSlam in Nashville

Jul 25, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE might have another WrestleMania 37 moment on their hand as thunderstorms are forecast over Nashville this Saturday.

SummerSlam will take place from the Nissan Stadium and the stadium has no roof so it’s subject to all the elements. Apart from the 86% humidity which is going to make things really hot, there’s a 60% chance of raining at night. Scattered thunderstorms are scheduled for throughout the day and pretty much for the whole week and next week.

WrestleMania 37 in Tampa, which was the first event in front of fans after the COVID-19 pandemic, experienced thunderstorms and had to be delayed by 20 minutes. Winds also destroyed the set a couple of times which resulted in emergency repairs by WWE personnel.

While there will be a canopy on top of the ring, safety for fans in the stands will be a priority and thunderstorms will probably halt the show.

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