Eight WWE executives dump over 50,000 shares on July 20

Jul 23, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Eight WWE executives, including Vince McMahon, sold a total of 52,547 WWE shares on July 20, two days before McMahon announced his retirement from the company.

The decision of Vince retiring was not made yesterday but rumors are that it’s been in the works for around a week, with only a handful of others knowing about what’s to come.

All shares were sold at $66.27 each and all registered on July 20 according to several filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Bradley Blum sold 2,840 shares for a payout of $188,206. He has 27,979 shares left. Kevin Dunn sold 16,432 shares for a return of $1,088,948. He has 239,090 shares remaining. Nick Khan sold 9,369 shares for a total of $620,883. He has 51,904 shares left. Paul Levesque sold 3,266 shares and got $216,437. He is left with 58,901 shares. Karen Mullane sold just 473 shares and got $31,345. She has 7,867 shares remaining. Frank Riddick III also sold just 480 shares and got $31,809. He has 101,541 shares remaining. Stephanie Levesque sold 3,617 shares and received $239,698 and has 90,797 shares left. And finally, Vince McMahon sold 12,453 shares for a payout of $825,260. He has 107,676 shares left.

Collectively, all eight walked out with a total of $3,242,586.

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