Notes on Rey Mysterio and Clark Connors

Jul 23, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

I want Dominik to wear my mask when I retireRey Mysterio

“My next goal is to eventually be able to look for a great plan of retirement,” Mysterio states in a recent interview. “I also want to make sure my son is set. I’m really enjoying his evolution. We’re still seeing a lot of growth with Dominik. He’s applying all he’s learning into his work. I always have to remind myself he hasn’t been doing this for very long. He’s doing very well, and I push him to do better every single time he’s in the ring. I want to hang up the mask down the road, and hopefully see Dominik wear that mask and continue with the Mysterio legacy.”

Clark Connors is sidelined.

NJPW announced that Clark Connors sustained a herniated disc in his back and will miss NJPW High Alert on July 24 and NJPW Music City Mayhem on July 30.

He was scheduled to face Hiromu Takahashi and El Desperado at High Alert and take on Davey Richards at Music City Mayhem.

It is unknown when he will return to the ring.

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