New report says RAW will not be changing to TV-14 next Monday

Jul 14, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

The end of the WWE RAW PG Era may not be coming to an end as originally reported.

As noted earlier today, it was reported by Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian that WWE is set to move RAW from a TV-PG rating to a TV-14 rating beginning with next Monday’s live episode from Tampa. It was noted that this will be the new TV content rating for RAW moving forward, which essentially puts an end to the PG era.

In an update, Zarian has since retracted his original report. He added that RAW will not be going to TV-14 on Monday night, but the change is still being considered for a later date. Furthermore, Fightful Select has confirmed that there is something to the original report.

Zarian added that there was a lot happening behind the scenes with this “wild situation,” noting that three different people confirmed it with him, and that it looked “pretty certain.”

The original report was based of an internal memo that reportedly went out within the USA Network this morning. However, word now is that the note was sent out prematurely, and the date for the change from TV-PG to TV-14 has not been finalized. Fightful said they could confirm that there were conflicting internal messages at the USA Network about the change.

It was also noted that WWE sources had not heard of the change yet.

“What I was sent was pretty finalized. Generally you don’t send memos announcing things to staff if it’s not happening. Especially on this scale,” Zarian wrote.

Fightful added that there has been no word of a specific edit or direction change as it pertains to WWE’s programming and the way it’s conducted.

WWE RAW first moved from TV-PG to TV-14 in 1997 with the Attitude Era. WWE shifted back to a TV-PG rating in July 2008.

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