Jordynne Grace on Chris Benoit: “may he burn in hell”

Jul 6, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

Impact Wrestling’s Jordynne Grace shoots on Chris Benoit and says “may he burn in hell.”

Grace gave her reaction to a fan’s question about what wrestlers personally thought of Benoit’s in-ring ability.

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  1. Imma Hullo says:

    Benoit was a forefather to why so many wrestlers are so boring these days. Technical moves don’t make up for your lack of personality.

    I remember days from going from talking wrestling to real people in person to going online and wondering since when was Benoit such a important wrestler? Seems more like the age old technician vs performer argument. But when the nerds with no personalities had to go on the internet to find other nerds with no personalities, it created a world where even someone as boring as Chris Benoit could be regarded as some kind of amazing wrestler rather than just another interchangeable guy in tights.

  2. Wrasslin420 says:

    Your a great wrestler when your peers who have to work with you say you are. Now go ask anybody who ever worked with Benoit if he’s sum kind of amazing wrestler. We know the answer.

  3. Luke says:

    @Imma Hullo
    That’s not the reason why so many wrestlers are boring these days. (By the way, exactly which wrestlers do you have in mind?)

    And Jordynne Grace seems like an idiot. What Benoit did didn’t magically erase what he did before. History is littered with horrible human beings, would she like us to eliminate all of them from the pages of its books?

  4. Alex burns says:

    I don’t get how wrestling fans today and wrestlers claim to be fans of bret hart and benoit but then do 20 super kicks, a triple moonsault and then have a match that’s been planned through and walked thru a hundred times, todays wrestling lost the art of actual entertainment and rather hear Jericho talk about being a wizard

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