Los Lotharios on teaming together and more

Jul 20, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

WWE’s Los Lotharios are real-life cousins, and even worked against each other before WWE put them together in a tag team, but they revealed in a new Fightful Select interview how WWE officials didn’t see the team catching on when it was first pitched.

Angel and Humberto have been teaming since September 2021, and have been on the SmackDown brand since the WWE Draft last year. They noted how they pitched the tag team to WWE officials one year ago but they were denied before finally getting the chance to be a tag team on WWE Main Event.

“We pitched it before, a year, ago more or less,” Angel began. “We tried to do this tag team and they were like, ‘We see you, Humberto, as a babyface. You are a heel. So there’s no way for us to put you guys together.’ We were like, ‘Now you have a lot of things to go with, if you put us together.’ ‘We don’t think that.’ Okay, put it on the table, that’s it. We kept going with our own paths and then at some point, they were like, ‘Hey, we want to give you guys a shot.’ ‘Of what?’ ‘Tagging each other. You guys are gonna be on Main Event. We want to see you guys together.’ We were like, ‘Okay, great.’ Then, after that, they were like, ‘You guys look great. We have gold right there.’ Hopefully we keep doing the same thing.’”

Humberto agreed that the pairing feels right because it feels more natural.

“It feels better because it feels more natural,” Humberto added. “As you said, we know each other since we were kids. We’re cousins. The stuff that we were doing as kids, now we’re doing right here professionally. It just feels amazing. Just goes natural. I know he has my back, I got his back. We’re complementing each other.”

Angel explained how WWE officials forgot they were cousins, which surprised him as when they were wrestling against each other it was frequently mentioned on commentary.

“They’re supposed to know that. When they hired us, we did the tryout together. We did everything together. We moved to Orlando almost together. I think they knew we were cousins. But after that, they were like, ‘Oh, you guys are cousins?’ Yes, we are. It all feels natural,” Angel said.

The Los Lotharios tag team meant Humberto had to turn heel. He noted in this new interview that he enjoys being a heel, but still enjoys some aspects of working as a babyface. Humberto added that he is learning quite a lot from his cousin, and he hopes the team stays together for a while.

“I like the heel side but I also like the [spectacularity] of the babyface,” Humberto said. “But I can be in the middle, still have my aerial strikes with this face. Now we’re Los Lotharios. Now everything changed. I feel good. I don’t feel uncomfortable. I feel good doing what I’m doing right now with my cousin. He teaches me a lot. I learn a lot from him. It’s been good. I like this side and I hope it stays for a while.”

Angel said he’s also learning from his cousin, revealing that Humberto tried to convince him to turn face at one point. Angel added that for him, being a heel is just too natural.

“I mean, we both learn from each other,” Angel said. “There was a certain point that he tried to pull me to the side. He was like, ‘Hey, you wanna be a babyface?’ I’m like, ‘Hell no.’ I hate to be babyface. I don’t like it at all. Girls are gonna love me. I know that. Guys, I don’t care. Honestly, I don’t care. So if they want to boo me, I’m here for you. If they want to cheer for me, I’m here for you. It just feels natural. Do you see me on the good side? Can you see me there?”

“I mean, this just feels great,” Garza added. “Being a heel is like, you can do whatever you want. Being a babyface, you have to please all of the crowd always. Right now, in this era, it’s hard. You know that. Having your channel, they’re always complaining.”

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