Jun 19, 2022 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for Slammiversary 2022.  Preshow coverage begins at 7:30 PM.  The main show starts at 8pm.

Slammiversary 2022 Full Card

  • Impact World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eric Young
  • Impact Knockouts World Championship: Tasha Steelz (c) vs. Chelsea Green vs. Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace vs. Mia Yim (Queen of the Mountain Match)
  • Impact X Division Championship: Ace Austin (c) vs. Kenny King vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Andrew Everett vs. Alex Zayne (Ultimate X Match)
  • Impact World Tag Team Championships: The Briscoes (c) vs. The Good Brothers
  • Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships: The Influence (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary
  • Sami Callihan vs. Moose (Monster’s Ball Match)
  • Impact Originals (Motor City Machine Guns, Frankie Kazarian, Nick Aldis, TBA) vs. Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, The OGK, PCO, Vincent)
  • (Kickoff Show) Reverse Battle Royal 
  • (Kickoff Show) Impact Digital Media Championship: Rich Swann (c) vs. Brian Myers


Pre Show Results (Apparently they are starting now at 7:45pm.)

Match 1.  Rich Swann (Digital Media Champion) VS Brian Myers

Swann jumps on Myers quickly, but Myers was able to hold off the early charge.  Myers slowed the match down and had several near pinfalls, but Swann wouldn’t stay down.   Swann scored with a series of kicks and his version of the cutter.  After the 450 off the top, Swann wins by pinfall.

Winner and still Digital Media Champion, Rich Swann

Match 2.  Reverse Battle Royal (8 Man Event)

Mike Jackson starts this battle royal with an old school, all the way around the barricade to the fans.  Shera is on the wrong of this.  Yes, this Mike Jackson is the same from Georgia Championship Wrestling in the 80’s.  Chase Stevens was eliminated by Shera.  Lots of TNA wrestlers like Sharkboy and David Young are in the match.   Steve Maclin and Chris Bey are also in the match.   They go at it on the apron.  Both men are eliminated after the ultimate finesse.  Shera is outed by Johnny Swinger and Young.  Swinger dumps David Young.  The match between Sharkboy and Swinger must end now in pin fall or submission.  Sharkboy lands a stunner and it is over.

Winner.  Sharkboy

They air a vignette with a brief history of TNA.  They did a great job of showing stars from the beginning of the promotion.  Eventually the vignette switches to today, saying the hunger that the company started with is still very alive now.  Tom Hannifan mentions tonight will celebrate the 20 years of action.  Matthew Rehwoldt is also on the call.

Main Card.  Match 1.  Ultimate X Match.  Trey Miguel VS Andrew Everette VS Kenny King VS Alex Zayne VS Mike Bailey VS Ace Austin (c) (Representing Bullet Club)

Jack Evans is unable to compete.   This match is going to be a high-spot showcase.  After a few moon-saults from Bailey and Zayne to the floor, King takes a ranna from Trey.  Trey then flips to the floor on King.  Ace was attacked to start the match, but he is recovered and performs inverted flip to the floor.  Trey hits a neck breaker on Trey on the apron.  Everett corkscrews the field from the top rope to the floor.  Zayne rannas Everett and suplexes King.  He catches Trey on the ropes and Kenny levels them both to stop any momentum.  Bailey goes to the cable and drops the knee onto threw foes.  Everyone ends up in a massive suples tree and everyone goes down except Trey and Zayne.  Trey hits an incredible Canadian Destroyer from the top rope.  That was nuts.  Trey takes everyone out with kicks and heads back to the cables.  Kenny joins him, then Ace and Bailey.  Bailey kicks off Trey and Ace takes out Kenny.  Bailey and Ace find themselves hanging upside down, punching each other.  Everett joins them, but Bailey scissors him to the floor.  Bailey kicks off Ace grabs the belt.

Winner and New X-Division Champion, Speedball Mike Bailey

Bob Ryder is honored post match.  Impact has dedicated tonight’s event to him.

Scott Hudson interviews The Motor City Machine Guns, Frankie Kazarian and Nick Aldis.  They hype their match against Honor No More.  They don’t let everyone know who the 5th member of their team is.

Sting is shown talking about his time in Impact and TNA.  He talks about all the fun he had in his days there.

Match 2.  Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie VS Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, The Influence, Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood

Taya and Madison start the match.  Taya quickly out wrestles Dashwood.  Rosemary tags in, without Taya’s consent.  The two argue and Rosemary bites Tenille.  Tenille tags to Madison, and goes on the offensive.  She keeps Rosemary in their corner and they make a few tags and slow down the match.  Taya tags in and unloads the offense of the champions.  Madison kicks out after eating a blue thunder bomb.  Rosemary tags in and Dashwood spears her.  All four are now in the ring.  The champions are overpowered with double spears.  Rosemary is pushed into Taya.  Dashwood drops Taya on the top rope on her throat.  Taya somehow saves Rosemary who took a double team blow.  Rosemary hits a sit out powerbomb on Madison and we get a pin.

Winners and New Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary.

Kurt Angle congratulates TNA/Impact on their 20 years.  He briefly thanks everyone he has worked with and the fans.  This was a pre-taped video like Sting’s.

Match 3.  Monster’s Ball.  Moose VS Sami Callihan

Both men are shown exiting their dark room of silence, with no food or water for the last 24 hours.  They adjust their vision and head to the ring.  Moose heads out first, but is attacked by Sami on the ramp.

There basically is no rules in this match, and the bell rings with the action starting on the floor.  Sami uses garbage cans and pans to start the match.  He beats Moose’s head several time.  Moose returns the favor with a garbage can lid.  Moose grabs a fans water and food and devours it.  Sami is already busted open.  He is already a mess.  Moose slams Sami on the apron several times.  Moose then puts Sami threw a table.  After tossing chairs in the ring, Moose rolls Sami in. Moose and Sami trade chair shots.  Moose goes for a spear and Sami catches him in a trash can.  Sami traps him in the garbage can grabs a door with barbwire on it.  Moose tumbles over in the can and rolls out.  Sami sets up the door in the corner.  Sami catches Moose running to the top rope, and hurls him to the floor on to the time keepers table.  Sami grabs the thumb tacks next.  He spills it all over the ring.  Moose reverses Sami and hits a sky high onto the tacks.  Moose’s tailbone was hurt just as much as Sami.  Moose goes to another level when he drags Sami across the tacks.  Moose goes for spear and Sami catches him and connects with a death valley driver on the barbwire door.  Moose kicks out at two.  Each grab a garbage can lid and go at it strong style across the top of the head.  Both went down, landing on tacks.  This match is a mess.  They each get back to their feet and exchange punches.  Sami piledrives Moose on the tacks and he kicked out at two.  Crazy.  Moose recovers somehow and the two end up on the top rope.  Sami crunches Moose on the standing can. It wasn’t on it’s side.  Sami piledrives him again and Moose kicks out at 1.  Sami gets a bat with barbwire.  He levels Moose with it and then piledrives him again on the tacks for the win.

Winner.  Sami Callihan

Match 4.  The Good Brothers (representing Bullet Club) VS Impact World Champions, Mark and Jay Briscoe

The two teams start off swinging in the center of the ring.  Karl Anderson is eventually tossed after the champs disposed of Doc Gallows.  The teams have no regard for count outs, as they spend the next few mins brawling all over the arena.  Mark grabs a chair and runs to it and uses it as a ramp to hurl himself onto the Good Brothers on the floor.  The match finally gets to the ring.  The Briscoes make a few tags, but Anderson set up the chair in the corner and rammed Jay’s head into it.  Gallows and Anderson trade tags in their corner.  Jay connects with a neck-breaker.  Both teams make a tag.  Mark clears Karl from the ring and kicks Doc in the head.  After a top rope axe handle, he belly to bellies Anderson.  He gets a two count off a slam.  Mark goes up for the froggy bow, but Karl catches him on the top.  Mark headbutts him.  Both go to the floor and Karl lands a spine-buster.  After a missed Magic Killer, Mark gets a one count.  Jay made the save.  Anderson starts a Bullet Club chant.  He and Mark trade blows in the ring.  Anderson wins the exchange, but Jay enters.  They get a two count off a tandem cutter.  Gallows was knocked to the floor.  Anderson eats a clothesline.  Gallow hurls Mark into Karl into a Gun Stun.  Jay is left to fend for himself.  This sets up a Magic Killer.  The Good Brothers get the pin.

Winners and New Impact World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers

The two teams argue in the center of the ring, when out come America’s Most Wanted.  James Storm and Chris Harris head to the ring.  Storm says these teams both like to drink and fight.  They say it is time to do a little drinking and hand out beers.  Storm raises his beer with the rest of the teams and all celebrate together.

Mike Tenay and Don West are honored next for their contributions to the organization.  They mention the battle Don is fighting against Cancer.  The ask for donations to his GoFundMe account.

Christy Hemme is out to make the entrance call.  She introduces Scott D’Amore, who enters in his Team Canada gear from days past.

Match 5.  Honor No More, Kenny King, PCO, Vincent, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven and Eddie Edwards VS Frankie Kazarian, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Nick Aldis and ….  Davie Richards, (who was introduced by Dixie Carter)

This must bother Eddie Edwards, since he and Richards were longtime partners.  The match begins as a brawl all over the floor and ring.  The Guns and Taven and Bennett work each other over in the rings with The Guns getting the best of that exchange.  Bennett and Sabin finally end up in the ring to start the the traditional match.  Aldis tags in and is noted as a former NWA World Champion.  The tagging in of Davie Richards and Edwards brings cheers from the crowd, but Eddie tags out.  Davie and and his team all destroy Vincent.  The Guns take off and perform their vintage tag move-set on Bennett.  Taven tags in and takes more punishment.  TNA chants are loud.  HNM start to mount a comeback and Alex Shelley gets beat down in the corner with a series of splashes from HNM.  Vincent hits a flatliner on Alex for a two count.  Taven connects with a leg lariat on Shelley.  Eddie tags in and cheap shots Richards on the apron.  PCO tags in and takes out Shelley with a swinging neck-breaker.  Shelley dodges an eliminator.  PCO lands hard on the apron.  The match breaks down from here.  Shelley lands sliced bread on Eddie and Vincent.  Frankie comes in and speeds the match back up with offense like a sling shot cutter on Vincent for a two count.  Aldis tags in and lays everyone out with punches and backdrops.  Aldis goes for a cloverleaf, but Taven kicks Aldis from behind.  The match  becomes a top rope spotfest at this point.  Everyone just keeps going to the at an unbelievable rate of speed.  Taven leaps to the floor on everyone except Richards and Eddie.  They are alone in the ring.  They argue and then trade kicks and chops.  Richards wins the exchange.  Richards dragon screws Eddie over the ropes.  He misses a double stomp off the top, but locks on a leg lock, then a leg lock on Taven at the same time.  Aldis locks on the cloverleaf and Shelley locks on a submission too.  PCO breaks it up and DDT’s Aldis.  Taven splashes Aldis.  Vincent dives from the top too.  Sabin makes the save after a two count.  PCO heads to the top.  He misses a moon-sault.  The Guns and Aldis team up on the monster.  Richards tags in and stomps PCO from the top.  PCO kicks out at two.  Sabin enters.  Maria interferes.  Traci Brooks takes her out.  She was watching from ringside.   PCO grabs Brooks by the hair.  Kazarian protects his wife.  PCO heads back to the top rope.  Frankie meets him and he hits the Flux Capasitor.  Kenny King breaks it up.  D’Lo Brown enters and lands a sky high.  Earl Hebner yells at his son to get in and make the count.  His son is Brian Hebner, the ref.  D’Lo goes to the top and lands the Low Down.  The Guns take turn on PCO next.  They set him up for the craddle shock.  Earl Hebner enters and counts the pin on PCO.

Winners.. Impact Originals.

Team Impact celebrate post match in the ring.

AJ Styles makes a surprise pre-taped promo from his home.  He talks about all his most famous matches and how they changed the business.  He says he wouldn’t be where he is without Impact.  He thanks WWE for letting him tell Impact how grateful he is to them.  He ends the vignette saluting Impact’s success for another 20 years.

Match 6.  Queen of the Mountain Match.  Tasha Steelz (Knockouts World Champion)with Savanah Evans VS Jordynne Grace VS Mia Yim VS Chelsea Green VS Deonna Purrazzo

The winner of the match hangs the belt of the ring.  Pinfalls put that person in the penalty box for two minutes, but they can return to the match.  Mickie James comes out as the Special Enforcer of the match.

Everyone starts the match in the ring.  Steelz sees everyone wants her, so she bails to the floor.  She and Evans set up a table on the floor.  Purrazzo and Grace square off and Green and Yim go at it.  Green and Purrazzo are clearly working as a team.  After tossing Grace, they work over Yim.  Steelz enters to take a cheap shot on Yim.  Purrazzo and Green dive from the top to the floor on everyone.  Green pins Steelz and she must enter the penalty box for two mins.  Mickie throws Evans in the box with Steelz.  A ladder was thrown in the ring.  Yim and Grace work over Purrazzo in the ring.  Grace and Yim briefly shove each other, but back off fighting.  Purrazzo fights back and elbows Grace and kicks Yim.  Steelz time is done in the box.  Green is still missing.  Steelz connects with a spring board bulldog.  James boots Evans from ringside.  Green returns to action and takes several kicks from Tasha.  Yim attacks her and then pins Green, who will enter the box.  Green kicks the steel box door in Mickie James face before being locked in the cage.  Purrazzo and Yim fight on the ladder.  Steelz delivers a cutter on Yim, leaping from the top rope.  Grace breaks up a Purrazzo pin attempt.  Purrazzo locks on a armbar on Grace.  She then rolls over and locks the armbar on Steelz.  Green re-enters and spears Grace.  Steelz taps and heads back to the box.  Green takes out Grace, who had just planted Purrazzo.  Green and Yim are in the ring using the ladder.  Green plants Yim headfirst into the buckle.  Green beats on Yim for a while gloating.  Steelz enters and falls face first into the ladder.  Yim then missile drop kicks Green into the ladder.  Yim then dives to the floor from the ladder on Purrazzo and Grace.  Yim then piledrives Grace and pins her.  Grace heads to the box.  James helps Grace to the cage.  Yim takes the belt and goes for the ladder.  Eventually Green pulls it from everyone, but James enters and pulls Green from the ladder.  Yim grabs the belt, but Purrazzo pulls her from the ladder and slams her on another one, back first.  Steelz then sends Purrazzo to the ladder.  Green then returns the favor to Steelz.  Green and Purrazzo climb the ladder and meet at the top.  Yim pushes over the ladder and Purrazzo and Green land on the floor threw a table.  WOW..  Grace suplexes Yim and pins her.  Grace and Steelz are now left alone.  Steelz wins a slugfest and heads up the ladder, but Grace follows her and hits a muscle buster and gets the pin,  Grace is all alone.  She heads to the top of the ladder and hooks belt to get the win.

Winner and New Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace

Goldie Locks is introduced by Gia Miller.  She introduces Gail Kim as the Most Impactful Women of the Impact / TNA years.

Match 7.  Main Event.  Violent By Design’s Leader, Eric Young (with Deaner and Joe Doering) VS Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

Brian Hebner is back out to call his final match as a referee.  He is retiring tonight.  Josh’s family is ringside.  The match starts slowly with a lot of collar and elbow lockups.  Neither can gain an advantage.  EY seems frustrated.  Josh and EY trade hip-tosses off the ropes.  Josh misses a moon sault after a rolling senton.  EY then misses one as well.  The two start punching each other.  Then the chopes start, eventually turning into open palm strikes.  Josh wins this exchange.  EY falls in the corner and he boots EY.  EY recovers and suplexes Josh.  Deaner sets up a table on the floor.  Josh manages to get EY in front of the table on the apron, but EY escapes momentarily.  EY and Josh fight on the top rope.  EY throws Josh to the mat and performs a Macho Man elbow.  EY heads out to the floor and starts undressing the ring, exposing the wood under the mat.  Josh recovers and shoulders EY to the mat off the ropes.  Josh powerbombs EY and rolls him into a crab.  Deaner and Doering make the save, but Josh still manages to crossbody EY off the top rope for a two count.  EY blocks a C4 and levels Josh with The Stroke.  There has been lots of throw back moves to Samoa Joe, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and more in this match.  EY lands a black hole slam for a two count.  EY methodically works over Josh in the corner with chops.  Josh reverses a whip and charges with a standing STO.  Josh then performs The Best Moon-sault Ever in honor of Christopher Daniels again.  Josh then gets a two count off a Styles clash.  He then locks on an ankle lock.  He then drops and grapevines the leg.  Deaner throws powder in Hebner’s eyes.  He misses EY tapping.  Hebner is blinded.  Doering now enters, but Josh catches him on the apron and Angle slams him to the floor threw the table.  Deaner stands in the ring with a flag, but Josh grabs one of his own.  He takes him out, but EY smashes a guitar over Josh’s head.  Double J will love that.  Josh kicks out at two.  EY then finishes ripping the mat back.  The wood is now exposed.  He piledrives Josh on the wood, but Josh kicks out at two.   Josh rolls out of a top rope piledriver attempt and locks on a ankle lock.  EY escapes, but is sidewalk slammed and C4’d on the wood.  Josh gets the pin.

Winner and still Impact World Champion, Josh Alexander

The show ends with Josh standing tall with his championship.


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