Britt Baker talks about the forbidden door, Triple H to receive more creative influence

Jul 24, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Britt Baker has had her share of big opponents in AEW, but she also wants to face WWE’s Horsewomen and revealed her current pick for which she most wants to wrestle. Backer was a guest on Not Just Football with Cam Heyward and talked about how much of a fan she is of the four and names which one she’d most want to face.

“When I first started training, I studied every single night the Four Horsewomen, who are Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Becky Lynch,” Baker said per Wrestling Inc). “And I always said any one of them would be a dream match for me, and I always switched which one and why. Maybe right now I’ll say Bayley, just because she had a really bad injury right now that she’s coming back from, and if it’s anything like me … I turned a new page, it was a new Britt Baker when I came back from my injury. I had a new energy, new everything. And if that’s what’s about to come out for her … I want her, I want to square up against her, because it’s coming. She’s gonna be even better than before, and she’s already great.”

Baker then added, “Bayley, a role model, right? Well, I don’t think so. Let’s see it. Bring it over to my side. Cross over to my side, you know, Forbidden Door, right? Can you walk through it? I can, can you?”

Baker is set to team with her ally Jamie Hayter against two opponents on this week’s episode of AEW Rampage. Bayley, meanwhile, is reportedly training for her return to the ring.

– While speaking on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that he believes EVP of Talent Relations and WWE Hall of Famer Triple H will now be given more creative power following the retirement of Vince McMahon. Meltzer said “I believe so [Triple H will be involved in creative], but how involved is still something that we’re going to have to wait and see. I mean, he was involved tonight. I assume talent relations would normally be pretty separate, but I can only assume having him involved in some capacity, just because of limited options.”

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  1. Indigo Andy says:

    But Triple H’s creative in NXT was pretty boring.

    We aren’t going back to the day where people with the charisma of wet paper bag go out there and just do the moves the whole match are we?

  2. Luke says:

    @Indigo Andy
    You just described your typical contemporary indy (Meltzer) darlings like Omega or the Bucks. I can’t figure out what it is that you really want. Can you?

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