Cody on recovery: “I wanna say good, but misleading”

Jul 24, 2022 - by James Walsh

Cody Rhodes recently spoke with about all things pro-wrestling, including an update on his recovery from his torn pectoral, and how no one saw the iconic bruise until he revealed it during his Hell in a Cell matchup with Seth Rollins. Highlights from the interview are below.

How no one saw the bruise until showtime other than Vince:

“No one saw, other than I think Vince saw it. I was gonna take my robe off for cameras, and then the ‘voice of God,’ as you call it, whoever the head of production is in that moment, I remember them saying, ‘Don’t,’ and Stu the camera operator said we were just gonna save it for the show. Very few people had actually seen it and how bad it was, and through the day it was getting worse because it was so much blood, so much blood under my skin.”

On his recovery:

“I wanna say good, but misleading. It’s not like ACLs or PCLs where your life completely changes for a while. After two weeks you feel like you’re normal, but it’s not. It’s just tied to your bone on your arm and you have to let it actually form. So they’re going so slow with me because I think they’re terrified I’m going to try to do something I’m not. PT is slow. There’s an 80-year-old lady named Betty who does the PT with me, and she’ll be ready to wrestle before I’m ready to wrestle.”

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