Goldberg on how he would have ended his WCW streak

Jul 18, 2022 - by James Walsh

Bill Goldberg is most famous for his streak of wins in WCW, and he recently talked about whether he had input on it being embellished and how he would have ended it. The WWE Hall of Famer’s streak of wins was counted at 173 before he finally lost to Kevin Nash in an infamous moment involving Scott Hall tasering him at Starrcade 1998. While no one really knows the exact number of wins Goldberg notched, it is widely accepted that the streak was inflated heavily and during an interview with CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri, Goldberg talked about how he would have had the streak end and more. You can see some highlights below:

On how he would have liked the streak to end: “I mean, it’s kind of common knowledge at this point, but I wanted a different type of taser. I wanted it to be more realistic. I actually wanted the one that they shoot in you, and they light you up with, yeah … I thought that was — you know, you had to you had to come with something out of the ordinary to take a dude like me down. And I think that would have been pretty cool. But eh, you know.

“And like I said, I’m not a booker by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t have the imagination to do it. But uh, I don’t know. Run me over with a truck or something.”

On the appeal of the stream and if it was embellished: “No I mean literally I don’t think they — I don’t know at what point they they truly grabbed a hold of the streak and had a finality to it. But I think it was something that, they fed off the fans week after week. And I think they gave the fans what they wanted.

“As far as inflation is concerned, I think I wrestled Jerry Flynn like five or six times during this. But you know, I can’t tell you as to whether it was truly inflated or not. It probably was, but it’s the world of wrestling … I just showed up and did what they told me to do, man.”

credit: SHAK Wrestling & CBS Sports with a h/t to for the transcription.

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