Rocky Johnson fathered five other children

Jun 30, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Sports Illustrated has a major story on how five complete strangers were fathered by Rocky Johnson, the father of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and now the details of how they each found each other have been published and all of a sudden, The Rock has two half sisters and three half brothers. The story was written by Greg Oliver.

All of the kids were born out of wedlock as Johnson toured the territories. These five individuals are Paula Parsons, 58, Trevor Edwards, 55, Lisa Purves, 53, Adrian Bowles, 52, and Aaron Fowler, 52.

DNA testing confirmed that all five are of Rocky Johnson, who passed away in 2020. Their incredible story is being shared because they want one thing: recognition.

“We sat on the back burner forever. [Rocky] was our dad just as well as Dwayne’s,” Paula said.

The five half siblings don’t blame their other half brother, Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for anything.

“Dwayne has nothing to do with the decisions that his dad made,” Adrian said. “He doesn’t even know who we are.”

Lisa added, “Dwayne doesn’t owe us anything.”

You can read the incredible story at SI.COM.

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  1. MRK says:

    Not sure how they could blame The Rock, even if they wanted too. All these kids were fathered before he was born. I believe Rocky had 8 kids, he had 2 with his first wife.

  2. T says:

    recognition = money

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