AEW Rampage 7/1/22 Results – The Royal Rampage

Jul 1, 2022 - by Atlee Greene

-AEW Rampage 7/21/22 Results 

We kick things off with the Royal Rampage match

The two-ring match will have 20 wrestlers, with 10 wrestlers assigned to each ring designated as Red and Blue.

The entrants will come out in 60-second intervals to their assigned ring.

The last man standing in each ring will face off, and the winner gets the shot at Jon Moxley’s AEW Interim World Championship.

Essentially two rumbles are happening at the same time.

Red Ring Participants: 

  1. “Hangman” Adam Page
  2.  Powerhouse Hobbs
  3. Ricky Starks
  4. John Silver
  5. Rush
  6. Penta Oscuro
  7. Keith Lee
  8. Dustin Rhodes
  9. Dante Martin
  10. Brody King

Blue Ring Participants:

  1. Darby Allin
  2. Tony Neese
  3. The Blade
  4. Max Caster
  5. The Blade
  6. Swerve Strickland
  7. Matt Hardy
  8. Frankie Kazarian
  9. Konosuke Takeshita
  10. Orange Cassidy


The bell rings, and we are underway!

Ricky Starks comes in as the third entrant assigned to the Red Ring. Darby Allin eliminates Tony Neese and nails him with a tope suicida for good measure.

The Butcher arrives as the third Blue Ring entrant. He immediately picks Allin up off the floor and slams him several times into the ringside barricade.

Jon Silver is the fourth Red Ring entrant. Silver and Page hit Hobbs with a double team belly-to-back suplex, hug it out and tease throwing each other out of the ring.

Max Caster is the fourth Blue Ring entrant, accompanied by Anthony Bowens and Billy Gunn.

Rush is making his AEW debut as the fifth Red Ring entrant

The Blade is the fifth Blue Ring entrant and will join his tag team partner, The Butcher, in the same ring.

Penta Oscuro is the sixth Red Ring entrant. Rush ran up the aisle to attack Panta but received a sling blade for his troubles and was thrown back into the Red Ring.

Hobbs and Starks toss out John Silver for the first Red Ring elimination.

Swerve Strickland draws the sixth spot in the Blue Ring. Swerve cleans house and eliminates Max Caster.
Keith Lee arrives as the seventh Red Ring entrant. Swerve is smiling at Lee from the opposite ring.
Matt Hardy is the seventh Blue Ring entrant and goes right after The Blade and eliminates him.
Dustin Rhodes is #8 in the Red Ring.
Rush and Penta battle on the apron. Rush hits Penta low. Penta holds on to Rush as he’s falling off the apron, causing both of them to be eliminated from the Red Ring. Andrade El Idolo throws a chair at Penta’s head, and Rush rips off his mask.
Frankie Kazarian is the eighth Blue Ring competitor.
The Butcher and The Blade eliminate Matt Hardy from the Blue Ring.
Dante Martin comes into the Red Ring at #9.
Konosuke Takeshita draws the #9 Blue Ring spot.
The Blade clotheslines Frankie Kazarian over the top rope for the elimination.
Brody King draws the final Red Ring spot.
The final entrant of the Royal Rampage is Orange Cassidy.
Brody King tosses out Dante Martin for the elimination. Takeshita hits Cassidy with a brainbuster, and Starks and Hobbs eliminate Rhodes from the Red Ring.
The eliminations are not coming in fast!
The Butcher and The Blade eliminate Takeshita.
Swerve tosses Cassidy
Keith Lee eliminates Hobbs and gets eliminated by Starks right after.
The Butcher and The Blade eliminate Swerve, leaving them alone in the Blue Ring with Darby Allin.
Adam Page eliminates Starks but gets knocked the apron by Brody King for the elimination.
Brody King is the last man standing in the Red Ring.
Darby Allin tosses The Blade and low bridges The Butcher for the elimination. Darby Allin is the last man standing in the Blue Ring.
Brody King immediately runs into the Blue Ring, hits Allin with a gut-wrench powerbomb, and tosses him into the Red Ring. King delivers a cannonball senton in the corner. King perches Allin on the top rope. Allin fights back, causing King to slip onto the apron.
Allin bites King’s hands as he holds on to the ropes. King snatches up Allin for a rear-naked choke, drags him over the top rope, and waits until Allin is out cold before letting his body hit the floor. King wins and will face Moxley for the interim title this Wednesday on Dynamite.
Royal Rampage Winner: Brody King
Alex Marvez interviews Hook, and his first question is ignored. Marvez refers to Hook’s silence in previous interviews. Hook grabs him by the tie and says, “That’s the problem, Alex. Most people don’t think. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”
-Hiroki Goto and Yoshi-Hashi vs. AEW Tag Team Champions – The Young Bucks
The NJPW team of Goto and Hashi will earn a tag team title match if they beat The Bucks.
Goto hits Nick Jackson with a big shoulder tackle. Goto and Hashi punish Nick and Matt with some war chops to the back. Matt Jackson hits Hashi with two northern lights suplex, catches Goto coming in, and delivers a double northern lights suplex to both men. Nick wipes out Goto and Hashi with a top rope Escalera to the floor.
Hashi hits Nick with a vertical suplex and tags in Goto while Nick makes the tag to Matt. Goto gets the upper hand with a big hip toss and a leg lariat in the corner. Nick makes a blind tag and drills Goto with a running knee in the corner, followed by a sliced bread #2 by Matt. Nick goes for the cover, but Hashi breaks up the pin.
The Bucks throw Hashi out of the ring but comes right back in and hit the headhunter Russian leg sweep combo on Nick for a near fall. Matt delivers a pair of superkicks on the NJPW duo. Goto gets to his feet first and delivers a pair of Ushigoroshis. Hashi and Goto deliver a Ushigoroshi/Superkick combo on Nick…Nick kicks out. with a superkick
Matt blindsided Goto with a superkick that sent him into the second ring. The Bucks hit Hashi with a BTE Trigger, Nick hits a springboard crossbody onto Goto, and The Bucks close out the match with a Meltzer Driver on Hashi.
Winners: The Young Bucks
Jonathan Gresham video package is shown where his next match was announced for next week on Rampage. Gresham also said he is sick of being left out of the best technical wrestler conversation as images of Danielson and Claudio were shown.
Mark Henrey interview time! Nyla Rose says all roads to the AEW Women’s Championship go through her. Storm said she would not stop until she becomes the champion and would go after Thunder Rosa after she beat Nyla.
-Nyla Rose w/ Marina Shafir vs. Toni Storm
Nyla missed a punt kick but leveled Storm with a big clothesline off a tilt a whirl. Storm works over Nyla in the corner and comes charging in, but Nyla knocks her right down. Shafir pulls down the ropes as Storm runs in and levels her with a big kick. Nyla bodyslams Storm onto the floor and distracts the referee as Shafir steps on Toni.
Nyla gets sent into the steel post and thrown into the ringside barricade, but Nyla hits one clubbing forearm to stop the momentum. Nyla hits a spinebuster for a two-count and applies an Indian Deathlock. Storm crawls and fights her way to the bottom rope for the break.
Nyla drills Storm with a big splash in the corner but misses a cannonball senton. Storm hits the hip attack in the corner. Storm jumps off the apron and hits Nyla and Shafir with a double DDT. Storm hits Nyla with a top rope crossbody for a nearfall.
Storm slips out of a Beast Bomb but gets crushed for her efforts. Storm with the O’Connor Roll out of the corner, but Nyla tried holding on to the turnbuckle pad, causing it to come off. Nyla missed the diving knee, and Storm delivered a German suplex for a two count. Storm knocks Shafir off the apron and hits Nyla with a pendulum DDT for the win.
Winner: Toni Storm
Shafir and Nyla jump Storm after the match, but Thunder Rosa runs out to make the save and clear the ring. Rosa and Storm shake hands to close out the show.

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