How Can Betting Be Allowed on Wrestling When It’s Scripted?

Jun 29, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE is a massive franchise across the world. It broadcasts to more than 180 countries globally and is available to view in more than one billion households. Given this level of exposure, it’s not surprising that it has attracted a huge fan base over the years. In the US alone, there are around 11 million followers of WWE.

One of the most surprising things is that these fans can place bets on WWE even though it’s scripted, and the outcomes of matches are pre-determined. I discussed this phenomenon recently when I spoke to a WWE expert from JustGamblers. He said:

“It astonishes some people that betting is permitted on scripted matches. But, putting this into context, the outcomes of matches and events are known only to a very limited number of people. So, fans who are betting on outcomes do not have any advantageous information.”

He went on to add:

“Having said all of this, WWE betting is not provided by sportsbooks within the US due to the level of predetermination. US fans, and those living elsewhere, place their bets online at sportsbooks based outside of the US. And it’s worth mentioning that there are restrictions on the amount of money that can be wagered.”

Let’s take a closer look at these restrictions and why they exist.

Why maximum wagering limits are imposed

People who want to bet on their favorite WWE superstars are limited when it comes the maximum amount they can wager. This limit is put in place to protect the sportsbook from any potential insider betting issues or any exposure to betting based on leaked information. The exact limit varies but is often around $100.

The risk of such exposure is low, but it does exist. However, anyone who is suspected of using this type of privileged information when betting will have their wagering cap reduced further, possibly as low as $5. This means that insider betting is not usually a problem.

Why bet on WWE?

Due to the restrictions on the amount that can be wagered on WWE it’s not the best choice of betting option for high rollers. But, for others who are looking for bets to spend their money on it has some advantages:

● Decent odds are usually easy to find so it’s possible to get good value.

● For fans of WWE, betting adds to the fun that can be had.

● The risks are low because of the restricted wagering amounts.

These positive aspects make betting on WWE popular with many people.

Will WWE betting ever be permitted at US based online sportsbooks?

As more states begin to allow online sportsbooks to operate legally, the sports betting landscape in the US continues to open up. However, this is unlikely to alter the situation for WWE related betting in the country.

This is due to the predetermined nature of the sport which means it’s not likely to be represented at US online sportsbooks in the future.

However, fans will continue to place bets on WWE at sportsbooks based in other countries and they will continue to relish this opportunity to have some additional fun with a limited amount of risk

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