Video: Cora Jade tosses her NXT Women’s Tag Team Title into a trash can

Jul 19, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

From tonight’s edition of NXT 2.0….

Cora Jade says she brought Roxanne Perez into NXT 2.0 and all her fans started paying more attention to Roxanne instead of her

Cora claims Roxanne used her and is selfish so she attacked her in the parking lot, and again last week in her Match against Mandy Rose. Cora tosses her NXT Women’s Tag Team Title into a trash can and says it doesn’t mean anything to her anymore

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  1. Steve says:

    Rehashing old trash gimick. Can someone please write better story line. She isnt ever gonna be as good as The Franchise or as buff as Medusa.. Nxt just f** that belt making it worthless going forward unless some kinda of “Road Warrior ” ( phenomenal innovate) tag team shows up .
    When is NXT 3 0 ?

  2. Disgruntled Jobber says:

    And after that, there were no NXT Women’s Tag Team champions as the WWE dissolved the division.

  3. art123guy says:

    Random thoughts:
    Vince FINALLY gets to throw away a belt. (Somehow he’ll claim he invented/perfected it like he does everything else.)

    Looks like Sasha and Naomi were right. WWE doesn’t care about women tag teams.

    Speaking of women tag teams, Chance and Carter HAVE to be mad they haven’t gotten the belts yet. They are the only real tag team while all the other other tag team champs were thrown together and quickly broke up after they lost the belts. (With the exception of Toxic Attraction…so far.)

  4. Mikie V says:

    Right. Because trash pails are located right at the bottom of the entrance ramp. If you’re going to use old storylines, at least make it somewhat believable and have her toss the title into a garbage pail backstage in a hallway. You know, where a garbage pail might actually be found.

  5. art123guy says:

    @Mikie V–Good point. Come to think of it, Cora knows where the dumpsters are since she trapped one of Toxic Attraction in one a while back. And the bait? The tag belt!

  6. Joseph says:

    Maybe she put the trash can there before she did her little promo.

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