Tony Khan compares Wardlow’s rise to the early days of Sting’s career

Jun 18, 2022 - by James Walsh

AEW CEO Tony Khan spoke about various topics during an interview with Busted Open Radio.

During it, he spoke about Wardlow’s rise in AEW and compared him to the early days of Sting’s career (via Wrestling Inc):

“I am a big fan of old wrestling, as are all of you on the phone, and I know some of you have to be fans of the UWF. I’ve driven up and down the road in the car with Tommy [Dreamer] a bit – we talk about the UWF a lot. And I remember another wrestler who people don’t necessarily think of as somebody who started out kind of a heater. Not exactly the bodyguard, but similar where they were helping out another wrestler, working with them, not necessarily focusing on their own career. And it might not be who you think, but 35 years ago, there was a guy breaking in, and his name’s Sting. Sting and ‘Hot Stuff’ Eddie Gilbert. It’s kind of interesting going back and looking at how Sting’s career kind of got started and who he became. But I believe Wardlow could have a great career. And you saw Sting start in a similar position to Wardlow, where he was at first in the background working for another wrestler, and now he’s kind of become his own man.“

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