What have Mick Foley’s wildest moments in the WWE been?

Jun 24, 2022 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE is perhaps the premier brand in pro wrestling and one that has done a great deal to attract people to the sport over time. But why is this? To begin with, the sheer spectacle and excitement of wrestling itself helps. When you also add in the clever marketing, engaging storylines and massive events of the WWE, its rise is no mystery.

Wrestling has also become a popular sport to bet on and this has helped bring more people into the WWE. The best betting app for sports now regularly include top WWE events to place wagers on and this helps publicize them to more people. In addition, being able to bet on wrestling matches is great fun and this also helps the sport to pick up followers.

We all know that WWE has been home to some truly legendary superstars over time, who have also helped it rise to prominence. The Rock for example stands tall in this regard, as do Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. One ex wrestler who also deserves his place on this list is hardcore royalty Mick Foley. Known for his bravery and physicality, Foley has been involved in some pretty crazy things when wrestling as a pro.

But what have been his wildest moments in WWE?

Flaming table at WrestleMania 22

Held in Rosemont, Illinois in 2006, WrestleMania 22 had the best WWE Raw and Smackdown competitors battling it out for glory. At this event, Foley took on Edge in the night’s fourth match and both men were determined to make it a hardcore bout to remember.

They more than did this with the help of a flaming table. After Foley had pulled out the table, Lita had whacked him with a barbed wire bat before he could put Edge through it. As he was recovering, Lita set the table on fire and Edge then performed his ‘Spear’ move on Foley to send him crashing through the flame-ridden furniture.

Cactus Jack makes his return

Although this might not involve flaming tables or barbed wire bats, it is still one of the wildest Mick Foley moments in WWE. Cactus Jack was one of the original faces of Foley and a character which he had first played when starting out in WCW/ECW. After joining the WWE though, he switched first to Mankind and then Dude Love as his alter egos.

This made the return of Cactus Jack in 2000 very exciting for fans, especially as no one could have predicted it. By switching back to this blood-thirsty hillbilly character, Foley was able to add more fire to his feud with Triple H and use it in future classics like their ‘Hell in a Cell’ match. The fans’ reaction when Cactus Jack came out for the first time again is really something – as was Triple H’s!

Appearance of Mankind

When Mick Foley first signed up with WWE, Mankind was the character he burst onto the scene as. The sheer impact this had on fans and the authentic way Foley portrayed this bizarre man/creature really stood out. It ranks as one of his wildest moments and acts as a testament to his dedication to the craft of wrestling.

The first set of TV vignettes for Mankind were nothing short of creepy, unsettling and fascinating. This left fans eager to see just who this new character was and gave the WWE even more headlines to enjoy.

Orton and Foley face off at Backlash 2004

Held in 2004 in Alberta, and solely reserved for WWE Raw wrestlers, Backlash 2004 was a major PPV event. In addition, it played host to one of Mick Foley’s most dramatic, crazy moments. During the event, he took on ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton as Cactus Jack for the Intercontinental title.

This was an insane match which had moments such as Cactus Jack using a barbed-wire bat on Orton, which he poured gas on before trying to light. After being told he couldn’t do that, Foley instead threw Orton into thumbtacks and elbow dropped him off the stage. At one point, both wrestlers even ended up flying backwards off the stage. Although he lost in the end, this is certainly a wild moment in Foley’s WWE career.

Mick Foley is a de facto WWE legend

When you consider the risks that Foley took in the WWE and the impact he had, it is no overstatement to call him a legend. Indeed, WWE recognizes this themselves and he now works under their Legends program as a brand ambassador. Although he might not be getting as crazy as in the past, we can always look back on the moments above when we need a reminder of his bravery.

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