JD McDonagh attacks Bron Breakker

Jul 5, 2022 - by Marc Middleton

JD McDonagh has officially arrived in WWE NXT 2.0.

Tonight’s NXT Great American Bash was headlined by NXT Champion Bron Breakker retaining his title over Cameron Grimes. After the match, Breakker stood tall with the title in the air at the entrance-way, but McDonagh attacked him from behind and laid him out.

The former Jordan Devlin then slammed Breakker through a red, white and blue picnic table on the set. He stood over Breakker and said his earlier words were meant for the champ, then warned him that the necessary evil is here in NXT. The Great American Bash went off the air with JD standing tall over Breakker.

Earlier in the Great American Bash, McDonagh was featured in the third vignette for this new character. He talked about how his father told him he could do whatever he wanted, but he needed to be the best at it. He also said anyone who steps in the ring with him gets dissected, and he’s so far ahead of the rest of the NXT 2.0 roster that they couldn’t see him if they had a set of binoculars. JD went on and said the pain he inflicts changes minds real quick, and that’s his job – to turn doubters into believers. JD wrapped that vignette by warning everyone to enjoy Great American Bash because next week, NXT 2.0 will change forever.

JD then arrived a week early as he attacked Balor to end the show.

JD had been away from WWE TV since coming up short in a “Loser Leaves NXT UK” match against NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov on the May 12 show, which was the 200th episode.

After a successful career in the UK, Devlin began working with WWE in December 2016 for the first-ever WWE UK Title Tournament. He ended up working the NXT UK brand, but later won the NXT Cruiserweight Title at Worlds Collide in January 2020. It was announced that April that Devlin was unable to defend the title due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, and that led to a tournament to crown an Interim Cruiserweight Champion, which was won by Santos Escobar. Devlin returned to NXT in the spring of 2021, but lost a title unification match against Escobar at Takeover: Stand & Deliver Night 2. He then returned to NXT UK and has been there since losing the stipulation match to Dragunov back on May 12.

It’s interesting to note that WWE used “McDonough” as the spelling for the June 21 episode of NXT, and all posts and videos related to that night. They are now back to using “McDonagh,” as they did when Devlin’s new gimmick was first revealed several weeks back with the first vignette.

There is no word yet on when McDonagh vs. Breakker will take place, or what’s next for the two Superstars, but we will keep you updated.

Stay tuned for more. Below are a few shots from tonight’s main event, along with the McDonagh vignettes:

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