Impact Wrestling Report, 7/14/22

Jul 14, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight at 8pm for the latest results from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 8pm.  Mathew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are once again on the call.

We get a recap of last week’s show to start us off.  Eric Young centering himself even further as the focal point of Violent By Design is highlighted.

Match 1.  Violent By Design, Joe Doering, Deaner and missing is Eric Young VS The Motor City Machine Guns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin and Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

Where is and when will EY show up.  Young hasn’t been happy with Deaner and Doering as of late.  Once the match is about to start, EY shows up.  Deaner and Josh start the match.  Deaner takes a suplex into an armbar.  Shelley tags in and continues working on the arm and tags to Sabin.  Sabin does more of the same with tandem MCMG move-sets.  Deaner finds himself battered as Josh re-enters and locks on an ankle lock.  Doering ignores the rules and pulls Deaner under the ring.  EY strikes the World Champion from the apron.  Doering tags in and slams Josh twice.  Deaner and Doering tag several times, with EY basically just watching.  Finally he tags in and attacks teh champion, but he tags out very quickly to Doering.  Deaner suplexes the champ and lays in some boots.  Josh has been battered for a few mins and Doering tags back in to punish him more.  Doering lands a crossbody off the ropes.  EY is seen nodding approval and we go to break.  During the break, Josh made the tag and the MCMG’s started working as a team.  They destroyed Deaner, Doering and EY for a few minutes.  Deaner and Sabin crossbody each other off the ropes and both go down hard.  Each tag in EY and Alexander.  They tear into each other right away.  Josh scores with a suplex, backdrop and spear.  Deaner saves EY from a C4, but Shelley tags in.  Deaner and EY double team Shelley and get a two count.  Deaner tags in and the Guns destroy him.  They then take out EY and then Alexander clotheslines Doering to the floor.  Sabin this pounces on him.  Shelley then tapped out Deaner.  EY was in an ankle lock as well, but didn’t tap.

Winners, The MCMG’s and Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander.

Post Match, The Guns looked interested at the Impact World Championship.

We get another shower vignette for Killer Kelly.

Match 2.  James Storm VS Steve Maclin

The two feel each other out and Maclin takes the early advantage with chops and elbows.  This angers Storm.  James tosses Maclin and levels him with a close line.  Maclin bails and re-enters and hotshots the Cowboy and we go to break.  Maclin lays out Storm with a backbreaker and works a ground and pound attack for a bit.  Storm eventually wakes up after getting his face planted in the turnbuckle.  Storm then connects several punches and a neck breaker for two.  Maclin crotches Storm and spears him for only a 1 count.  Storm then sets up Maclin on the top and rannas him.  He follows it up with a top rope elbow for two.  Storm then knees Maclin, but hits face first on an exposed turnbuckle.  After a DDT, Maclin gets the pin.

Winner, Steve Maclin

The lights go out post match, when they come on, Sami Callahan is in the ring with a bat, but Maclin bailed up the ramp just in time.

We get a Ric Flair highlight reel next.  Hulk Hogan is shown beating Flair bloody.  That was not much of a highlight for Natch.

Scott D’Amore is approached by Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin.  Sabin makes it known he wants the World Title.  Scott noticed Shelley wanted  the belt too.  Scott sets up a number 1 contenders match between the two partners next week.

Match 3.  Mickie James VS Chelsea Green

The two kiss a few times to start the match.  Both laughed and then started brawling.  The ref eventually warns Mickie to stop using the closed fist.  The two wrestle each other to the floor.  This is a very physical fight.  James hits a senton to the floor after throwing Chelsea into the corner post on the floor.  Green recovers a dropkicks James, once back in the ring.  The fans really hate Chelsea.  She locks on a camel clutch.  James gets to her feet and and gains an advantage with punches, a ranna and a kick.  Green throws Mickie from the middle rope and starts punching James again.  Green starts to hear it from the crowd more and she loves it.  Green slows the match down by working her knee into James back, while surf boarding the arms.  James gets free the two trade kicks.  Green gets a two count off a pump kick.  Green argues more with fans, challenging them to come fight her.  James spin kicks her from behind.  Green crawls up the ramp.  James follows and they brawl until the get back in the ring.  James hits a neck breaker.  After a few elbows traded by each other James hits a few clotheslines.  After a flapjack, James gets a two count off a top rope senton.  Mickie pulls out a Mick Kick for a two count.  Green knees Mickie and then stomps her.  The ref stops the three count since Green had the trunks.  After a few rollups, Mickie hits another Mick Kick, but Green rolls her up for the pin with the help of the ropes.

Winner.  Chelsea Green

Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie are shown getting ready to enter into Undead Realm to find Havok.  We flip to the wherever this place is.  Luckily the camera man came along.   Taya is a bit worried about her phone, but is scared.  Taya sees a bright light and enters into a white room.  This is much different than the spooky forest.  Rosemary is not paying attention, just yelling at Taya for being scared.   Taya finds Havok.  Rosemary reluctantly enters the light.  She finds Taya and Havok, who is now smiling and Taya calls her Jessica.  The segment suddenly ends.

Brian Myers is approached by Bhupinder backstage.  He wants a title match for the Digital Media Championship.  Myers brushes him off and leaves.

Match 4.  Tenille Dashwood (with Madison Rayne and Giselle Shaw) VS Masha Slamovich

Tenille is scared for her life.  Slamovich hits a spinning back fist.  Masha then dragon screws Dashwood.  She then pins Dashwood after a snow plow.

Winner.  Masha Slamovich

Mike Bailey is interviewed by Gia Miller backstage.  Bailey has an axe to grind with Deaner, who attacked him last week.  Bailey challenges Deaner to a match for Bailey’s X Division Championship next week.

Mickie James tells Gia she is going home.  Mickie was upset and didn’t want to answer questions.

Main Event.  Honor No More.  Kenny King, Matt Taven, Eddie Edwards and Mike Bennett (with Vincent, PCO and Maria Kanellis)  VS Bullet Club, Chris Bey, Ace Austin, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows

Heath takes out Vincent on the ramp.  Heath celebrates in the stands before the Bullet Club can enter the arena.  PCO and Vincent seem to have left the arena.  Bullet Club enter after a commercial break.  Bey and Eddie start the match.  Eddie shoulders Bey, but Bey is too quick and frustrates Eddie with a super fast moves and he tags in Kenny.  Ace tags in and he and Bey look like the MCMGs with amazing tandem moves.  Taven tags and he eats a dropkick from Ace.  Bennett tags in and Ace confuses him and Taven.  HNM enter the ring to stop the momentum, but the rest of the BC enter and they take out the former ROH contingent.  We go to break.

Anderson has Taven at his mercy as we return.  Doc tags in and they pound on together.  Doc then tees off on Taven in the corner with uppercuts.  He then connects with a running clothesline.  Bey tags in with and he gets a assisted leg drop on Taven.   Bey shows off with his amazing moves and Bennett interferes.  Bey handles himself well, but eventually Bey eats a big face kick by King.  Kenny locks on a single leg Boston crab.  Eddie tags in and drops some vicious knees on Bey.  Eddie lays in a over the head belly to belly.  Bennett tags in and works over Bey in the corner.  Taven tags in and they double team Bey.  Their teamwork was the best offense HNM has done all match.  King tags back in and leg drops Bey off the ropes.  Eddie re-enters, but Bey hits a chin breaker.  Both are down.  The ref missed Bey’s tag.  Bey is trapped in the corner.  but he fights them all off and gets back to Anderson to make the tag.  He clears everyone except Taven.  He then goes to work on him.  Anderson hits a top rope cutter.  Eddie breaks up a Magic Killer.  Everyone enters doing finishers.  Gallows punts Taven.  Maria crotches him.  Taven splashes Gallows from the top after Gallows eats a Boston knee party and it is over.

Winner by pinfall.  Honor No More.





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