Impact Report 7/21/22

Jul 21, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Tonight’s Impact coverage will begin at 8pm.  Join us for up to the minute results.

Chris Sabin will take on Alex Shelley in a battle for the #1 contender spot for the Impact World Championship.  This match between The Motor City Machine Guns is going to intense.  Will Violent By Design make their presence known?  Speaking of VBD, Deaner will challenge for the X Division Championship against current title holder, Mike BaileyChelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo will face Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace and Mia Yim.  Honor No More’s Matt Taven and Mike Bennett will face Bullet Club members Chris Bey and Ace Austin and Masha Slamovich will finally get her hands on Madison Rayne.  All this and more…  Stay tuned.

Match 1.  Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea Green VS Mia Yim and Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace

Grace and Deonna start the match.  The two feel each other out with armlocks, chops, scissors and roll ups.  Grace gets the best of the exchange after a hip-tosses and clotheslines Deonna, after a whip into the corner.  Yim tags in and backslides Deonna for a 1 count.  Purrazzo twists the arm and makes the tag.  Yim arm drags her a few times.  Grace gets back in and slams Green.  Green disaster kicks Grace.  She then curb stomps her into the bottom turnbuckle.  Purrazzo tags in and works over Grace further.  Grace blocks a suplex.  Grace suplexes both Grace and Purrazzo.  Grace slaps Green hard and pounds Deonna.  Yim enters and connects with a series of kicks and a cutter.  Green interferes on the outside.  Grace enters and Deonna and Green are disposed to the floor.  Yim and Grace dive onto both.  Yim goes back in with a Purrazzo.  Purrazzo gets a two count after a double team with Green.  Grace spine-busters Deonna, but Green faceplants her.  Grace is thrown to the floor.  Yim double stunners Grace and Green, but eventually a double team face plant puts Yim down for a pin by Purrazzo.

Winners.  Green and Purrazzo

Yim looks disappointed with Grace post match.  This will further the story between them, as Yim will challenge Grace for the Impact Championship at Emergence (PPV).

Honor No More are shown backstage.  Matt Taven and Mike Bennett are complaining about facing the Bullet Club tonight.  Kenny King complains about Heath.  Vincent also brings up Heath and how he attacked him from behind.  Eddie Edwards then turns to PCO and asks him where he was to help Vincent.  Maria Kanellis then says there will be no more mistakes going forward.  PCO looks worried he is again being singled out.

Match 2.  X Division Champion, Mike Bailey VS Deaner (representing VBD, with Joe Doering)

Eric Young is once again absent from ringside.  Deaner is challenging for the title tonight and hoping to impress his leader.  Bailey flies all over the ring to start the match, but Deaner is quick himself.  Bailey decides to chop Deaner and boot him to the floor.  Deaner bails to the floor and traps the chasing Bailey in the ring apron.  Doering levels Bailey, while Deaner confuses the ref and we go to break.

Deaner is laying the boots to Bailey as we return.  After a few chops, Bailey counters back, but Deaner gouges the eyes and starts biting.  He gets a two count with his forearm smothering Bailey’s mouth.  After a neck-breaker, Deaner gets another two count.   Bailey side kicks Deaner and then hits the barrage of kicks.  He then Yes kicks Deaner and follows it up with a standing shooting star press.  Deaner backdrops Bailey onto the top rope, high knees him and then powerbombs him to the floor.  That was sequence by Deaner.  The two then start trading chops.  Bailey ends the chops starts kicking again.  Deaner eats them and goes to the apron and takes Bailey off his feet.  Bailey misses ultimate weapon, but leg roll ups Deaner for two.  Deaner back elbows Bailey and lands a neck-breaker.  Bailey recovers and hits a breath taking moon-sault off bouncing ropes to the floor.  Bailey goes back to his insane kicks and then hits a ultimate weapon from the top to get the win.

Winner by pinfall, X Division Champion, Mike Bailey

We get another Ric Flair tribute video.  These videos hardly have made him look like a legend.

Gail Kim approaches Chelsea Green and Deonna Purrazzo.  Kim argues with them for a bit, then tells them they are the #1 contenders for the Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

Eric Young is shown backstage telling Deaner he has the sickness.  Deaner says they revile the sickness.  EY gives him a challenge to prove it.

Match 3.  Madison Rayne (Gisele Shaw) VS Masha Slamovich

Slamovich is not only undefeated, she is hardly been challenged.  She pushes Rayne around a bit and Rayne avoids here a bit.  Slamovich then catches her, rips off Rayne’s protective face mask and chokes her.  After a snowplow, Slamovich gets another win.

Winner by pinfall, Masha Slamovich

Post match, Slamovich hands Shaw picture with her face meaning she is next.

Brian Myers is holding court to some nobodies backstage.  Bhupinder shows up and says he is still waiting.  Myers tells him Vincent was talking bad about him.  Myers then retreats to go find Vincent.

We get another Killer Kelly vignette.  She is not going to be PG.

Match 4.  Bullet Club, Ace Austin and Chris Bey VS HNM, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven (with Maria Kanellis)

The BC is showing their best cocky aerial assault to start the match.  This goes on for a few minutes, just making Taven and Bennett look stupid.  Taven and Bennett finally hit some tandem moves, but Ace breaks that up momentarily.  Taven tosses him to the floor.  Ace then scissors Taven to the floor.  Ace then boots him off the floor.  Ace misses a kick to Bennett, and Mike gets the advantage off a huge forearm shiver.  Bennett slams Ace on the floor.  After tossing him back in, Taven hits a purple thunder bomb.  Bennett gets a two count and then drives a knee into Ace’s back.  A Too Sweet chant breaks out to help Ace.  Bennett and Taven take turns splashing Ace, until he raises a knee and Bey tags in.  Bey clears house, much to the delight of the crowd.  Bey Rack F5’s Bennett for a two count.  After some amazing tandem BC offense, Taven saves Bennett.  Bennett suplexes Bey, but Taven misses a top rope dive.  Bey is back on the move, but Maria interferes.  Taven low blows Bey, but HEATH interferes and Ace hits the fold on Bennett for the win.

Winners.  Bullet Club

Steve Maclin is interviewed by Gia Miller backstage.  The lights go out and Sami Callahan attacks him.  Moose enters and they take control, but Sami eventually turns out the lights and escapes just in time.

Havok is back with Taya and Rosemary.  Havok seems to want be a happy go lucky girl now.  Rosemary is losing it over Havok’s new outlook.

Josh Alexander is approached by Rich Swann backstage.  He wants a shot at the belt.  He said if you want to get a shot, beat the debuting Kushida next week.

Match 5.  Main Event.  Winner is the #1 contender for the Impact World Title.  Alex Shelley VS Chris Sabin

Shelley heads out first.  He has never had a World Title Match #1 Contender Match, let alone a World Title Match.  Sabin heads out next.  Sabin has beaten Alex 5 times, tied once and lost only one time.

They shake hands and hug to start the match.  Chain wrestling is all over this match to start off.  They then hit the mat for some roll ups.  Shelley bails the ring and the crowd chant Motor City.  Shelley arm drags Sabin and for the first time rolls him up a few times.  It is the first time he has taken control, but Sabin backs off.  Shelley nods approval.  We go to break.

We are back and Shelley picks up the tension with a chop to Sabin.  The match is starting to get more physical.  Sabin connects with a neck breaker.  Sabin starts laying in the boots and landslides Shelley for a two count.  Sabin starts working the neck more and more, even using the ropes and 5 count to apply pressure.  Shelley drives a few knees to the midsection.  Sabin returns the favor.  Shelley dropkicks the left knee of Sabin and we go to another break.

Shelley is back working the knee as we return.  He eventually locks on a version of the Indian death lock.  Shelley then drops Sabin with a arm/back breaker.  He then ties him up into a pretzel.  Sabin gets free, but rolled up for a two count.  Shelley goes right back to the knee.  Sabin arm hooks Shelley and rolls him up for a two count.  Sabin uses forearm shots repeatedly after Shelley repeatedly twists the arm.  Sabin kicks Shelley repeatedly and seems to take the match to a different level of ferocity.  Sabin boots Shelley in the corner and then levels Alex with a tornado DDT for a two count.  Shelley mule kicks Sabin who was going for a cradle shock.  Shelley hits a belly to back, but Sabin lands on his head.  Sabin starts using fists, but Shelley wrenches his arm.  Sabin breaks free and hits a running one legged kick to the head.  Sabin germans Alex.  Shelley and Sabin trade superkicks.  Sabin downs Shelley with a clothesline.  Shelley blocks cradle shock and hits sliced bread.  Then he hits a shell shock for two.  Shelley taps out Sabin with a crossface/arm bar.  Wonderful match…

Winner by submission.  Alex Shelley

Sabin congratulates his partner, but Deaner and Joe Doering attack them.  Kushida hits the ring and clears the ring.  He checks on Shelley and Sabin and they all stand tall to end the show.



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