Impact Report 6/23/22

Jun 23, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  The fallout from Slammiversary episode will begin at 8pm.

Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call from the Impact Zone in Nashville.

Honor No More enter the arena to start the show.  The entire crew enters.  Maria Kanellis, Eddie Edwards, Vincent, PCO, Matt Taven, Kenny King and Mike Bennett are out.  Eddie takes the mic and he starts ripping Nashville.  He says Impact left Nashville to matter.  Eddie claims the Impact Originals win.  He then says HNM didn’t lose, PCO did.  Vincent takes the mic and calls out Traci Brooks interference in the match.  He then calls out D’Lo Brown and Earl Hebner.  He then claims Scott D’Amore just sat there and let it happen.  Taven claims Impact sucked and only has a buzz because of their being there.   America’s Most Wanted heads out.  James Storm and Chris Harris introduce themselves.  Storm says the sport is about respect and they have been doing it for 25 years.  Storm than says they should have learned from that lost, but they just suck.  Kenny King grabs mic and verbally butchers AMW.  Harris takes mic.  He tells King he is going to make him cry more than he did on the bachelorette.  Harris says he Storm will come in and go out together, but they made some friends.  The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows enter.  Everyone starts brawling.  HNM have the advantage by numbers and it shows.  Harris stayed on the outside.  The Briscoe’s enter and even the odds, just before they could attack the retired Harris on the outside.  HNM flees after Vincent eats a Magic Killer.

Alisha Edwards is backstage talking with Gisele Shaw.  Edwards asks her why she didn’t have her back.  Shaw doesn’t seem to be out for anyone but herself.

HNM meets Scott D’Amore meets the as they go backstage.  They will meet the Briscoe’s, Good Brothers and James Storm at Against all Odds.  He also sets up a match tonight.

Match 1.  Chelsea Green (with Deonna Purrazzo) VS Mia Yim 

Deonna sits next to Rehwoldt, who dotes over her.  Yim starts the match with some arm drags.  Green scores after ramming Yim’s head to the turnbuckle and then stomping Yim to the floor.  After a basement dropkick to the floor, Green then goes for a suplex, but Yim reverses it.  We go to break.  Yim is surfing Greens back on her knees, as we return.  Green escapes and resorts to kicking and punching to gain momentum.  Yim and Green spill to the floor.  Green takes the advantage and hams it up with Purrazzo for the camera.  Back in the ring, Green lands a few kicks, but Yim reverses a whip and punt kicks Green.  After a series of kicks, clotheslines, and dropkicks, Yim gets a two count.  Green hits the unprettier and the stomp for a two count.  Green tries several roll ups, but can’t put Yim away.  Yim gets a two count off a back suplex.  Yim then lands a powerbomb for a two count.  Yim heads to the top and Deonna interferes.  Mickie James runs down and tackles Deonna.  Yim lands a eat defeat and gets the pin.

Winner.  Mia Yim

Mickie James and Mia Yim celebrate in the ring.

Gia Miller interviews the Influence backstage.  Rayne has a broken nose.  Tenille and Madison seem to have a rift and Gia is asking tough questions.  Gisele Shaw enters and asks if she could part of their team.  Tenille declines, but Rayne says if you take out Rosemary, that could change.  Shaw smiles as the segment ends.

Match 2.  Sharkboy and Bhupinder Gujjar VS Zicky Dice and Johnny Swinger

Sharkboy and BG take turns pounding on Dice.  Swinger tags in and Sharkboy attacks.  Swinger bails and Dice is back in.  Sharkboy mounts Dice in the corner and punches and bites him.  Swinger interferes and Dice slams Sharkboy.  He misses a double axe off the top.  BG re-enters and he hits a Samoan Drop that would have ended it if Swinger didn’t the save.  After a spear, BG pins Swinger.

Winners.  BG and Sharkboy

Joe Doering and Deaner, of Violent by Design hit the ring and take out everyone.  We go to break.  We are back and Josh Alexander is called out by Deaner and Doering.  Deaner talks for Doering and says he will be challenging Josh at Against All Odds.  Doering beat Alexander the last time they met.  Josh questions where Eric Young is?  He then says he knows EY is missing, and Doering will be missing next.  Doering then levels him.  The two double team Alexander from there.  Security comes out and separates them.  Doering exits.  Officials set up a match between Deaner and Josh right away.

Match 2.  Deaner VS Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

Doering has been removed from ringside.  Josh and Deaner go at it right away, as the tension is high.  Josh gains an advantage unitl Deaner slams Josh into the barricade on the floor.  Back in the ring, Josh recovers and connects with a norther lights suplex.  Deaner shakes it off and rakes the eyes on the ropes.  Deaner then works the back with various blows.  Alexander locks on the ankle lock and Deaner taps.

Winner by submission, Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

Frankie Kazarian is interviewed by Gia Miller backstage. He says Slammiversary was a dream come true.  He says he isn’t done though.  He wants to revive the rivalry of his career.  He wants to wrestle Chris Sabin next week to settle there rivalry once and for all.

New Impact Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace has a promo post Slammiversary.  She thanks all the women on the roster for their hard work.  Tasha Steelz then cuts a promo backstage setting up their rematch.

Match 3.  Jack Price VS Sami Callihan

Sami has crazed look on his face and he gets a huge reaction from the fans.  Price looks scared.  Sami nails Price with a few clotheslines then a piledriver and it is over.

Winner by pinfall.  Sami Callihan

Moose hits the ring and spears Sami.  Moose is in a suit, but that doesn’t matter.  He grabs a chair and lays the beatdown on Sami on the floor.  After picking him up, he chokeslams him threw a table.  After fixing his suit, he exits matter of factly.

Chris Harris is backstage with James Storm.  Harris wants to join the fight tonight when James teams with The Briscoes VS HNMThe Good Brothers said they will have their back.  James talks Harris into going home, because he promised his family he wouldn’t fight anymore.

Sami Callihan is backstage and asks Gail Kim to make a Raven’s Clockwork Orange Match between he and Moose.  She agrees to make the match.

Match 4.  Main Event.  Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) VS James Storm, Jay and Mark Briscoe

Taven and Mark start the match.  Headlocks and posturing for position from the beginning.  Bennett tags in and trades chops with Mark.  Mark wins the exchange and clotheslines Mike to his corner for Jay.  Jay torchers Mike for a few mins, but Bennett reverse a whip to the corner and escapes to tag Eddie in.  Eddie eats an elbow and kick.  Storm enters and comes in hot.  He hits a neck breaker on Eddie.  Then tosses the rest of HNM to the floor.  Jay dives on the group.  Mark then does the same.  We go to break.

We are back and HNM has The Cowboy in trouble on the floor.  Eddie and Mike Bennett are having their way with him.  Back in the ring, Taven tags in Storm takes a leg sweep and moon sault.  Eddie tags in and Storm is in trouble.  Dem Boys lose it after Storm made a tag the ref missed.  HNM loves it and work over Storm further.  Storm finally tags out to Mark.  Mark levels everyone.  Jay comes in too, as the match breaks down.  Taven breaks up a pin on Bennett.  Eddie and Bennet work together to powerbomb Mark for a two count.  Storm enters and superkicks Taven.  Mark takes out Bennett.  Taven throws Mark off the top rope.  Proton Pack on Mark and this is over.

Winner by Pinfall.  Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and Eddie Edwards

The rest of HNM show up and the beatdown is on. The Good Brothers enter, but can’t help.  Taven gets a few chairs.  They tie up Mark’s leg with chair and crush it.  Everyone takes turns smashing it with a chair.  The show ends with HNM standing tall.

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