Austin recalls McMahon not wanting him to use middle finger salute in WWE

Jul 24, 2022 - by James Walsh

Stone Cold Steve Austin was recently interviewed by Sportskeeda, and one of the topics he discussed was Vince McMahon originally not wanting him to use the middle finger salute in WWE and how he reacted to the suggestion. Here’s what Austin had to say:

Austin on McMahon not wanting him to use the middle finger salute in WWE:

“It just turns out that the timing was right when I did it. And they asked me not to do it, but I said, ‘No, I’m gonna do it.’ They wanted me to come up with a whole different hand signal. Vince did, specifically, because Diamond Dallas Page was giving the diamond [hand signal], right? And everybody would go like that [hands raised] with it.”

On his reaction to Vince:

“He goes, ‘Can you come up with a different signal that everybody else can do?’ I looked him dead in the eyes and said, ‘No.’ And I kept flying the middle fingers and we kept climbing up, we started whipping their [WCW’s] a** in the ratings, and we had a hell of a crew, and one thing led to another. It’s nice to see a picture of you and Buddy Rogers. He truly was one of the great ones.”

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