Money in the Bank

Jul 2, 2022 - by Staff

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– The WWE Money In the Bank Kickoff pre-show opens live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Kayla Braxton welcomes us as we see one of the MITB briefcases hanging high above the ring, and ladders all over the arena while fans find their seats. Braxton is joined on the panel by WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and JBL, plus Peter Rosenberg and Kevin Patrick. They hype the current card for tonight’s MITB Premium Live Event. We go to a video package looking at some various stats, facts and highlights on the Money In the Bank Ladder Match. The panel discusses the Women’s MITB Ladder Match now. Booker believes Becky Lynch needs the win the most, but Raquel Rodriguez may be a problem for her.

Back from the break and we get a video package for tonight’s RAW Women’s Title match. The panel discusses the match and Booker predicts Bianca Belair to retain. Patrick and Rosenberg agree, but JBL is going with Carmella. We get a video on tonight’s match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles next. The Street Profits interrupt the panel and Montez Ford stands on top of the table as they get the crowd riled up. The Profits are confident that they will win the titles tonight and then celebrate on the Vegas strip. Kayla mentions how it’s time to do predictions so The Profits might want to leave, but they decide to stay. Booker and JBL go with The Usos to retain, while Patrick and Rosenberg believe The Profits will win. We get a video package on Brock Lesnar vs. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in the Last Man Standing match at WWE SummerSlam now.

Back from a break and we get a video and discussion for the WWE United States Title match. JBL and Rosenberg predict Bobby Lashley to win, but Patrick picks Theory. Booker says he doesn’t think Theory will win, but he won’t lose either. Back from a break and we get a video package on tonight’s SmackDown Women’s Title match now. Booker and JBL go with Natalya to win, while Patrick and Rosenberg predict Ronda Rousey will retain. We get another break and then a discussion for tonight’s line-up. The panel sends us to a video package on the main event, and we see footage of Riddle training with Shinsuke Nakamura and discussing his plan for tonight. We get a brief discussion for tonight’s main event and that’s it for the Kickoff.

– The 2022 WWE Money In the Bank Premium Live Event opens up with a video package. We’re now live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada as the pyro explodes. Jimmy Smith welcomes us to a sold out Money In the Bank. He’s joined at ringside by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. They hype the show and we go right to the ring.

Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Lacey Evans vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Liv Morgan vs. Asuka vs. Shotzi vs. Becky Lynch

We go to the ring for the Women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match and out first comes Becky Lynch as Mike Rome does the introductions. Asuka is out next to another pop, followed by Liv Morgan. The ringside area is full of ladders and the briefcase is hanging high above the ring. Out next comes Raquel Rodriguez, followed by Lacey Evans, and then Shotzi. Alexa Bliss is out last.

The bell rings and everyone sizes each other up. Everyone goes to the floor except for Becky and Asuka. They go at it in the ring now while the others battle for ladders at ringside. Becky slides and kicks a ladder into Lacey on the floor. Asuka unloads on Becky int he ring, then knocks Shotzi off the apron with a Hip Attack, then levels Becky with a big kick. Asuka pulls a ladder from Shotzi and tries to stand it up but Becky drops her.

Becky also pulls a ladder in the ring as Raquel works over Shotzi at ringside. Becky slams a ladder over on Asuka but she dodges it. Asuka drops Lynch on a ladder, then drops Liv onto it with a knee to the face. Raquel comes in with a big boot to send Asuka out. Raquel tries to curl the ladder with Becky and Liv laying on it but barely can. Lacey tries but Raquel rocks her. Raquel presses a ladder and yells out. Lynch and Liv finally double team Raquel but she blocks their double suplex and sends them both flying onto a ladder with a double suplex of her own. Raquel drags a ladder in but Shotzi is hanging onto it. Raquel jabs a ladder but hits the turnbuckles when Shotzi moves.

Shotzi flies off the top with a crossbody to Bliss. Asuka, Shotzi and Evans triple team Raquel with a ladder. Shotzi drops Raquel face-first into a ladder rung with a DDT. Liv sends Shotzi to the floor with a high knee. Lacey slams Liv onto the leaning ladder that Raquel is still trapped in. Becky ends up on top while Asuka, Lacey and Liv are all flat on the leaning ladder Raquel is stuck in. Lynch flies off the top with a senton to everyone on the ladder. Bliss goes to the top and flips onto Asuka, Lynch and Liv.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” now as Bliss stands a ladder up. She climbs but Raquel pulls her down and they go at it. Bliss sends Raquel into a ladder with a hurricanrana. Bliss leans the corner ladder on Raquel to trap her under it. Asuka with a German suplex to Bliss. Shotzi attacks Asuka. Asuka slams Shotzi onto the leaning ladder Raquel is still laying under. Asuka climbs for the briefcase now but Lacey stops her. Lacey and Asuka meet up on the ladder now but Becky tips them over. They stay on their feet and both attack Becky. Lacey and Asuka go at it now and Evans hits a big uppercut. Lacey sends Lynch into the ladder and she goes to the floor. Lacey climbs for the briefcase now.

Shotzi and Lacey trade offense now. They both climb up a ladder and Shotzi has her hand on the briefcase. Evans knocks her to the mat with a big right hand. Evans grabs the briefcase but Raquel climbs up and they fight at the top now on the same side of the ladder. Liv meets them on the other side and she fights. Liv grabs the briefcase but she can’t take it down. Liv flips over the top of the ladder and hits a big Sunset Powerbomb to bring Evans to the mat. Fans chant “holy shit!” now.

Raquel is close but can’t grab the briefcase. Shotzi turns Raquel upside down in the ladder rungs and works her over. Bliss climbs the ladder but Shotzi puts her on her shoulders. They accidentally fall into the ladder and it twists as Bliss lands awkwardly on it. Shotzi stands a ladder back up and climbs. Lynch climbs up and slams Shotzi’s face into the ladder a few times, sending her to the mat. Lynch climbs back down so she can re-position the ladder. Lynch climbs up but Shotzi yanks her off by one leg, sending her face-first into the mat. Shotzi lays Lynch on a ladder and then goes to the top. Shotzi goes for her big senton but Becky moves and Shotzi lands on the steel.

Asuka kicks Becky and climbs up but Raquel pulls her off. Asuka pulls Raquel off. Asuka falls into the ladder and knocks it over. Asuka and Raquel tangle and Asuka pulls her to the floor. Raquel sends Asuka into the ring post and she goes down. Raquel clears off the announce table and uses a ladder to bridge from the apron to the announce table. Asuka gets back up and attacks. Raquel fights back and tries twice to put Asuka through the announce table but Asuka keeps fighting. Asuka finally catches Raquel in an armbar on the floor. Raquel powers back up for a powerbomb but Asuka slides out once again. Asuka with another flying armbar.

Lynch comes over and attacks, knocking Asuka onto the ladder bridge. Lynch drops Raquel next. Lynch sees the tall ladder and smiles as fans go wild for her. Lynch pulls the ladder over and climbs up. Lynch leaps from halfway up the ladder, landing on Asuka and the ladder bridge with a big senton. They both hit hard and fall to the floor. Fans chant “this is awesome!” again. Raquel gets up and brings a ladder in, where Shotzi also has a ladder. Lacey is also bringing a ladder in, as is Bliss. Bliss decks Raquel and stomps her. Shotzi climbs but Evans pulls her off and slams her face into the mat. Shotzi and Raquel climb the same ladder and brawl up top. Evans and Bliss do the same on another ladder.

Lynch tips the ladder with Shotzi and Raquel over, then the ladder with Evans and Bliss over. Lynch climbs the ladder that was in between those two ladders but Liv stops her. Liv climbs another ladder but Becky kicks it over. Liv uses her leg to bounce back off the top rope and kick her ladder back up straight. Liv knocks Becky off her ladder. Liv then re-focuses and climbs up to take the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Liv Morgan

– After the match, Liv immediately begins crying as she clutches the briefcase while on top of the ladder. The music hits and we go to replays. Liv runs around the ring with the briefcase while the other competitors recover. Lynch is snapping at ringside, throwing a tantrum and screaming about how this was her match. Liv raises the briefcase in the air as fans cheer her on.

– Back from a break and we get a video for the next match.

WWE United States Title Match: Bobby Lashley vs. Theory (c)

We go back to the ring and out comes WWE United States Champion Theory as Mike Rome does the introductions. Theory takes his selfies and poses in the corner to mostly boos. Out next comes Bobby Lashley to a pop. Lashley poses on the stage and then heads to the ring as the pyro goes off. Theory taunts Lashley with the title in the middle of the ring now, getting in his face.

The bell rings and Theory poses to taunt Lashley. Fans chant “Bobby!” now. They lock up and Lashley easily shoves Theory across the ring. Theory rolls to the floor out of frustration as fans boo. Theory returns to the ring as fans chant for Lashley. Theory charges but Lashley easily sends him flying again with a big Spinebuster. Lashley charges but Theory retreats to the apron. Lashley rocks him and runs with a forearm to knock Theory off the apron, into the barrier.

Lashley goes to the floor and scoops Theory on his shoulders. Lashley tries to run Theory into the steel ring post but it’s blocked. Theory sends Lashley into the post and takes him down at ringside. Theory returns to the ring as the referee counts and fans boo. Lashley comes back at the 8 count but Theory rocks him and sends it back to the floor. Theory avoids the steel ring steps, leaps to the apron and kicks Lashley. Theory runs off the apron and Lashley catches him on his shoulders but they fall over and land awkwardly. Lashley scoops Theory on his shoulders again, then runs him into the ring post.

Lashley returns to the ring as fans chant his name. Lashley stalks Theory and charges but Theory rolls up in the fetal position, forcing Lashley to put his brakes on. Lashley works Theory over corner to corner now. Lashley mounts Theory in the corner with right hands but Theory counters and nails a running forearm. Theory goes on and drops Lashley with a left arm, then has some words with the referee. Theory stays on Lashley and works him over. Theory takes Lashley to the top and works him over. Theory leaps to the top rope for the springboard attack but Lashley counters and gets the upperhand, sending Theory to the mat. Theory counters and mounts Lashley with right hands. Theory shows off as fans boo him. The champ grounds Lashley with a headlock now as the referee checks on the challenger. Lashley fights up but Theory drops him again.

Theory grounds Lashley with another headlock. Lashley powers up but Theory blocks The Hurt Lock. Lashley with big now, sending Theory against the turnbuckles as fans cheer him on. Lashley keeps control and calls his shot. Theory escapes a move and retreats to the apron, then drops Lashley over the top rope. Theory rolls back in at Lashley but Lashley catches him and presses him high in the air. Lashley slams Theory for a close 2 count.

More back and forth between the two. Lashley gets sent face-first into the turnbuckle. Now Theory nails the rolling dropkick but Lashley still kicks out at 2. Theory looks a bit concerned but now he’s all smiles. Theory calls for The ATL but Lashley slides off his shoulders and rolls him for a close 2 count. Lashley catches Theory but Theory rakes the eyes and the referee didn’t see it. Theory takes Lashley out with a Spear, then goes for The ATL again. It’s blocked and Lashley applies The Hurt Lock again out of nowhere. Theory taps out for the title change.

Winner and New WWE United States Champion: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, Lashley celebrates as the music hits. He takes the United States Title and raises it int he air as fans cheer him on. We go to replays. Lashley drops to the mat on his knees and places the title in front of him as fans cheer him on.

– Sarah Schreiber is backstage with Liv Morgan, who is still clutching her briefcase. She immediately gets emotional again and talks about how she doesn’t want to mess this cash-in up. She says WrestleMania is sounding nice but for now she just wants to celebrate.

– Back from the break and we get a video package for the next match.

RAW Women’s Title Match: Carmella vs. Bianca Belair (c)

We go back to the ring and out first comes the challenger, Carmella. RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair is out next to a pop. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

The bell rings and they size each other up. Carmella charges but Belair goes behind and slams her to the mat. Belair slams Carmella gain and mounts her from the back. Carmella fights free with an elbow but Belair tosses her to the apron. Carmella poses and taunts Belair while Belair tells her to bring it. They go at it and Carmella superkicks Belair, then slams her. They shove each other a few times now.

Carmella with a knee to the gut and some trash talking while she’s down. Belair counters and does a cartwheel, then taunts Carmella from the second turnbuckle. Belair goes on and dropkicks Carmella, then tells her to kiss her backside again. Carmella fights back but Belair blocks her hurricanrana attempt and turns it into a backbreaker, then holds her up for another backbreaker. Carmella dodges the moonsault but Belair lands on her feet. Carmella rolls to the floor for a breather as the referee counts and fans boo.

Belair goes out and levels Carmella with a big shoulder as Carmella charged at her. They bring it back in and Carmella drops Belair over the top rope, then superkicks her in the head for a 2 count. Carmella argues with the referee, then unloads with lefts and rights in the corner as the referee counts. Carmella argues with him some more. Carmella with more offense and some showing off, then a Bronco Buster in the corner. Belair kicks out at 2. Carmella traps Belair in a modified Rings of Saturn now, kicking her while she’s int he hold. Belair kicks out at 2. Belair fights back in from the apron. Belair goes for a scoop slam but it’s countered and Carmella slams Belair by her hair.

Belair unloads with a comeback now as fans cheer her on. Belair with a long vertical suplex for a pop. Belair mounts Carmella with right hands in the corner now. She flips back and then levels Carmella with a big right hand when Carmella comes out of the corner. Belair charges but Carmella moves and Belair hits the ring post. Carmella rolls Belair out of nowhere for 2, and again. Carmella superkicks Belair in the head while she’s on one knee, then covers for another close call.

Carmella can’t believe it. Carmella yells at the referee some more, then yells down at Belair, slapping her around. Belair fights back and rocks Carmella, then scoops her for the KOD in the middle of the ring. Belair covers for the pin to win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

– After the match, Belair takes the title and celebrates as the music hits. We go to replays. Belair poses in the corner with the title now as fans cheer her on. Carmella suddenly comes from behind and slams Belair to the mat. Carmella then unloads on Belair while she’s down as fans boo. Carmella beats Belair up and then leaves. Carmella yells back at the ring while Belair slowly recovers. Fans boo Carmella as Belair’s music starts back up.

– Back from a break and we see how Logan Paul signed with WWE earlier this week. Paul sent a warning that he is coming for The Miz. Miz will respond to Paul on Monday’s RAW.

– We see footage recorded earlier today of Alexa Bliss walking backstage. She entered the locker room and Lilly has a bunch of her clothes and accessories set up. Bliss asks h er how she paid for it, and she used her WWE Credit One Bank Visa card. Bliss asks what Lilly bought for her. She opens a box and there’s a very small pair of roller skates. Bliss says thank you but advises Lilly to ask for her size next time.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles Match: The Street Profits vs. The Usos (c)

We go back to the ring and out come Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos – Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. Michael Cole is at ringside with Graves and Pat McAfee. The Usos take the mic and cut a Vegas-style promo, declaring that their opponents are 2’s and they are the 1’s. Out next are The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins. The Profits come through the crowd and they are riled up already.

Dawkins starts off with Jimmy and they lock up. Jimmy with a shoulder block to drop Dawkins. Jimmy poses with his brother to taunt the crowd, fingers in the air. Dawkins regroups with Ford in their corner. Dawkins and Jimmy go at it again now. Dawkins drops Jimmy with a shoulder. Dawkins runs the ropes and then dropkicks Uso, then knocks Jey off the apron. Dawkins with a big Spinebuster to Jimmy.

Ford tags in and goes to the top but Jimmy rolls to the floor for a breather with Jey. Ford throws crotch chops from the top rope, and the crowd chants “suck it!” to The Usos. Ford and Jey are legal now. They lock up and Uso applies a headlock. Ford drops him with a shoulder. Ford runs the ropes and Jey drops him. Uso misses a charge and Ford dropkicks him. Ford keeps control, taunting Jimmy on the apron. Dawkins tags in and they unload on Jey with the double team for a 2 count.

Dawkins rocks Jey and they run the ropes but Jimmy tags back in and they double team Dawkins, slamming him face-first into the mat. Dawkins gets sent to the floor now. Jimmy runs the ropes and leaps out with a suicide dive to Dawkins. Dawkins is double teamed at ringside now. Jimmy charges and smashes Dawkins into the barrier. The Usos double suplex Dawkins into the top of the ring post behind them from the floor now.

Jey brings it back into the ring now as Dawkins climbs for the tag. Jey taunts him in his face. Dawkins gets up and rocks him with right hands. Jey fights back and drops Dawkins with one right. Dawkins slowly gets back up but Jey charges in with a shoulder thrust. Jimmy comes back in and they rock Dawkins with another big double team. Ford looks concerned as The Usos continue dominating Dawkins. Jimmy works Dawkins over and Jey nails him with a cheap shot. Jimmy mounts Dawkins with punches now.

Jimmy mocks Ford but turns around to Dawkins rocking him with a big punch. Dawkins and Jimmy both crawl. Jey and Ford tag in at the same time. Ford rocks Jey and leaps off the top but Jey superkicks him in mid-air for a close 2 count. The Usos stand tall while Ford crawls around and Dawkins is down and out. Jey yells at Ford and launches him across the ring into the turnbuckles. Jey chokes Ford with the bottom rope now. Jimmy with a cheap shot Drive-By to pay tribute to Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns while the referee is distracted by Jey.

The Usos with a big double team backbreaker to Ford for another 2 count. Jimmy with a big chop to Ford in the corner, and another chop against the ropes as Dawkins watches from the corner. Jimmy chokes Ford with the middle rope again and again as the referee warns them. Jey comes back in for the double team and more trash talking as fans boo. Uso man-handles Ford some while he’s down. Ford fights up from the mat but he can’t reach Dawkins for the tag. Jey drops Ford and superkicks Dawkins back off the apron. Ford finally unloads on Jimmy to mount some offense but Dawkins is down at ringside. Ford gets sent to the apron and he goes to launch himself back in but Jimmy rocks him in mid-air with a big punch. Jimmy tries for a suplex on the edge of the apron but Ford resists. Ford ends up dropping Uso to the floor and he lands hard as fans cheer. Ford finally tags Dawkins in. Dawkins immediately runs the ring and leaps over the top, taking both champs down on the floor. Dawkins brings Jimmy back in and he unloads with clotheslines. Dawkins ducks an uppercut and nails the big corkscrew back elbow.

Dawkins with a big 360 splash and an enziguri, then the spinning corkscrew neckbreaker for another close 2 count on Jimmy. The Usos are on the floor to regroup now but Dawkins sneaks around and runs over them with a big shoulder. Dawkins brings Jimmy back in the ring but Jimmy rocks him. Dawkins misses in the corner but he comes back and bumps Jimmy with a shoulder into a back suplex by Ford. Ford covers for the pin but Jimmy kicks out just in time and Ford can’t believe it. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now. Ford kicks Jimmy and knees him but misses an enziguri. Jey and Dawkins tag in as Ford mises Jimmy with a kick. Ford rocks Jey with a big right. Ford goes to the top and brings Jey off Dawkins’ shoulders with a big top rope Blockbuster. Dawkins covers for the pin but Jey kicks out just in time. Dawkins is shocked.

Dawkins stumbles to his feet and rocks Jey with a forearm to daze him even more. Jey slaps Dawkins. Dawkins rocks him. Jey with another big punch and some trash talking. Dawkins with a right, and Jey with an enziguri. Jimmy tags in but Dawkins knocks him off the apron. Dawkins rocks Jey and pits him on his shoulders. Ford goes to the top for another big Blockbuster but Jimmy pulls his brother off. Ford leaps off the top and rolls through. The Usos hit a double superkick to Ford and Jimmy covers but Ford kicks out. Everyone is shocked.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” again now. The Usos stalk Ford in the ring. They go for the finish but Ford nails a knee, sending Jimmy to the floor. Ford then dumps Jey over the top rope to the floor. Ford runs the ring and leaps over the ring post, landing on The Usos at ringside. Ford gets riled up and yells in the camera now. Ford brings Jey back in, then tags Dawkins. Dawkins with a splash to Jey, then Ford follows up with the big top rope Frogsplash but Jimmy rushes in to break the pin up just in time.

All four Superstars are down in the middle of the ring now as fans chant “fight forever!” at them. The two teams get up and face off as fans cheer them on. They start brawling. Dawkins sends Jimmy out and then charges but runs into a superkick. Jimmy sends Dawkins into the timekeeper’s area. Ford and Jey tangle in the ring now. Ford doesn’t see the tag as he superkicks Jey back. The Usos double superkick Ford, then catch him in the 1D for the pin by Jimmy to win and retain.

Winners: The Usos

– After the match, the music hits as The Usos begin celebrating. We go to replays and the announcers say Ford’s shoulder was up for the pin. The Usos head to the back with their titles while The Profits start motioning to their shoulder. We get another replay of the pin and it shows that Ford’s shoulder was up for the pin. The Profits are not happy.

– Back from the break and we get a dark teaser for what looks to be a new character debuting soon. There was no “coming soon” or anything and the announcers didn’t know what it was for.

– We get a video package for the next match.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Natalya vs. Ronda Rousey (c)

We go back to the ring and out first comes Natalya for the next bout. She takes off her shades and gives them to a young fan at ringside, on what is the 65th birthday of her uncle, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Out next comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. We get formal ring introductions from Samantha Irvin.

Natalya shoves Rousey in the chest to start. They lock up and go at it. Natalya takes them to the ropes but Rousey ties her up in the ropes, then backs off. They go to lock up again but Natalya grabs her from behind. Rousey counters but Natalya slams her by her arm. More back and forth and counters for a few minutes. Rousey chases Natalya back in but Natalya goes to the ropes and Rousey backs off. Natalya calls her a bitch and charges. Natalya sends Rousey into the rope face-first at one point. Natalya ends up dropping Rousey and then hitting a discus clothesline for a close 2 count.

Natalya talks more trash and mounts Rousey with strikes as the referee warns h er. Natalya takes it to the corner and works Rousey over, then poses to boos from the crowd. Natalya keeps control now, taking Rousey down into a Sleeper. Rousey turns it around and applies an abdominal stretch, working Natalya over in the hold. Natalya turns that into an abdominal stretch of her own, smiling as she works Rousey over. Rousey goes for the arm bar but Natalya avoids it.

Natalya runs into an elbow. Rousey kicks her away and delivers two clotheslines. Rousey blocks the discus clothesline and takes Natalya down. Natalya yells out in pain. Rousey with a high knee in the corner. Rousey with another knee as she gets fired up. Rousey rolls Natalya onto her shoulders but Natalya slides out and blocks Piper’s Pit. Natalya rolls her for a 2 count, and Rousey does the same. Natalya with an arm bar now. Rousey counters and applies the Sharpshooter to Natalya now. Natalya finally gets to the bottom rope as Rousey tries to turn it into something else. The referee checks on Rousey as Natalya is also slow to recover.

Rousey gets up first and talks some trash. Natalya saps her. Rousey slaps back and takes her down into an arm bar. Rousey points to the crowd for approval before she snaps the arm, but Natalya tosses her through the ropes to the floor. Rousey lands bad on her knee and clutches it. Natalya goes out and works on the knee now as the referee counts. Natalya brings it back to the apron and applies the Sharpshooter on the edge of the apron. Rousey hangs off the apron now but Natalya pulls her back up. Rousey breaks out and sends Natalya flying into the ring post. Natalya lands out on the floor as the referee counts.

Rousey tries to get Natalya up for Piper’s Pit but she has trouble. Natalya counters and they trade holds on the mat. Natalya smiles and goes for the Sharpshooter but Rousey turns that into an ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Natalya crawls but Rousey dags her back by her leg. Natalya counters and rolls through into the Sharpshooter but Rousey counters into an arm bar with her legs wrapped around Natalya’s neck. Natalya starts fading and then taps.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

– After the match, Rousey limps to her feet but stands tall with the title in the air. The music hits and we go to replays. The music hits and out comes Liv Morgan with her Money In the Bank briefcase. Liv hands her briefcase to the referee and she is cashing in.

SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Liv Morgan vs. Ronda Rousey

The bell rings and Liv Morgan kicks SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey. Rousey immediately catches it and takes her down into an ankle lock. Rousey rag-dolls Liv as she tries to get the ropes. Fans boo. Liv takes Rousey’s bad knee out and rolls her up for the pin to win the title.

Winner and New SmackDown Women’s Champion: Liv Morgan

– After the bell, Liv gets emotional as fans go wild and her music hits. Rousey looks disappointed but she hugs Liv and raises her arm in the air as fans cheer them on. We go to replays. Cole says Liv’s sister is sitting behind them in the crowd. Liv continues her celebration with the title in the air, posing in the corner as a loud “you deserve it!” chant breaks out.

– We get another break and a promo for Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns at SummerSlam.

Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match: Theory vs. Riddle vs. Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins vs. Omos vs. Sami Zayn vs. Madcap Moss

We go back to the ring for tonight’s Men’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match main event. Out first comes Riddle to a big pop as he greets fans at ringside. Seth Rollins is out next. Omos is out next with MVP, who encourages him. Madcap Moss is out next, followed by Sami Zayn. Sheamus is out next with Ridge Holland and Butch but he sends them to the back. Drew McIntyre is out last with his sword, Angela. The other Superstars retreat but Omos stays in there and stares Drew down. Drew stares at Omos and then hits the corner to pose as the pyro goes off. Adam Pearce comes out to the stage and comments on how great this night has been. He says what would make the night better than to add to it. Pearce then introduces the 8th MITB Ladder Match competitor and out comes Theory. Fans boo as Theory comes out, shakes Pearce’s hand, then heads to the ring. Cole believes Vince McMahon is behind this move

The bell rings and Sami, Theory and Rollins retreat tot he floor. Riddle goes for Omos. Omos fights of Moss, Riddle, Sheamus and McIntyre. Omos scoops drew and slams him in the middle of the ring with ease. Omos goes out for a ladder. Theory and Rollins look to sneak attack him with a ladder but he levels them. Sheamus attacks but Omos drops him, then the same goes for Drew. Moss and Riddle try to double team Omos at ringside but he drops them with a ladder.

Omos throws a ladder over the top rope into the ring now. Omos steps over the top rope as we see Sami hiding behind the ring post. Omos stands a ladder up but Sheamus attacks from behind. Omos headbutts him down. Omos stops Rollins and others from coming back in. Riddle comes in with a guillotine on Omos but he gets slammed. Moss attacks Omos but gets tossed to the floor. Drew comes in with a Claymore Kick to knock Omos to the floor but he’s still standing up. Drew stands a ladder up and climbs but Sheamus pulls him off. Sheamus sends Drew to the floor. Sheamus climbs up now but Drew runs in and yanks him off by his leg. Sheamus slaps Drew. Drew fights back and they trade big strikes now. Theory sneaks in and runs up the ladder but Sheamus and Drew stop to look at him like he’s crazy.

Drew pulls Theory off and Sheamus clotheslines Theory. Drew levels Theory, sending him to the apron. Sheamus grabs Theory for 10 Beats of The Bodhrán but Drew takes over and delivers five or six. Sheamus and Drew take turns with Beats of The Bodhrán on Theory. Sheamus and Drew brawl now. Rollins runs in with a ladder and sends them out. Rollins tosses a ladder out at them, hitting Sheamus in the head. Riddle comes in and fights with Rollins now but Rollins sends him into a ladder, knocking it over. Riddle fights back and drops Rollins back-first on the ladder, then hits a Broton. Sami sneaks in, sends Riddle to the floor, then stands a ladder up and climbs. Moss pulls Sami off and beats him up in the corner.

Sami takes Moss back out and slams a ladder on his back. Sami leans a ladder in the corner now. Moss bounce shim off a ladder and unloads in the opposite corner with punches and stomps. Moss launches Sami onto the leaning ladder in the opposite corner. Moss stands a ladder up while he’s alone in the ring. Riddle meets Moss up on the ladder and they fight. Omos comes in and drops Moss. Riddle has his hand on the briefcase but Omos takes him out and dumps him to the floor. Theory leaps off the top but Omos catches him in mid-air and chokeslams him.

Moss and McIntyre end up stopping Omos from climbing, then clothesline him to the floor. Sheamus and Riddle attack Omos with ladders at ringside now. Everyone starts throwing ladders at Omos and he’s down on the ramp. The others bury Omos under a bunch of ladders now. Rollins takes advantage and stands a ladder up in the ring while everyone is dealing with Omos. Sami meets Rollins on top of the ladder and they fight. Sheamus stands a ladder next to them and he climbs up. Rollins, Sheamus and Sami fight up high now. Theory joins them but Sheamus pushes Sami and Rollins over on their ladder. Theory knocks Sheamus to the mat. Theory reaches but Moss pulls him down and nails a fall-away slam into the corner.

Moss is stopped and now he has to deal with Zayn. Sami jumps from Moss’ back to the ladder and he climbs up. Moss grabs Sami from the ladder and powerbombs him onto a ladder that he bridged in the corner. More back and forth now. Sheamus stops Drew from climbing and hits White Noise. Riddle fights Sheamus with kicks now. Sheamus decks him and hits the Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus yells out to the crowd. Riddle doges a Brogue Kick and Sheamus gets stuck on the ladder. Riddle with Randy Orton’s draping DDT from the ladder. Riddle looks to climb but Drew grabs him from behind. They fight and Riddle nails a knee. Moss charges but Riddle ducks and kicks him. Riddle kips-up and catches Rollins with a powerslam now. Riddle climbs the ladder but he has to kick Theory away. Riddle is nowhere near the briefcase, so he leaps off the ladder with a big Floating Bro to the other Superstars down below. Fans chant “holy shit!” now.

Omos is back in the ring now. He starts headbutting and chopping people down as they attack. Omos sends Moss out, then Drew. Omos looks up at the briefcase while Riddle is down at his feet. Riddle jumps on Omos’ back with a Sleeper hold. Omos slams him to the mat. Theory sneaks in and climbs up but Omos grabs him and slams him with a double chokeslam from up high. Omos re-positions the ladder and looks to climb but Sheamus staggers him with a Brogue. Sami with a Helluva Kick to Omos. Riddle catches Omos on the ropes with a Triangle. Moss comes from behind to dump Omos to the floor using his leg. McIntyre with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt to Omos at ringside. Omos stumbles around and Rollins nails a Stomp to Omos on the edge of the apron. Everyone starts ganging up on Omos again now, clearing the announce table and lifting him up and then launching him through the announce table.

Fans chant “holy shit!” at that huge move. The Superstars start brawling at ringside now while Omos is down. Sami runs in and starts climbing. Drew runs in and pulls him down by his leg. Drew sends Sami face-first into the ladder. Drew turns around to a ladder in the face from Sheamus. Sheamus bridges a ladder on the top rope in the corner. Sheamus grabs Drew but Drew drops him with a Future Shock DDT. Drew stands a ladder back up with Sheamus trapped under it. Drew climbs but Butch runs down and attacks Drew on the ladder. Butch is on Drew’s back now with a Sleeper. Drew is still climbing up and Sheamus is still trapped under the ladder. Drew comes back down with Butch still on his back. Sheamus nails Drew with a knee to the jaw, knocking Drew and Butch over.

Sheamus traps Drew under the ladder now, and he starts climbing. Sheamus has his hand on the briefcase but Drew starts bench-pressing the ladder while trapped under it. He knocks Sheamus over with the ladder, and to the mat. drew with a Claymore to Butch, then a kip-up for a big pop. Drew stands a ladder up but Sheamus pulls him back down. Sheamus rocks Drew and climbs up but Drew meets him on the other side. Sami pulls them both over and Drew hits the ladder bridge on the top rope in the corner.

Sami climbs for the briefcase now and he’s close to unhooking it but Moss climbs up the ladder and knocks him off. Moss tries to unhook the briefcase but Rollins tips the ladder over. Rollins with a Stomp to Moss. Rollins climbs up but Riddle uses a ladder to hit him in the back. Riddle has a much taller ladder now. He stands it up and climbs but Rollins fights him from his ladder. Rollins knocks Riddle to the mat. Rollins climbs up and has his hand on the briefcase but Riddle climbs back up. Riddle sends Rollins to the mat with a huge super RKO from the top of the ladder.

The crowd pops big for the super RKO. Riddle slowly climbs back up now. Theory rushes back in and meets Riddle at the top. Riddle has his hands on the briefcase but Theory rocks him a few times. Riddle fights back. Riddle has the case again but Theory hits him and knocks him to the mat from up high. Theory unhooks the Money In the Bank briefcase to get the win.

Winner: Theory

– After the match, Theory comes down from the ladder with the MITB briefcase as his music hits and most fans boo. Theory grabs his phone and returns to the ladder to snap a briefcase selfie. We go to replays. The other Superstars are down and trying to recover as Theory continues his celebration. Money In the Bank goes off the air with Theory taking selfies on the ladder with his MITB briefcase.

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  1. Adam says:

    This show was easily one of the best of the year… until the inevitable Theory win. Give me a F***ing break.

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