Possible Fury as special guest ref, Dawkins not a second fiddle, and Mero’s birthday

Jul 9, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

– During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc’s Managing Editor Nick Hausman, Drew McIntyre spoke about the possibility of Tyson Fury being the Special Guest Referee for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match at Clash at the Castle. He said “Maybe … [Fury] gets it when it comes to entertainment. You see his character, how outspoken he is, very much like a pro wrestler, sports entertainer. When he was with us, he had such a respect and passion for our industry.”

Angelo Dawkins says he’s upset that people are calling him “second fiddle” and “just the other guy”.

“I saw people talking about me like I’m some scrub or whatever…

I remember after Smackdown, we landed from Phoenix, landed in Vegas. I got to the hotel and it was just in my head and it was pissing me off to a degree…

I’ll play my role. I’m a role player in a way, but then I had to remind everybody like, hey, dawg, you’re gonna have to put some respect on my name like, the talk is starting to piss me off now. Now you’re about to see a different me.”

– Happy birthday Marc Mero….

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