Notes on Brock Lesnar’s Raw promo and WWE TV-14

Jul 15, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

USA Network officials reportedly made the decision to censor a Brock Lesnar line that was apparently approved before the show began.

This week’s RAW opened with an in-ring promo from Lesnar, who declared that he will deliver a “country shit-kicking” to Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at SummerSlam. A new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that USA received the RAW script before the show hit the air, and they were said to be “accepting” of Lesnar using the “shit-kicking” word in his promo that aired at just past 8pm ET.

However, when Lesnar actually said the word, because USA knew of the line in advance, they censored the word. There’s no word on if this edit has anything to do with the rumored move to TV-14, but the timing is notable, and a censored edit of something that was in the script and approved ahead of time is also notable.

It was reported on Wednesday that RAW would be moving from TV-PG to TV-14 beginning with Monday’s show from Tampa. However, that date was later retracted and it was said that the original report was based off an internal USA Network memo, which was sent out prematurely. The latest update was that the move to TV-14 is being considered for a later date, but will not be happening on Monday’s RAW. The miscommunication issues were later confirmed by Fightful. You can click here for our latest report on what would essentially mean the end of the PG era.

In an update on the possible move to TV-14, the Wrestling Observer reports that a WWE source said the move looks to be a USA Network decision, and not a WWE decision. The fact that the change was first mentioned in an internal USA Network memo would also indicate that.

Sources have said fans should not expect the Attitude Era to return, and WWE won’t be going back to Bra & Panties matches, and likely won’t be using blood every week, but we may see things like more adult language and edgier storylines.

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