WWE NXT Report – 7/12/22

Jul 12, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

– Tonight’s WWE NXT 2.0 episode opens up on the USA Network with highlights from last week’s Great American Bash special, including how Roxanne Perez and Cora Jade won the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles from Toxic Attraction, and how JD McDonagh attacked NXT Champion Bron Breakker after his main event win over Cameron Grimes.

– The camera cuts backstage to NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez down in the parking lot as officials check on her. Her partner Cora Jade also rushes over to check Perez out. We’re now live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida as Vic Joseph welcomes us. He’s joined at ringside by Wade Barrett. Vic says the parking lot attack smells like Toxic Attraction, recalling how NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose said Perez wouldn’t even make it to tonight’s title match.

Giovanni Vinci vs. Apollo Crews

We go right to the ring and out comes Giovanni Vinci as Alicia Taylor does the introductions. Apollo Crews is out next as fans chant his name.

The bell rings and they size each other up. Crews is wearing new in-ring attire. They lock up and tangle, then go to the mat. Vinci with a quick 1 count. Vinci grounds Crews with a headlock now as fans rally for Crews. Apollo turns it around and takes Vinci down but Vinci quickly turns it into a headlock of his own.

Fans rally for Crews again as they get back up. They collide with shoulders and both are still standing. They lock up again and Vinci nails a knee to the gut, then a big chop to the chest. Crews counters a slam attempt. They run the ropes and Vinci levels Crews with a big shoulder. Vinci kicks Crews but Crews chops him back. Vinci with a chop, Crews with a chop. Vinci and Crews trade more chops and punches now. Vinci runs the ropes and Crews nails a dropkick for a pop.

Crews works Vinci over in the corner now, taking him to the opposite corner to beat him down. Vinci runs into boots in the opposite corner. Crews with a big Blockbuster out of the corner for a close 2 count. Vinci blocks a suplex and tosses Crews over the top rope to the floor. Vinci follows and drops Crews over the top of the barrier. Vinci works Crews over against the barrier now, then rolls him back in. Vinci follows and stalls some by showing off as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break.

Back from the break and Vinci is dominating as he did through the break. Crews tosses Vinci and now fans rally for his comeback. Vinci takes strikes but fights back. Vinci goes for a springboard crossbody but Apollo dropkicks him in mid-air for a big pop. Fans chant “NXT!” now to rally for Crews.

Vinci misses in the corner and Crews nails an enziguri. Crews with more offense and a clothesline, then a flying clothesline. Crews kips-up and yells out for a pop. Crews with a corner splash, then a big German suplex. He holds the German and nails another, then holds that German for a third attempt but Vinci fights him off with back elbows. Crews fights back and hits another German for a close 2 count.

Fans chant “Suplex City!” now. They slowly get back up but Vinci counters a suplex, then blocks a boot in the corner. Crews drops him and throws a kick but Vinci catches it and levels him with a stiff clothesline. Vinci stands over Crews as fans rally now. The referee checks on Crews and backs Vinci over. The referee checks on Crews again but Vinci attacks anyway. Crews fights back and goes for a second rope Blockbuster but Vinci catches him in the position for a Brainbuster, then hits it for another close 2 count. The caught Brainbuster impressed fans who cheered for Vinci.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Vinci counters and rolls Crews for 2. Crews nails an enziguri, then a bit modified powerbomb slam. Crews also falls down from the move. Vinci rolls to the floor to avoid the pin. Crews comes out but Vinci takes control. Vinci grabs the phone from a fan in the front row, who wanted to take photos, and he tosses it. Vinci returns to the ring while Crews is slowly recovering at ringside.

A mystery man suddenly runs through the crowd and hops over the barrier, then drops Crews at ringside with a big forearm. Crews is rolled back in as the referee turns around. Vinci grabs Crews for a big sitdown powerbomb for the pin to win.

Winner: Giovanni Vinci

– After the match, the music hits as Vinci stands tall. We see that the mystery man is Xyon Quinn as he looks on from the entrance-way now. The replays also shows that Quinn was sitting in the crowd the whole time. After the replays, Quinn stands tall on the entrance-way as Crews stares him down from the ring, while down recovering in the corner. Vinci poses in the ring and smiles as the camera snaps a photo of him.

– McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Cora Jade. She says she didn’t even see the attack on partner Roxanne Perez earlier tonight, but she knew they should’ve came to the arena together. Jade says the attack has Toxic Attraction written all over it because they’re pissed off over last week’s title loss and scared of their reign over NXT coming to an end. Jade says more importantly, NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose is scared because she knows Perez can take the title from her. Jade says it all makes sense now, that’s why Toxic Attraction took Perez out. Jade says hopefully Perez can pull through and get cleared tonight because if not, those three bitches are going to have hell to pay. Jade walks off.

– Cameron Grimes is shown walking backstage. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Tiffany Stratton has been out doing some shopping. She’s getting her fingernails done now. She says she so needed this after last week’s atrocity. We see a replay of Wendy Choo’s powder attack last week, and their match. Stratton calls Choo “some crazy girl” and says she had to crawl all over that dirty warehouse floor, and still hasn’t been able to even look at her nails but she knows there’s dirty under them. She complains about how her hair and everything else was, but says as always, she prevailed and overcame the odds. She says Choo is so obsessed with her it’s not even funny, it’s more like borderline creepy. Stratton says she needs to leave Choo along because she’s interested in the winner of the NXT Women’s Title match. She thanks the nail tech and gets up, then walks away. She stops at the front desk and tells the woman that her nail tech wasn’t the best, but she will spare the business a bad review. Stratton walks out.

– We go back to the ring and out comes a somber Cameron Grimes.

Grimes enters the ring as a “through the roof!” chant starts up. Grimes wishes he could come out here and give everyone an excuse on why he didn’t defeat NXT Champion Bron Breakker last week, but he can’t. A small “you got robbed!” chant starts up but Grimes disagrees. He says he came with his best last week, even gave the Cave-In to Breakker, but the 3 count never came. Grimes knows Bron is at home with his arm in a sling, but he’s got the NXT Title with him. Grimes mentioned the NXT North American Title and said it’s still on his mind also. Grimes says he learned last week that you can do everything the right way and still not be good enough, but that’s life, right? He says last month he lost the NXT North American Title, and that’s just life, then he goes all in on Breakker, and lost again. That’s just life and he’s destined to be a loser. He thought he’d go to the moon but he crashed into the sun.

The music interrupts and out comes JD McDonagh to mostly boos. JD says he hates to come kick a guy when he’s down, but let him come out and kick a guy while he’s down real quick. JD saw last week’s match and Grimes showed a ton of heart, which no one can take from him, but JD thinks Grimes should wrap up this pity party and do his crying in the back. JD hates to be the one to break the news to Grimes, but he became old news around here about 60 seconds after Breakker pinned him last week. JD says this whole game changed when The Irish Ace walked in.

JD goes on about how he fooled everyone here, who thought he’d debut this week instead, even that meathead Breakker thought that. JD is in the ring now. Grimes tells him to look at him if he’s going to talk. Grimes knows who JD is and saw what he did… Grimes challenges JD to attack from behind and says the fans can agree, we just see an Irish asshole. Fans chant “asshole!” now. JD headbutts Grimes out of nowhere, sending him against the ropes. JD whips Grimes to the ropes but Grimes counters. Grimes goes to jump over JD but JD puts on the brakes and escapes to the floor. JD is upset as a furious Grimes yells at him from the ring, snapping and call him out.

– We see Damon Kemp backstage watching film with NXT Tag Team Champions The Creed Brothers. He thanks them for their help and they’re all on the same page now. Kemp says he’d like to run back last week’s title match and The Creeds agree, saying they don’t back down from a challenge. They all fist-bump and The Creeds leave on the same page with Kemp. Roderick Strong walks in and turns the film off. Strong asks if he really heard Kemp say he’d love to run it back after that performance. Strong goes on and says after all this time, what he learned is Kemp just isn’t as good as he thinks he is. Strong tells Kemp to ask Ivy Nile and The Creeds, he’s not big on excuses. He says Kemp was more than happy when Strong challenged The Creeds, so Strong wants to see how Kemp feels when Strong embarrasses him one-on-one next week. Kemp pleads but Strong walks off, and calls him an idiot for wanting to run it back with The Creeds.

Kayden Carter vs. Tatum Paxley

We go back to the ring and out comes Kayden Carter with Katana Chance. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and McKenzie is backstage with Grayson Waller. He makes excuses for last week’s loss to NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes, and blames Wes Lee. Waller knows Lee’s life sucks, but he won’t let Wes ruin his life. Waller walks off. We see trainers backstage working on Roxanne Perez. A worried Cora Jade is pacing next to her. We go back to the ring and Tatum Paxley is wrapping up her entrance as Carter looks on. We see how they got into it backstage last week at the Great American Bash, and how Ivy Nile told Paxley to learn to get herself out of these situation if she’s going to get in them. The bell rings and Chance slaps Paxley, then taunts her. Paxley charges but gets taken down.

Paxley counters and takes Chance down by her arm now. They tangle on the mat as fans rally. Paxley rolls Carter over a few times and keeps control. They get p and run the ropes but Carter stops and stops on Paxley. Carter with a springboard basement dropkick for 2. Carter keeps control and knocks Paxley out of the ring.

Ivy runs down and checks on Paxley at ringside, then encourages her to get back in the ring. Paxley rolls back in and fights with Carter now. Paxley with a big dropkick, then a swinging neckbreaker in the middle of the ring. Paxley with a standing corkscrew moonsault for a close 2 count. More back and forth between the two. Carter ties up Paxley’s legs and jumps in the air, then slams down on her legs in a submission.

Paxley crawls for the rope as Ivy stares her down and encourages her. The hold is broken as Paxley gets the bottom rope. They get back up and briefly tangle before Paxley rolls Carter up for the pin to win out of nowhere.

Winner: Tatum Paxley

– After the match, Paxley and Nile leave together as the music hits and a surprised Carter looks on. Fans cheer for the win.

– Joe Gacy interrupts Vic and Wade as they’re talking from ringside. We see The Schism backstage now – Gacy and The Dyad. Gacy humbly apologizes for interrupting but says this message is too important to fall on deaf ears. Fans boo. Gacy says there has been a breakthrough with The Schism as these two have finally reached the comfort level to where they’re ready to reveal their true selves. Gacy says next week there will be a cleansing, a purification, and others will hopefully see and understand that there is plenty of room in the shade under The Schism. Gacy thanks everyone for their indulgence.

– We see footage from earlier today with Sanga, Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon watching his pool party cannonball to Duke Hudson last week. Hudson walks up and smacks the laptop closed, and has some words with all three as they laugh at him. Duke says he spent the week getting water out of his ear. Sanga says they can settle it tonight if Hudson wants. Hudson agrees and walks off as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see footage from earlier today with NXT UK Tag Team Champions Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs hanging out at a bar with Fallon Henley and others. Pretty Deadly walks in, wearing cowboy hats and pink bandanas. The two teams have word and they’re ready to fight but Fallon stands on the bar with a bat, and calms things, saying they’ll take it to the ring next week. Pretty Deadly says they will see the champs next week. They exit the bar as Briggs and Jensen call for drinks for everyone.

Duke Hudson vs. Sanga

We go back to the ring and Duke Hudson is already out, as is Sanga. They have words while the referee stands between them.

The bell rings and Sanga drops Duke with ease. Duke fights back and unloads with strikes, then thrusts in the corner as the referee counts. Sanga easily tosses Duke into the corner but Duke turns it around again. Sanga takes control and hits Snake Eyes into the corner, then a big clothesline.

Duke rolls to the floor to regroup as fans cheer Sanga on. Duke grabs Sanga’s beard through the ropes, works him over with punches, then comes in and fights some more, dropping Sanga with a DDT. Sanga kicks out at 1.

Grimes vs. McDonagh is confirmed for next week. Duke grounds Sanga with strikes but Sanga tries to fight back from one knee. Duke grabs a handful of chest hair and keeps Sanga down on one knee. Sanga fights back and splashes Duke in the corner, then drops him with a big side-slam. Sanga yells out for a pop, then drops a big elbow.

Sanga scoops Duke on his shoulders but Duke slides out. Sanga runs into an elbow. Duke with a big boot. Sanga grabs him by the throat in response, then nails a chokeslam in the middle of the ring for the pin to win.

Winner: Sanga

– After the match, Sanga stands tall as the music hits and we go to replays. Sanga poses for the crowd while Duke is down at ringside.

– Von Wagner is backstage with Mr. Stone and Sofia Cromwell now. Stone says Solo Sikoa is a savage fighter, but one with zero brains for challenging Von. Stone and Cromwell hype Von up for being a three-sport athlete. Stone goes on and Von interrupts, telling him to shut up. Von says this isn’t baseball, this isn’t football, it’s a fight. He says it doesn’t matter if it happens in the streets, the island, or the ring, we’re about to find out how tough of a fighter Solo really is. We cut backstage to Solo warming up now. He says Von is a bad man snapping bones, putting people through tables and launching them into the crowd, but let’s see if Von can do that to him. Solo says it’s put up or shut up time for Von, and go time for him. Solo says let’s get it. He walks off as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and McKenzie is backstage with Toxic Attraction. They sarcastically deny they were behind the attack on Roxanne Perez earlier. They suggest Perez and Cora Jade hand over the NXT Women’s Tag Team Titles if Perez is going to be out of action. McKenzie asks about Rose saying last week that Perez wouldn’t make it to tonight’s title match. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose tells McKenzie that when you’re champion, everything falls into place.

Solo Sikoa vs. Von Wagner

We go back to the ring and out comes Solo Sikoa to a pop and a “Solo!” chant. Out next comes Von Wagner with Sofia Cromwell and Mr. Stone.

Solo meets Von at ringside and they start brawling. They enter the ring and face off as the bell rings. They have some words and then lock up. They break and talk some more trash. They lock up again, then break. They shove each other and then lock up again. Solo goes behind but Von fights him of. Von applies a headlock but they break and run the ropes. Von drops Solo with a big shoulder and talks some trash.

Pretty Deadly vs. Briggs and Jensen for the titles is official for next week. Solo keeps a headlock applied, taking Von down to one knee. Solo mounts some offense now, dropping Von and then slamming him in the middle of the ring. Solo drops a big elbow for a 2 count. Solo kicks Von while he’s down now.

Solo with a senton that barely connects. Von rolls to the floor for a breather as Stone hypes him up. Solo stares them down from the ring as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Von has Solo grounded in a headlock. Solo fights up and out, then runs the ropes but gets leveled with a huge boot for a close 2 count. Von stomps to keep Solo down now. Von uses the middle rope on Solo as the referee counts. Fans rally as Von continues to beat Solo around the ring. Von with a big elbow in the corner, then a running splash in the opposite corner.

Solo fights back and nails a back suplex. Von charges but Solo unloads with strikes. They collide and Solo screams at him, then catches him with a big Samoan Drop. Solo with a running splash to drop Von in the corner. Solo charges and hits the Rikishi splash. Solo plays to the crowd for a pop.

Von rolls to the floor and Solo follows. Von rocks him and beats him over to the announce table. Solo takes a face-first shot into the table, and stares Von back. Solo with big right hands at ringside as the referee counts. Von fights back as Stone yells at him. Von and Solo continue to brawl at ringside as the referee calls the match.

Double Count Out

– After the bell, fans boo as the double count out is announced. Solo and Von continue brawling towards the back as officials try to restore order.

– We see Trick Williams and NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes walking downtown with several women. They brag about last week’s success and take the women to a local house because they want to party. Hayes and Trick continue bragging and tell the women they can share this lifestyle is they get down with Trick and Melo. Trick and Carmelo end up in the pool or jacuzzi with the women as the party continues.

– Lash Legend is backstage bouncing a basketball. She says Indi Hartwell is athletic but she’s about to find out she’s not Lash Legend kind of athletic. Lash says look at what she just did to that basketball because that’s what she’s about to do to Indi. She says Indi has a better chance at finding love on one of those dating apps than she does at getting a win over Lash. And you can’t clone her. Legend rolls the basketball away and then heads out. The basketball is shown rolling until it’s stopped by the end of a baseball bat. Apparently Alba Fyre’s baseball bat. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a promo for WWE SummerSlam, which is 18 days away.

– Wade sends us to video of Chase University’s field trip to London, England. Andre Chase, Thea Hail and Bodhi Hayward are sight-seeing in London. Chase says Chase U takes pride in giving their students special experiences. Chase says he was going to be knighted. We see Chase, Hayward and Hail hanging the Chase U flag on the gates of Buckingham Palace. Chase is reading a speech in class about the field trip when he mentions Chase U is the seventh-best at something. He snaps on one of his students for writing this nonsense, calling the man a stupid son of a bitch, who he should beat the shit out of. Chase says he never wants to see the student again.

Lash Legend vs. Indi Hartwell

We go back to the ring and out comes Indi Hartwell, fired up and ready to fight. Lash Legend

The bell rings and they lock up. Legend sends Indi to the corner and clubs her from behind to drop her. Indi kicks Lash and goes for a suplex but its blocked. They tangle and Indi levels Lash with a big forearm, sending her to the floor. Indi follows but Lash rams her into the edge of the apron.

Legend brings it back in and grabs Indi by her hair while talking trash. Indi fights back but Lash drops her again. Fans rally for Indi now. Lash with a long vertical suplex, draping Indi over the top rope. Lash grabs her hair and talks more trash, then yanks Indi to the mat from draping over the top rope. Indi kicks out at 1.

A frustrated Legend keeps control and has Indi stretched over her back now, bending her, as the referee counts. They break free from each other and Indi rolls Legend for 2. Indi side-steps and sends Lash into the turnbuckles, then unloads with strikes and a side-slam in the middle of the ring for a 2 count. Lash counters and takes Indi to the top for a superplex.

Alba Fyre suddenly appears on the platform above the crowd. There’s red and fire lighting surrounding her. She stares out at Legend and has her basketball in her hand. Legend yells back at her. Indi takes advantage, sends Lash to the mat, and hits a big Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Indi goes to the apron and springboards back in with a flying clothesline but she slips on the rope and lands bad, barely connecting. They briefly tangle on the mat and Indi rolls Lash into the pin to win.

Winner: Indi Hartwell

– After the match, Indi recovers as the music hits. She quickly heads to the back as we go to replays. We come back and Fyre is on the apron with her bat now. Legend gets up and sees her, then backs off. Fyre enters the ring and swings her bat but Lash ducks and escapes to the floor. Fyre swings the bat again at ringside but hits the barrier as Lash dodges it. Lash hurries to the back as Fyre stares her down.

– Amari Miller, Arianna Grace, Sloane Jacobs, Yulisa Leon and Valentina Feroz are backstage talking about who may have attacked Roxanne Perez earlier. One of them says it’s usually the husband or boyfriend. They go on until Von Wagner and Solo Sikoa suddenly enter the room brawling while officials are still trying to break them up.

– McKenzie is backstage with Tony D’Angelo, Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde and Elektra Lopez now. She asks Lopez if she knows who attacked Roxanne Perez. Perez says what kind of question is that, and why is McKenzie pointing the finger at her. McKenzie says because Legado del Fantasma was known to do parking lot attacks. Tony D says no one attacked Perez from his crew because he didn’t give the order. Tony says Lopez is proving to be a valuable soldier in this family, and tonight we will find out where Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde stand. The music hits out in the arena as Tony D walks off. He tells Lopez to stay in the back.

– We get the latest NXT 2.0 QR code teaser.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo vs. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade

We go back to the ring and out comes The Family – Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo with Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and we see Von Wagner and Solo Sikoa still brawling out into the parking lot now. Officials are trying to stop the fight but Von is launched into a door. Sofia Cromwell consoles Von now as they are finally separated. Mr. Stone approaches Solo and starts yelling at him and threatening him. Solo grabs Stone and launches him into a dumpster. We go back to the ring and The Family looks on as Edris Enofe waits in his corner. Malik Blade is also waiting in their corner. The bell rings and they go at it. Vic says Santos Escobar was released from the hospital and is at home recovering. Enofe and Stacks trade offense early on

Enofe nails a dropkick and more offense in the corner. Blade tags in for the double team for a 2 count. Enofe comes back in and trades offense with Stacks. Stacks with a big counter and kick out of the corner. Tony tags in and dominates Enofe now as fans try to rally. Stacks tags in and beats Enofe down in their corner.

Stacks with more offense and another tag to Tony to take over. Enofe fights Stacks off but Stacks keeps cutting the tag off. Enofe slides Stacks for a 2 count. Stacks comes back with a dropkick for a 2 count. Tony and Stacks keep control with quick tags.

Stacks grounds Enofe now as Cruz and Wilde look on from ringside. Fans rally as Enofe fights up from the mat. Enofe uses his speed to escape and tag in Blade. Blade unloads on Stacks and hits a big flying right hand for a pop. Blade with a clothesline into the ropes, then a big leaping leg drop. Tony runs in but Blade ducks and dropkicks him to the floor. Blade with a Spinebuster to Stacks for a close 2 count.

Enofe stops Tony from going back in but Tony sends him into the steel ring steps. Stacks rolls a distracted Blade for a 2 count. Blade charges but Stacks drops him face-first into the turnbuckles. Tony barks at Stacks, and then gets tagged in. Tony hits Blade with his modified Fisherman’s Brainbuster for the pin to win.

Winners: Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo

– After the match, The Family stands tall as the music hits. Tony orders Cruz and Wilde to attack Blade and Enofe. They hesitate at first but then they destroy Blade and Enofe. Tony congratulates Wilde and Cruz after the attack. Enofe is down at ringside clutching his ribs as The Family stands together in the ring with Wilde and Cruz still looking unsure about everything.

– Nikkita Lyons is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell now. McKenzie asks if Lyons has any information on who attacked Roxanne Perez. Lyons says she requested this time because people on social media are saying she may be a suspect in the attack because she would have the most to gain from Perez being out. Lyons says she does think if it weren’t for her injury she would’ve won the Breakout contract but she’s not the type of woman to attack from behind. Lyons says if she has a problem with someone, she will say it to their face. Lyons says if Perez can’t go tonight and Mandy Rose needs an opponent, she will gladly go put on her gear, meet Rose in the ring, and take the NXT Women’s Title. Lyons walks off.

– We see Toxic Attraction walking backstage now. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a new vignette for Axiom. Last week this was clearly the new gimmick for A-Kid. He cuts a similar promo this week but now he’s wearing a mask.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Roxanne Perez vs. Mandy Rose

We go back to the ring for the main event as Toxic Attraction comes out – NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne. Rose takes the mic and calls the fans peasants. She says Roxanne Perez isn’t woman enough to suck it up and challenge her tonight, it’s that simple. Rose doesn’t blame Perez because no one can beat her. Fans continue heckling Rose. Some do dueling chants with “shut the hell up, let her talk!”

Rose goes on about how she runs NXT and no one can challenge her for the title, and nothing will change. The music interrupts and out comes NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion Cora Jade to a pop, with her skateboard. Jade says Rose can shut the hell up because her night isn’t over yet as the fans were promised a NXT Women’s Title match and that’s exactly what they’re going to get. Jade says if Perez can’t go, she’ll step in and take the title from Rose. Rose says this is the funniest thing she’s heard all night. Rose says she’s going to give Perez until the count of… the music interrupts and out comes Perez with her ribs taped up. She’s trying to let the referee know she is good to go, and she says the same thing with a concerned Jade. Perez hits the ring and she’s ready to go.

The bell rings and Perez tackles Rose with a Thesz Press and punches. They get back up and Rose drops her with a punch to the gut. Perez counters a move and rolls Rose for a 2 count. Rose catches a crossbody in mid-air and hits a fall-away slam. Fans boo Rose as she stalks Perez, grabbing her and driving knees into the ribs now.

Rose with big shoulder thrusts against the ropes now as Dolin, Jayne and Jade look on from ringside. Perez fights back and drops Rose. Fans chant “Roxy 2 Belts” now. Rose rocks Perez and knocks her over the top rope to the floor. Rose follows and taunts Perez while she clutches her ribs. Rose sends her into the edge of the apron. Wade says Perez is almost in tears now. Rose slams her back into the edge of the apron once again as Perez cries out. We go back to a picture-in-picture break.

We see Perez stomping away on Rose to keep her down during the picture-in-picture break. Rose levels Perez with a clothesline for a 2 count. Rose starts undoing the bandages on Perez now. Rose whips Perez face-first into the turnbuckles and she smashes into her ribs again. Rose with an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring.

We come back and Rose is working Perez over in the abdominal stretch. Perez fights out but Rose catches her with a Spinebuster in the middle of the ring for another close 2 count. Rose applies a body-scissors on the mat now as fans rally for Perez. Perez fights out of the hold but Rose kicks out at 2. Rose rams Perez into the corner and hits her with more shoulder thrusts. Perez counters a slam and rolls Rose for a 2 count. Rose comes right back with a kick. Rose runs into a high knee in the corner. Perez nails a crossbody off the middle rope but her ribs are hurting, preventing the immediate pin attempt.

Fans rally as they both get to their feet. They trade strikes and counters in the middle of the ring. Perez with a takedown, and another. Perez with a running uppercut in the corner, and another. Perez charges but Rose counters. Perez counters with a Russian leg sweep for a close 2 count. Fans chant “that was 3!” at the referee. Rose blocks the Pop Rocks Destroyer. Rose charges but hits the ring post as Perez moves. Perez runs the ropes and leaps out with a suicide dive to Rose in front of the announcers. Jayne charges but Perez sends h er into the post. She then takes out Dolin. Perez with Pop Rocks on the floor now.

Jade comes over and encourages Perez to finish the match off. Perez rolls Rose back in. Jayne distracts the referee while tending to Rose on the other side of the ring. Jade takes her title belt and hits Perez in the back of the head with it for the heel turn. Rose follows up with the running knee to the face, then covers Perez for the pin to retain as Jade stares her partner down from ringside with a sinister look.

Winner: Mandy Rose

– After the match, Toxic Attraction celebrates as the music hits. We go to replays. Toxic Attraction looks on from the entrance-way, then heads to the back. Jade enters the ring and yells at an emotional Perez, who is still down. Jade rants about how she brought Perez to NXT and this is what Perez does in return, and how Perez is just selfish. Jade goes to hit Perez with her skateboard while she’s down but it breaks in her hand. Maybe they had it rigged to break and it broke early? Jade grabs the bigger piece of the broken skateboard and starts beating Perez with it. Jade keeps the attack going as Perez screams out. NXT 2.0 goes off the air as Jade beats Perez with her broken skateboard.

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