News on Billy Gunn and Vince McMahon

Jul 16, 2022 - by James Walsh

– Wrestling Inc reports that during a virtual signing for the K & S Wrestlefest, Billy Gunn said that he’s asked AEW about bringing in Road Dogg Brian James for a backstage role after he was recently let go by WWE. Here are highlights:

On trying to bring James into AEW: “We’re trying to get him here. He’s got other things going on, his podcast that I have to hear about every single day.”

On if that would include wrestling: “No, not reform the New Age Outlaws. If you’ve seen Brian lately, he doesn’t want to wrestle anymore.

– PWInsider reports that the legal battle between Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon over the XFL has been officially dismissed with prejudice. ‘With prejudice’ means it cannot be filed again. The two reached a settlement last month and the case was dismissed on June 29. The judge ruled that both men will handle their own legal costs and fees.

The lawsuit was originally filed in April of 2020 after the XFL shut down. Luck had alleged at the time that McMahon wrongfully terminated his contract, while McMahon countersued.

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