Fans, peers, turn on Glenn “Kane” Jacobs for tweet supporting end of Roe vs Wade

Jun 25, 2022 - by Colin Vassallo

Knoxville Mayor and WWE Hall of Famer Glenn “Kane” Jacobs was trending for all the wrong reasons on Twitter, with the absolute majority of wrestling fans turning on the fan favorite after he issued a tweet following the news that Roe vs Wade was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Roe v. Wade has been overturned! This clears the way for states like TN to pass stronger protections for the unborn, and is an answer to a prayer for so many,” Jacobs wrote, adding the hashtags #RightToLife and #Victory.

A very hot topic which resulted in several protests across the United States, the end of Roe vs Wade strips women of their right and protection to an abortion, now leaving the individual states to either ban or allow, with many so-called red states already beginning to outlaw it.

“Kane continuing the most successful heel run of his career,” tweeted the parody account WWE Creative Humor. “I liked Kane better when he couldn’t talk,” said one user.

“Few wrestlers deserve the pain, stress, and injury that comes with the profession. Kane deserves it and a hell of a lot more,” added another. “Put a mask back on please. I don’t like Corporate Kane,” said one tweet, while another wrote, “I preferred the fake Kane.”

Rosemary of Impact Wrestling replied to the tweet and called him, “You literal piece of shit.” Former AEW Women’s champion Britt Baker also had a dig, saying, “No wonder you couldn’t cut it as a dentist. #idiot”

Former WWE Divas champion Paige, who departs WWE next month, said that he was an idol of hers and sung his praises to anyone she met. “But this is the biggest piece of shit take from you ever. Very disappointing that you think controlling women’s bodies and taking away our rights is a ‘victory,’” she said.

Meanwhile, one man who runs a wrestling podcast took issue at Becky Lynch for retweeting a post urging women to vote in upcoming elections and force a change.

“That life inside them isn’t just a clump. You as a mother should see how precious life is,” he told Lynch. “Those baby’s in the womb have a right to live. I pray you come to see the bigger picture.”

As you might expect, Lynch didn’t leave him without a reply, and a strong one.

“Yes. I chose to be mother. To a daughter. That I could safely deliver and afford to raise. A daughter who deserves autonomy over her own body. Banning abortions doesn’t stop them. It stops safe ones. God bless you, your ignorance and lack of uterus,” she replied.

4 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    Post that idiots wrestling podcast page so people can hack him. A woman has the right to self determination. As a man i can’t & will not force mynwill another human being.

  2. Kyle Christie says:

    @Steve – Here’s a link to that tweet:
    Also, that “guy” who runs the podcast is Jaxson Ryker, former WWE star with some other questionable views on things.

  3. DB says:

    Glenn Jacobs once again shows he values human life and rights against tyrannical viewpoints. If we had more mayors like Jacobs in this world, humanity would be in a much better place.

  4. fairfax says:

    This is all a joke guys….Wrestling and Politics don’t mix…..Politics and GAS PRICES don’t mix. This is just to further divide America. I’m all for Women’s rights but just to play Devil’s Advocate what about FATHERS RIGHTS? I mean fathers have ZERO RIGHTS and Im sorry but abortion is NOT a form of birth control…..WOMEN have got to take some responsibility for that….and just because I realize how these BETA males who’ve already posted about hacking people, aside from D.B., are I’ll just go ahead and accentuate my point by saying that I am a woman myself…..and since that’s all it takes to then be a woman I’ll expect you BETAS to respect my opinions.

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